Report on the Work of the Government 2015
General Office of Xi‘an Municipal People’s Government     Updated: 2015-02-13

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the Fifth Session of the Fifteenth Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress on February 3, 2015

Mayor  Dong Jun


Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Municipal Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also solicit comments and suggestions on the report from the members of Xi’an Municipal Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other delegates in attendance.

I. Review of the Work of 2014

Last year, in the face of complicated economic situations, under the effective leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, we fully implemented the spirit of the 18th National Congress, the Third and the Fourth Sessions of the 18th Congress of the CPC, and the series of important speeches delivered by President Xi Jinping. We got firmly hold of the general note in our work to make steady progress, reform for innovation, and improve quality for effectiveness, by gathering all our strength, braving various challenges and focusing on practical tasks, we did fairly well in accomplishing tasks and goals set at the Fourth Session of the Fifteenth Municipal People’s Congress. The general features are as follows:

-- Economic operation remained stable and positive. GDP of the whole city exceeded RMB 500 billion, which totaled RMB 547.48 billion, up by 9.9%, 2.5 and 0.2 percent higher than national and provincial average respectively, ranking No. 2 in 15 sub-provincial cities in terms of growth speed. For the first time per capita GDP exceeded USD 10,000, totaling USD 10,394. General financial revenue stepped up the level of RMB 100 billion, doubling that of 2010. General public budget revenue reached RMB 58.38 billion, up by 16.3%. Urban registered unemployment rate was 3.4%, and price rose by 1.4%, evidently lower than the expected goals. 

-- Structural adjustment maintained an accelerated pace. The added value of strategic emerging industries increased by 16.8%, 6.9% higher than the growth of GDP. The added value of the service industry reached RMB 305.49 billion, up by 9%, 0.6% higher than provincial average. The ratio of non-public sector accounted for 52.7%of the GDP, 0.5% higher than that of the previous year. Per 10,000 yuan GDP energy consumption decreased by 4%, and construction land consumption per GDP unit decreased by 8.5%. 13 indexes① completed in higher numbers the planned targets of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan in advance.

-- Functional advantages were released one after another. 19 national pilot programs and the construction of model city made continuous progress, the production and sales of new energy automobiles ranked No. 1 in the country, and cross-border trade E-business platform went into online operation. A number of major projects of the city became national highlights, and the city was conferred the titles of 2014 “China Leading Wisdom City”, “China Quality Charm City” and “China’s Best City of Cultural Soft Power”. 

-- Opening-up to the outside world produced a series of highlighted results. We had a good beginning in the construction of the new starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt, national class-A land port was approved for operation, the comprehensive bonded zone in Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone was enclosed for operation, the joint application of the Silk Road for world heritage was successful, and five sites in the city were included in world heritage list. China-Russia Silk Road Hi-Tech Industries Park were signed and settled down in Xi’an. A total of 74 supporting enterprises for Samsung Project were attracted to Xi’an. Total import and export volume of the year increased by 37.7%, topped all similar cities in the country in terms of increase speed. Foreign trade dependence rate rose by 5.4% than that of the previous year, and Xi’an was listed in “world’s most potential emerging cities” of the United Nations.    

-- Urban governance obtained evident results. Strict measures were taken to control haze and once again made great progress in that 6 major air pollutants annual concentration rate decreased sharply, and days of grade II good weather of the year reached 211, 73 days more than the previous year, and Xi’an got out of as scheduled the top ten cities whose air qualities were under key monitoring in the country. The target of making Xi’an section of the Weihe River clear was a success, and pollution treatment to the Zhaohe River reached standards. The three-year effort to ease traffic jam and ensure smooth transportation achieved great success, and satisfaction rate of the public reached 84.1%. 100 “model streets under standard management” took on a new look. The comprehensive transformation to the South Gate area was valued as major model project in the construction of national cultural and historical famous cities, and the area became a new symbol of the city.   

-- People’s wellbeing were improved continuously. Income of urban and rural residents reached RMB 36,100 and 14,462, up by 9.1% and 11.9% respectively. “22 measures” were taken to improve the livelihood of people in straitened circumstances in the urban areas, which benefited a total of 23,500. 32,000 people were relocated and 213,000 had safe drinking water in the rural areas, and 149,000 threw off poverty. Xi’an won the honor of “China’s Happiest Cities” in a consecutive three years. 

In the past year, we mainly accomplished the following work in 6 aspects:

1. Making great efforts to deepen reform and explore market vitality. According to the overall planning of the Municipal Party Committee, we deepened reform comprehensively by sticking to the problem-oriented principle, and fulfilled 162 of the 172 tasks concerning government reform of the year, which led to accelerated benefits of the reform in more areas.

We made a successive “first move” in streamlining governance and delegating power to lower levels. Municipal administrative approval list was formulated for publication, and 136 administrative approval items were cancelled or delegated to lower levels in batches. We solidly pushed forward the pilot work for VTA reform in more areas and the reform of industrial and commercial registration system, completed a total of RMB 9.25 billion of tax abatement or refund for small and micro businesses, and the newly-added private businesses and registered capital increased 1.8 and 5.4 times than those of the previous year, which was overwhelming.     

We stressed on reform on major areas. A new round of reform on state assets and SOEs were launched, the mixed ownership system was pushed forward in an orderly way, and Xi’an Textile Group and Shaanxi Wuhuan Group finished restructuring. In the rural area, the work for right recognition and registration of rural land was launched comprehensively, and a total of 488,000 mu of land was transferred. We further advanced the reform on financial investment, and by establishing the mechanisms of increasing government credit, risk compensation, bonuses and subsidies, etc. we effectively motivated the enthusiasm of financial institutions to give support to the development of enterprises, and annual newly added financing volume for small and micro businesses reached RMB 68.47 billion, up by 22.9%. We continued to strengthen the reform on overall planning of scientific and technological resources, and the fund for R&D reached 5.3%, 3.2 percent higher than national average. A total of 430 enterprises were recognized as “scientific and technological little giants”, and technological achievement trade volume reached RMB 53.05 billion, up by 27.6%, which brought about an economical contribution rate of 58.3% in scientific innovation.

2. Making great efforts to lay a solid foundation and accelerate industrial breakthroughs. We solidly carried out the opinions of the provincial government on promoting stable growth of industries, further implemented the strategy of making strategic breakthroughs, and the added value of industries above designated size totaled RMB 119.53 billion, up by 11.1%.

By focusing on one hundred major industrial projects, we continued to lay a solid foundation for industrial development. Last year, a total of RMB 660 million of industrial special funds was raised, three times of that of 2011. 71 major industrial projects including BYD phase II project completed construction for operation, and the industrial investment growth rate of the city reached 38.8%, 25.9 % and 30.6% higher than national and provincial average respectively. Another 153 enterprises above designated size were added, and the annual targets and goals were excessively accomplished.  

By focusing on the construction of Weibei Industrial Park, we actively cultivated new growth poles. 50 major infrastructure construction projects including the great horizontal national highway to the north of the Weihe River and Jinghe River water diversion project went on as scheduled, China Gold, Da’an Tows and some other major industrial projects were completed for operation, and MA700 officially signed agreement papers and settled down in the park. Added value of industries above designated size in the park totaled RMB 26.13 billion, up by 13.4%, 2.3percent higher than the average of Xi’an.

Led by strategic emerging industries, we made double efforts to upgrade the industries of Xi’an. Samsung flash memory chip project went into operation as scheduled, and Samsung SDI Project, the largest national manufacturing base for auto power batteries, and the 15 million smartphone project of ZTE were both under construction. The Phase I project of the Software New City were completed for operation, and business revenue of the software industry of the whole city reached RMB 91 billion, up by 30.8%.

3. Making great efforts to ensure stable growth and enhance quality and efficiency. We timely published a series of policies and measures, including the “36 rules” to stable growth, and by making clear work focus and carrying out solid implementation, we effectively ensured the rapid yet stable economic development.

Stick to the key measure of stabling investment to ensure stable growth. We grasped the strategic opportunities of the country and the province to strengthen infrastructure construction, launched a number of major projects, including urban rail transit and the transformation and expansion project of the railway station and some others, and the investment to 552 municipal major projects reached RMB 221.75 billion, accounting for 121.4% of the annual planning, of which the investment to 399 industrial projects totaled RMB 133.76 billion, 1.3 times more than that of the previous year. Investment to urban construction totaled RMB 35.28 billion, up by 18.5%. Private capital was encouraged to enter the six major public domains④, and in the whole year a total of RMB 308.25 billion of private funds were attracted, accounting for 52.9% of the total volume of the city. The first private financial street in Northwest China were put into official operation, and Xi’an won the title of “2014 China’s Top Ten Regional Financial Center Cities”. 

Stick to expanding consumption as the basic power for stabling growth. We promoted the transformation and upgrading of the traditional commerce and trade and the catering industry, and complete the construction and put into operation of featured food street areas including Shaheshui Street and Yongxingfang. New consumption hot spots emerged in E-business and healthy aging life services, and famous E-Business enterprises including Jingdong, Alibaba and Vipshop, etc. settled down for operation, with a total transaction volume of RMB 120 billion. In the whole year, another 208 commercial and trade enterprises above designated quota were added, total retail sales of consumer goods reached RMB 287.29 billion, up by 12.8%. We effectively explored the safeguarding function of public accumulation funds in promoting housing consumption, and 120,000 employees improved their living conditions with the public accumulation funds, which gave rise to over RMB 50 billion of housing consumption.

We promulgated “10 new rules” for the continuous and healthy development of the tourism sector, and gave reception to 120 million tourists both home and abroad in the whole year with a gross income of RMB 95 billion, as a result, Xi’an was listed “annual international tourists satisfaction top tourism cities in China” and once again won the prize of “Best Domestic Tourism City”. We successfully held 175 large-scale exhibitions and conferences, including the First Silk Road Economic Belt International Forum and West China Cultural Industry Fair, etc. with a total contractual volume of RMB 120.75 billion, and Xi’an was consequently ranked as “2014 Top Ten Influential Exhibition and Conference Cities of China”. 

Stick to promoting opening-up as an important measure for stabling growth. We fully launched and accelerated the implementation of 19 key cooperation projects including the construction of the new starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the comprehensive park of Euro-Asia Economic Forum, the construction of “Xi’an Port” went on smoothly, and train “Chang’an” was in normal operation. We enhanced connectivity with countries and cities along the Silk Road, established sister-city relationship with  of Turkmenistan,   of Armenia, and Xi’an was the first 72-hour free visa transit city in Northwest China. The actual utilization of foreign funds totaled USD 3.7 billion, actual attraction of domestic investment reached RMB 169.28 billion, up by 18.3% and 18.4% respectively.

4. Making great efforts to improve the environment to build Xi’an into a livable city. To meet the new expectation of the people for beautiful and comfortable living environment, we always took as our highest standard for urban construction and management to build Xi’an into a livable city, and resolutely solved a number of “big and difficult” problems strongly complained by the inhabitants, which further enhanced the comprehensive functions and image of the city.

Continue to improve urban comprehensive carrying capability. We compiled a number of binding rules, including Guide to Urban Planning and Control Program for Ecological Isolation System, which drew a boundary for urban ecological protection. We made phased achievements in easing traffic for smooth transportation, the accumulated investment in the last three years totaled RMB 48.86 billion, subway mileage reached 52 kilometers, 15 major transportation projects including the comprehensive reconstruction of South Ring Road and Taibai-Zhangba intersection were completed for operation, 331 new bus bays were built, 20,000 public parking lots were provided, 30,000 public bicycles were added, and public transportation accounted for 56% of the traffic flow.

We solidly pushed forward a number of major infrastructure projects, including Phase II urban gasification project, electric network transformation and water source construction, etc., and another 20.25 million square meters of centralized heating area was added, 11 transformer substations of 110 kilovolt were newly built or reformed for expanding capacity, which increased another 740,000 kilovolt of substation capacity. Lijiahe water diversion system began to provide water to the urban area, with a newly added daily capacity of 210,000 tons. 94.5% of urban sewage water was treated, ranking top in similar cities of the country.  

Promote the in-depth development of the construction of beautiful Xi’an. We solidly implemented the action plan to “treat pollution and reduce haze for the protection of a blue sky”, a total of RMB 3.13 billion of financial fund was invested, equaling 2.1 times of the investment of the previous year. A total of 480 coal boilers were demolished, 42,000 yellow label or old vehicles were removed, 34,000 household were transformed for clean energy, artificial weather modification was in regular operation, days of good weather was 71 days more than the provincial standard, and people’s satisfaction rate was 17.7% higher than that of the previous year. We made great efforts to protect the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountain, built 8 eco-nodes plazas and 17 kilometers of mountain road with greenings on both sides, a total of 4,500,000 square meters of urban greening was added, and 115,000 mu of forestation was planted. We accelerated the project of eight rivers benefiting Xi’an, completed the construction of “two rivers, five lakes and six pieces of wetlands” ⑤, which newly added another 3,108 mu of ecological water area and 6,506 mu of wetland. We actively carried out the effort to compete for National Civilized Cities, make great efforts to treat the environment, the image and order of the city and traditional markets and some other prominent problems, which effectively solved many hot-spot or difficult problems concerned by the public.    

Pay more attention to the perfection and upgrading of the functions of towns and cities. In accordance with the principles of “one policy for one sector” and “classified advancement”, we continued to strengthen our support to districts and counties, and accelerated the construction of 3 sub-central cities, 5 urban clusters and 13 major townships. We launched and carried out the construction of 49 rural regional central communities and 325 new countryside major villages, and a batch of high-standard modern infrastructure facilities for rural commerce and trade, recreation and sports and health, etc. were completed for use. Gaoling County was upgraded into a district, and was listed as the first batch of pilot district for new-type urbanization in the country. In the past year, a total of 184,000 qualified rural residents were relocated in towns and cities, and urbanization rate reached 72.6%, 0.6% higher than that of the previous year. We further strengthened the function of cosmopolitan modern agriculture to “serve the city while enrich the farmers”, another 36 provincial or municipal level modern agricultural model parks were added, and the grain yield of the city totaled 1,756,000 tons, harvested for a consecutive 11 years.

5. Making great efforts to improve people’s livelihood and promote social equality. A total of RMB 66.94 billion was invested in improving people’s livelihood, accounting for 81.7% of the general public budget expenditure and 83.9% of the newly increased financial revenue of the whole city, increased by 15.2%, and the people benefited more and more from the reform and development.

By focusing on “ten practical projects that benefit the people”, we forcefully carried out livelihood projects. In the whole year a total of 132,000 new jobs were added in towns and cities, and 953,000 rural labors were transferred. There were 103,000 sets of affordable houses under construction, 44,000 houses were provided, and dangerous houses of 11,000 rural households were transformed. 27 urban shanty town transformation projects were completed and 39,000 people were moved back and relocated. We made in-depth effort to deal with “dinner-table pollution”, transformed or upgraded 14,000 “small restaurants”, and established 225 healthy food stands and vegetable outlet stores. We set up 200 rural senior homes, 80 community senior service facilities, and provided a total of 32,000 beds for senior services in the city. In accordance with the principle of unifying standards for both rural and urban areas, we raised the monthly basic pension insurance level of the inhabitants to RMB 130 yuan per person, which benefited over 600,000 people.   

By taking as our aim to promote social harmony, we pushed forward the comprehensive progress of social undertakings. We deepened the reform on the big school district management system, accelerated the construction of 36 kindergartens and schools in development zones, completed as scheduled the standard construction of 130 compulsory education schools, and the nutrition improvement plan benefited 383,000 students. We effectively promoted health service capabilities, completed the relocation of the Municipal TCM Hospital, and comprehensively carried out home doctor contracted services. Subsidy limit for urban employee chronic diseases was raised 15% higher, financial subsidy standard for urban and rural inhabitant medical insurance was raised to 350 yuan per person, the participation rate of the new rural cooperative medical system and the rate for urban basic medical insurance were 99.2% and 98.5% respectively. The policy of “a second child for only-child parent” was implemented smoothly, and “mother health project” together with “the eugenic promotion project” benefited 615,000 people. RMB 22.7 million was invested for welfare performance of “one thousand plays” and welfare projection of films, 83,000 households newly had access to radio and TV programs in the effort to make them available to every household, 760 farmer fitness projects were completed, 120 public fitness roads were built in communities, and we made continuously new progress in public spiritual civilization activities.    

By taking as our basis to innovate social governance, we spared no efforts to maintain social stability. We made progress in the reconstruction of old communities based on pushing forward grid management and raise substantially the funds for community services. The construction of grassroots public legal service platform was successful, and 13 district and county public legal service centers were all in operation. The construction of “peaceful Xi’an” was pushed forward to a new level, the anti-terrorism work mechanism of “integrating the functions of four organs” was established and perfected, and 68 police affairs stations inside the Third Ring Road was put into use. Long pending cases concerning letters and visits were effectively resolved, and the rate for resolution of the petition cases of the whole city rose by 9 percent than that of the previous year. Regular checks on production safety were carried out, special treatment to major industries and areas including road and transportation, construction and dangerous and chemical products, etc. was carried out, emergencies such as May 26 liquified gas tanker leakage were successfully delt with, and no major accidents happened in the whole year. 

6. Make great efforts to strict work styles and disciplines and push forward administration according to law. The leaders of the municipal government comprehensively carried out the rectification measures in the mass line education practices, and timely resolved a batch of prominent problems concerned by the public. Information of municipal “3 public” expenses were fully published, and the total sum for “3 public” expenses decreased by 18.3% than that of the previous year. “Authority list” for municipal administrative approval items was formulated, third parties were introduced to comment on government performances, and 228 organs for deliberation and coordination were removed. We consciously accept the lawful supervision of the Municipal People’s Congress and its Standing Committee as well as the democratic supervision of the Municipal CPPCC, We earnestly dealt with suggestions and opinions of congress representatives and motions of CPPCC members, and 100% of them were dealt with or replied. We seriously carried out “two responsibilities” and "one post with two responsibilities", continuously strengthen our efforts to treat the mediocre style and combat corruption, and made evident progress in the construction of a clean government and in combating corruption.   

In the past year, we also made progress in the fields of double-support for cooperation between the army and the people, in ethnic groups and religious affairs, in counseling, civil air defense, historical records and files, in earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation and other aspects.   

 Fellow deputies, reviewing our work in the past year, we encountered more difficulties than expected and were under greater pressures than expected. However, we always kept a low profile and a pragmatic manner, put our back into our work and forged ahead courageously, as a result, we made hard-won achievements and accomplished a number of major projects or significant ones which concern the long-term development of the city as well as the well-being of the people. These are the results of the effective leadership of the Municipal Committee, and the results of the supervision and support of the Municipal People’s Congress and the Municipal CPPCC, and they are also the result of the unified efforts of the whole city. I would like, on behalf of the municipal government and the people of the whole municipality, to extend our deeply felt gratitude to all the units stationed in the city from both the central and the provincial governments, to the troops and armed police forces in Xi’an and public security officers, as well as all our friends, both at home and abroad, who are dedicated in the care and support given to the construction and development of Xi’an!

Along with our achievements, we should also be aware that there are still some deficiencies and problems in our work. Chiefly, they include the following aspects: firstly, some deep-rooted problems restricting our economic development for a long time still need to be effectively resolved, the economic aggregate is still a little too small, the overall development level, compared with developed regions, especially with another city Chengdu in the same western region, still lagged behind, therefore, we are more eager to seek stable progress, to find new driving power and to raise the quality for development. secondly, influenced by micro economy and restraint by resource environment, we have increasingly greater pressure in stabling development, we have great challenges in changing patterns, adjusting structures, promoting upgrading and preventing risks, and we have now entered the key stage to overcome major difficulties for transition and leap-frog development. Thirdly, we still need to further our effort in transforming government functions, we still need to improve our capabilities in market supervision, urban governance and in public services, and it will be a long-term task to construct a government in accordance with the law and to combat corruption. We need to adopt concrete measures to solve these problems. 

II. Basic Requirements of Economic and Social Development in a New Normal and Main Targets in 2015

In recent years, great changes have taken place in the macro-economic environments, and the central government has made the scientific statement that China’s economy has developed into a new normal stage. Therefore, keeping the economy maintaining a medium-high-level growth rate and moving toward a medium-high-level of development is required in a new normal and will be one of the objectives of our future work.

By reviewing the trends of economic development of Xi’an in a new normal, three conclusions could be made: 1) although the economic development rate of our city has changed, its basic trend has remained stable and positive; 2) although the long accumulated contradictions and the newly emerging problems have been woven together, the potential of keeping the economy develop a medium-high-level growth rate is still sufficient; 3) although there will be increasingly instable and uncertain elements in the operation of economy, the opportunities and strengths in supporting the economic development are still remarkable. Therefore, we will have an accurate mastery of the general trends of the development, understanding the new normal correctly and adjusting ourselves to the conditions; we will learn from the advanced doers, urge ourselves to be initiative in work, and help speed up the all-round construction of Xi’an into an international metropolis with historical and cultural characteristics, becoming the pioneer in building “Three Shaanxi’s Firsts”.

We should keep on adhering to the idea that development is the top priority. The first important thing we have to do is to stabilize the growth of economy; we will insist on the bottom-line thinking and keep on promoting the growth; we will not only stabilize the development rate to make the economy operate in a rational scope, but also improve the quality and efficiency to ensure the economy develop in a continuous and healthy way. In one word, we will try to increase the quantity and quality of the economy while adjusting its development rate.

We should put emphasis on the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure. The adjustment of the economic structure will be oriented to the high ends. According to the requirements of “synchronizing four aspects”, we will adhere to the policy of “paying equal attention to the second and third industries and putting emphasis on both traditional and emerging industries” to construct the modern industrial system suitable for the development of an international metropolis and upgrade the economy of Xi’an.

We should highlight the role of reform and innovation in leading and supporting the development. Deepening the reform and opening up in an all-around way will become the fundamental driving force of Xi’an to develop to high ends. While emphasizing the motivating role of innovation, we will increase the quality of the reform and opening up, keep on arousing the vitality of markets, increase the endogenous power, and manage to help Xi’an step on a higher stage of development in a new normal.

We should pay more attention to the improvement of people’s living standards and social harmony. The improvement of people’s living standards will be balanced among reform, development and social stability. By overcoming our weak points, improving the mechanism and strengthening the supporting services, we will promote the coordinated development of all social causes with an emphasis of increasing the efficient supply of public products. We will try our best to improve the happiness index of the people of the entire city.

In the year of 2015, the general requirements for the work of the government are as following: to carry out comprehensively the spirit of the 18th National Congress of CPC and the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 18th Central Committee of CPC as well as a series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping; to adhere to the work keynote of making progress in stability, making innovation in reform and performing administration by law; to be led by the construction of the new starting point of the economic belt along the Silk Road; to be centered around the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the economic development; to keep on pushing forward the implementation of “five key tasks” with an emphasis on “ten tail-in operations”; to devote every effort to stabilizing the growth, quickening the structure adjustment, being active in opening up to the outside world, governing the city in a scientific way and improving the people’s living standards so as to ensure the stable and healthy development of the economy as well as the harmony and prosperity of the society.

The main targets in 2015 to be expected are as following: the gross will increase by about 10.5 percent, the general public budgets revenue will increase by 13 percent, the income of urban and rural residents will increase by about 10 percent and about 12 percent respectively, the unemployment rate of the urban areas will be controlled below 4 percent, the consumer price index will be controlled below 3 percent, the consumption of energy for 10,000-yuan GDP will decrease by 3.2 percent, and the emission of carbon dioxide for 10,000-yuan GDP will decrease by 3.7 percent. The targets have been designed according to the requirements both for constructing a moderately prosperous society in all respects and for developing the supporting and leading role of Xi’an City in the growth of the entire province. The targets to be expected are suitable for the actual conditions of our city and the citizens’ requests for improving their living standards, and they have left some room for us to deepen the structure adjustment and promote the transformation and upgrading. Those targets are a basic guarantee of stabilizing the market expectations, increasing the confidence of the society and completing the “Twelfth-Five-Year Program”. Therefore, we will not be slack, and we will focus our attention on development and double our efforts to promote the development so as to make Xi’an have a new great leap in a new normal.

III. Main Objectives in 2015

I)Struggling to Stabilize the Economic Growth and Ensuring Economy Will Develop in Rational Scope

We should develop the key role of investment. By keeping on carrying out the strategy of using projects to promote the development, we will ensure that over 182 billion yuan will have been invested into the 500 key construction projects of the municipal level within the year, 28.8 billion yuan will have been invested into the urban construction, and the total investment of the entire society into fixed assets will increase by about 20 percent. We will optimize the investment structure, make full use of the leading role of the financial investment in the aspects of people’s-living improvement, public services, infrastructure connection and so on, keep on increase the investment ratio of the industries, and strengthen the investment into technical modification, scientific innovation and other fields. We will try to increase the vitality of the social sectors in investment, help the capitals of the social sectors flow into the fields of fundamental industries, financial services, education, medicine, water conservancy and so forth, and manage to make the investment of non-governmental sectors occupy over 55 percent. Additionally, we will keep on inviting investment, supervise the implementation of major contracted investment programs, and ensure that the actual use of foreign capital and the introduction of domestic investment could reach $ 4 billion and $ 168 billion respectively within the whole year of 2015. Moreover, we will construct multiple-level capital markets, promote the PPP investment mode⑦, and help more than 10 enterprises be listed in the stock markets.

We should keep on consolidating the basic role of consumption. By increasing the income of urban residents from various channels and carrying out the plan of doubling the income of farmers, we will establish a joint mechanism in which the income of the residents increases with the economic growth and the increase of the financial revenue, implement the paid vacation system of employees, and enhance the consumption capability of the residents. We will keep on promoting the sales of new-energy vehicles, stabilizing the housing consumption and developing the consumption in information technology, recreation, health care, provision for the aged and other emerging consumption so s to increase individual and various kinds of consumption while raising the percentage of service consumption in residents’ expenditure in consumption. We mutt speed up the construction of the commercial circles in the Taihua Road, the Daxing New District and so on, help the commercial facilities be moved to the two sides of the subways and the new urban communities, improve the commercial service networks convenient for the residents in urban and rural areas, and keep on enhancing the consumption capability. By strengthening the supervision of the markets, we will be strict in cracking down on the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy products, price cheating and other illegal activities, protect the rights of consumers, keep the general consumer price index stable and make the sales of the consumption goods of the whole society increase about 13 percent.

We should increase the supporting role of enterprises. By adhering to the policy of “helping the leading businesses enhance their power and the small and micro businesses increase their vitality”, we will integrate all the supporting capitals, adopt various capital use modes (investment of capital cash, compensation for use, soft loan, substituting subsidies with rewards, and so forth), and prioritize their investment into key enterprises and weak businesses to help them overcome difficulties and become larger and stronger. We will keep on bettering the mechanism of “cooperation among four sides” of government, banks, guarantee agencies and enterprises to solve the problems of enterprises in raising funds—“difficult and expensive”. Additionally, we will train the main bodies of various markets, help enterprises grow, and encourage residents to start their own businesses so that the number of the industrial enterprises above designated size could reach 100, the number of the commercial enterprises above limited quota could reach 60, the number of the service enterprises above designated size could reach 200, and the total number of the registered industrial and commercial enterprises of the entire city could reach 180,000.

We should strengthen the driving role of innovation. By supporting Xi’an High-tech Industries Development Zone to establish the national demonstration zone for autonomous innovation, we will speed up the construction of “one belt, one town and four clusters”. We will emphasize the role of enterprises as the main bodies in innovation, design the innovation chain around the industrious chain, establish the management system of scientific innovation which is oriented to markets and serves the objective of industrialization, better the mechanism of innovation coordinated through the cooperation between the city and their colleges and the interactions between research institutions and enterprises, lead the high-quality scientific and technical resources to industries, and try to make the total sales of technical transfers reach more than 65 billion yuan and make the ratio of the local commercialization of research findings reach over 30 percent. We will speed up the implementation of the three-year action plan of training little giants of scientific and technical enterprises, forge 40 leading enterprises within the year and more than 700 scientific and technical enterprises of little giants in the entire city, and make the added value of the high-tech industries increase by about 12.5 percent.

II)Performing Reform by Highlighting Key Issues and Increasing Endogenous Driving Force of Development

We should deepen the reform of the administration system. By further streamlining administration and delegating power to lower levels, we will be strict in using the “listed powers” for getting administrative approvals, and remove and decentralize some power of the municipal government in administrative approval within the year. We will finish the reform of the institutions of the municipal and district/county level, make innovation in the administration system and mechanism of the development zones, and manage the organizations’ personnel by using their real names. We will deepen the reform of the financial and taxation system, improve the all-round budget system, take the new governmental debts into the budget, and open to the public all the budget and final accounts (excluding the confidential information) of the departments of the city and its subordinate levels that use the budget. Moreover, we will finish the reform of using governmental vehicles within the year.

We should deepen the reform of marketization. By adhering to the policy that those are not prohibited by law are considered as legal, we will widen the development fields of non-governmental economy, promulgate the “negative list” of market access by the end of June, and try to remove any hidden barrier that blocks the development of the non-governmental economy. We will keep on optimizing the business operation environment, deepen the reform of the commercial affairs registration system, and strengthen the in-affair and post-affair supervision. We will speed up pushing forward the construction of the social credit system, improve the “black-list” system, and greatly increase the cost of enterprises violating law and losing credit. Additionally, we will finish the confirmation and registration of the contractual and use rights of rural lands, lead and regulate the legal circulation of the use right of lands, and turn the sleeping assets into flowing capital gradually.

We should earnestly make the reform of the state-owned assets and enterprises. By carrying out the “1+N” plan for the reform of the municipal state-owned enterprises, we will promote the trial operation of a hybrid ownership system, speed up the securitization of the state-owned assets, and straighten out the supervision system and mechanism of the state-owned assets. We will help the Five-ring Group be moved into the new site as early as possible and try to put the new complex of Xi’an Textile Holding Group into full operation.

III)Adjusting Structure by Transforming and Upgrading and Pushing Forward the Development of Industries to High Ends

We should keep on carrying forward the breakthrough strategy of the manufacturing industry. In the whole year of 2015, the gross of the manufacturing industry with the enterprises above designated size will increase about 12 percent, and the investment of the manufacturing industry will increase over 30 percent. We will speed up the construction of the Weibei Industrial Zone. Gaoling County will be turned into a district according to the new administrative division, and we will make full use of the opportunity to make the infrastructure of the industrial zone be well equipped so that the Daheng Road of Weibei could be completed within the year. We will make enough preparations for the major transport projects, such as Xi’an-Yanliang Expressway, Inter-city Railway and so on, and manage to start the projects within the year. We will be active in helping the major contracted projects of Yanchang Petroleum, Northwest Railroad Transport Industry Zone and so forth to be started in our city, be active in assisting Xidian Group in being relocated, and ensure that the gross of the manufacturing industry with the enterprises above designated size in this zone could increase about 13 percent. We will strive to develop the strategic and emerging industries. We will give prominence to the “flagship” projects, such as Samsung, ZTE Mobile Phones, Modern Ark 700, new-energy vehicles and Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain Base and so on, improve the industry chain, enhance the advantages in aggregating enterprises, and strive to build a 100-billion-yuan industrial cluster specialized in semiconductor, intelligent terminal, aviation and aerospace, bio-medicine and so on. We will actively help the industrial enterprises located in the city proper be removed to development zones or be transformed for development, and finish removing 14 enterprises out of the city proper within the year. We will speed up the construction of our city as National Next-Generation Internet Demonstration City and Intelligent City, employ the information technology to reform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry, promote the informationization of design, research and development, the digitalization of production equipment and the intelligentialization of manufacturing processes, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in our city.

We should promote the optimization and uplifting of the service industry. According to the idea of “emphasizing both the traditional industries and the emerging industries”, we will promote the upgrading of the traditional industries and the growth of the emerging industries, and strive to make the gross of the service industry increase about 10 percent. We will make innovation in the development of the Internet content industry, further enlarge the demonstration and application scope of big data, cloud computing, Internet-of-things and so on, and promote the deep integration of e-commerce companies with new-type circulation industries. We will support traditional trading enterprises to develop online business, help e-commerce companies to expand their services to the rural areas, and strive to make the total sales of the e-commerce companies reach over 150 billion yuan. We will speed up the construction of the complexes of financial services industries, including Financial Business District and Non-governmental Financial Street (the second phase), help the Internet banking and other emerging industries develop in a healthy way, severely crack down on illegal fund-raisings, and create a fine banking environment. We will vigorously develop various comprehensive scientific and technic services, including checking and inspection, engineering consulting, incubation of new businesses and so on, keep on improving the capability of technology services that supports the development of the industries, and make the gross of the scientific and technic service businesses reach over 60 billion yuan in the whole year. We will assist related organizations in holding large-scale exhibitions and conventions, including Eurasia economic Forum and China International General Aviation Convention, and speed up the construction of the complexes of exhibitions and conventions that have international influences. We will speed up the upgrading and transformation of the traditional service industry, encourage to develop urban commercial complexes with various operation modes, promote the integrated development of trade, restaurants, tourism, recreation and so on, keep on reconstructing and upgrading East Street, Jiefang Road and other traditional commercial districts, speed up the construction of Chang’an Road, Tangyan Road and other modern central business districts, and develop the health and recreation industry belt along the round-mountain on the North Slope of Qinling Mountains. We will regulate the management of tourist markets, make innovation in the tourism promotion, speed up the construction of 25 major tourism and culture projects, including Aviation World and Scenery Street of the Silk Road (the second phase), keep on increasing the function of the comprehensive tourism services of the city, and strive to receive 136 million domestic and international visitors within the whole year and to make the gross of the tourism industry reach 107 billion yuan. We will speed up the construction of Xi’an Central Culture Business District, Yanxianglu National Culture Industry Complexes and Xi’an Creative Design Industry Garden, promote the integrated development of the culture industry with tourism, science and technology, finance and so on, create some great films and artistic masterpieces of a state level, improve the comprehensive power and competitiveness of the culture industry of our city, and strive to make the gross of the culture industry increase.

We should strive to develop the urban modern agriculture. Improving the organization, marketing and band recognition of agricultural products is our key work. We will speed up the construction of “one zone, three belts and seven areas” ⑩, and approve and support 25 modern agriculture gardens of the municipal level within the year. We will actively carry out the “five projects” for increasing the quality and efficiency of farming, develop 51 districts for high grain yield demonstration (each of which has an area of over 6.67 square kilometers) and 1.67 square kilometers of vegetable greenhouses, reconstruct and enlarge 100 standardized large-scale raising farms, increase the area of orchards by 13.33 square kilometers and the recreational agriculture gardens above the municipal level by 10. We will speed up the cultivation of the main bodies of running the new agriculture, organize the selection of “Top Ten demonstration Agencies” from the farmers’ special cooperatives, and approve 20 excellent demonstration agencies of the municipal level and 10 demonstration household farms.

IV)Helping Xi’an Go Global by Advantages and Establishing a New Platform for Opening up in Inland

We should speed up the construction of the “new starting point” from every aspect. We will finish drafting Development Program of the New Starting Point of the Economic Belt of the Silk Road. We will apply for Xi’an Free Trade Area in a down-to-earth manner. We will spare no efforts to make the joint program of the governments of China and Singapore to be signed and developed in our city. We will speed up the construction of 32 major projects, including Xi’an Consulate Area and Middle & West China Bulk Commodity Trading Center. We will enhance the transportation capability of “Chang’an” Freight Train, make a plan for constructing Xinzhu Comprehensive Freight Yard, improve the comprehensive service function of “Xi’an Port”, and strive to make it be integrated with the international trade transportation system within the year. We will establish a mechanism for jointly developing the land port and the airport, speed up the construction of the express freight links, open eight international passenger and freight transportation lines, including the line from Xi’an to Alma-Ata, and establish the new mode of “cubic logistics”.

We should keep on optimizing the environments of opening up. We will improve the round-table conference mechanism for the cooperation and development of the cities along the economic belt of the Silk Road, speed up the implementation of cooperation and agreements, consolidate the practical cooperation in energy, finance, education, tourism and other fields, and actively widen the cooperation scope of high technology, modern agriculture, ecological environmental protection and other fields. We will study the national policies and laws of the key countries along the Silk Road, draft Guide to the Investment in Five Countries in Central Asian, and provide assistance and support to the enterprises of Xi’an in “going global”. We will speed up the construction of international schools, hospital and communities, increase the city’s capability of public services for international organizations, and provide considerate supports to the international personnel who work, study and live in Xi’an.

We should actively create new advantages for opening up. We will speed up the construction of the electronic port, strengthen its function of cross-border trade settlement, offshore finance, trading finance and so on, make experiments in bonded import and direct-purchase import, and help change the foreign trade development modes. We will improve the construction of the supporting facilities of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone, keep on developing exhibition trade, bonded logistics, export processing, service outsourcing and other lines, and constantly optimize the structure of foreign trade. We will strive to make the annual total import and export volume reach 21.5 billion dollars and the annual contract amount of the service outsourcing increase more than 28 percent.

V)Strengthening the Functions by Integrating Urban and Rural Areas and Speeding up the New Urbanization

We should make further optimization of the urban space layout. We will perform the fourth-round modification of the overall plan of the city as a pilot city of “integrating many regulations into one”, and actively construct the digitalized platform for controlling the urban design and plan. According to the positioning of functions of Xi’an City defined by the “Program for New Urbanization” of the central and provincial governments as well as our city’s strategic target of “expanding the city beyond the Weihe River in the north”, use the opportunity of the province starting the three-year action plan to launch a new round of harnessing the Weihe River, accelerate implementing the project of comprehensively modifying and uplifting the Weihe River in Xi’an, and lay the foundation for building the Weihe River into a cross-city river in the future. At the same time, based on the pilot urbanization at Gaoling and the construction of Lintong as a sub-central city, we will speed up the new urbanization of the areas on the northern bank of the Weihe River, and strive to build the Weibei Industrial Zone into a modern town within five years, which will be livable and suitable for industries.

We should further increase the urbanization quality. We will follow the general requirements for being people-oriented, synchronizing the four modernizations, optimizing the layout, developing the ecological civilization and inheriting the cultural, draft and promulgate our city’s “Implementation Plan for New Urbanization”, improve the planning system of the urban space development, control and limitation, define the boundary of development and construction, reasonably determine the structure of land use, strictly protect the cultivated lands, and effectively guarantee the healthy and orderly development of urbanization. We will continue to implement the development strategy of the city proper ---- “perfecting the south, expanding to the north, extending to the east extension and connecting with the west”, speed up the construction of Changning New Town, renovate and uplift seven urban areas, including the Happy Forest Zone, the Textile Town and the North Passenger Railway Station, start the comprehensive reconstruction of the Dongguan area at a proper time, complete the renovation of ten old communities and the official approval of the projects of reconstructing 20 run-down residential areas, and make 19 thousand people reside in the reconstructed communities. We will increase the integration of the urban and rural public services, initiate the construction of 120 central communities in the rural areas and 20 standard communities, help 140 thousand rural residents with certain conditions settle in the city proper within the year, complete the reconstruction of the remaining 122 key villages into new urban districts, relocate 33 thousand, make 120 thousand underprivileged population live above the poverty line, guarantee the safety of the drinking water of 116 thousand rural people, and take the lead in realizing “four zeros” in the entire province.

We should improve the urban infrastructure. We will make an investigation into establishing a long-acting mechanism to prevent the traffic jam and keep all the roads clear, and keep on optimizing and improving the carrying capacity of the urban roads. We will start the construction of the Metro Line 1 (the second phase), put the Metro Line 3 into the equipment debugging phase within the year, complete more than half the civil engineering of the Metro Line 4, and accelerate the construction of the intra-city light railway from Textile Town to Lintong as well as the project of expanding Xi’an Railway Station. We will start the project of reforming the urban facilities on the Xi’an-Tongchuan Grade 1 Highway south to the Weihe River, complete 13 urban road transport projects within the year, including Changle East Road and South E. 2nd Ring Rd Bridge (the second phase), continue to reconstruct, optimize and clear the intersections, congestion sites and dead ends of the urban roads, increase the public parking spaces by 8000 and the piles for charging new-energy vehicles by 500. We will work together to promote the projects of Xi’an-Xianyang North Ring Road and other two expressways jointly constructed by the province and the city, speed up the expansion projects of trunk highways including the National Roads 310 and 108 and the Provincial Road 107. We will spare no efforts to implement the project of building a public-transport city, improve the docking ability of the rail transportation, conventional public transit and slow traffic, purchase 800 buses within the year, provide ten thousand bicycles to the public, and make the public bicycle service posts stationed all over the city proper. We will focus on enhancing the capability of the urban security, promote the construction of the key infrastructure projects, including the reconstruction of the underground drainage pipe network and the landing of the overhead line network, start constructing several water conservancy projects, including the project of the water diversion to the Liujiahe reservoir from the Lantian County as well as the water diversion from Dayu, increase the daily urban water supply capacity by 300 thousand tons and the area of the urban centralized heating by 12 million square meters and the capacity of power transformation by one million KVA.

VI) Taking Comprehensive Measures to Build a Livable City and Striving to Promote the Modernization of Urban Governance

We should make innovation in the urban administration system and mechanism. According to the principle that work, responsibility, rights and interests will be united and coordinated, we will give more rights to the districts’ government, delegate the rights of routine market supervision and enforcement to the lower levels, and solve the problem of “you have no rights to deal with the affairs you have met; you deal with the affairs you have not met.” We will promote the grid urban management mode, actively integrate the administrative functions of urban hygiene, environmental protection, comprehensive governance and so on in the grids, speed up the construction of an integrated platform for the comprehensive management of the city with complete functions, and form a new mode of urban detailed management, which is intelligent and efficient with clear distinction between obligations and rights.

We should promote the construction of beautiful Xi’an. We will spare no efforts and consume a quite long time to control pollution and reduce haze, demolish 50 boilers burning coal within this year, scrap 15 thousand high-polluting and shabby vehicles, make the city proper be immune from the boilers burning coal below 20 steam tons, coal yards, the households using honeycomb briquettes as well as the high-polluting vehicles of the Party, government and institutions of the entire city, and strive to make the whole year have at least 180 fine days. We will consolidate and uplift the governance effects of “two rivers and one canal”, increase the urban sewage disposal capability, and construct and reconstruct eleven sewage disposal plants. We will promote the construction of “eight rivers nourishing Xi’an”, complete the projects of the Chanhe River upstream embankment and the spillway dam, speed up harnessing the Jinghe River, the Shichuan River and other small and medium rivers, promote the construction of the Laowei, Heiwei, Jingwei and other wetlands, increase the area of wetlands by 4.23 square kilometers and the area of ecological water by 1.87 square kilometers. We will be resolute to take strong measures to protect the ecological environment of Qinling Mountains according to the law, implement six key projects (including Riverside Landscape Promotion, Service Stations and Digitalized Qinling Mountains), make an investigation into building the ecological protection demonstration zone of the ancient town of Zhouzhi County, and strive to build the gilded ecological signboard of Qinling Mountains. We will keep on building Xi’an into a national ecological garden city and a forest city, speed up the construction of Han Chang’an City Relic Park, continue planting trees and grasses on buildings’ roofs, perform the three-dimensional gardening, plant trees and grasses on marginal lands left by town reconstruction, finish building the urban forestry belts, and increase the urban vegetative area by four million square meters and the afforestation area by 50 square kilometers within the year. We will speed up the construction of beautiful countryside, and establish 15 environment-friendly towns and villages above the municipal level within the year.

We should increase the capability of governing the grassroots. We will further intensify the efforts to reconstruct the service facilities of the old communities, improve the community service system, and make all the urban communities be managed dynamically within the year. We will perform the re-election of the leaders of village committees by law. We will strengthen the cultivation and management of social organizations, establish a long-term mechanism of volunteering services, improve the mechanism of government’s purchasing of public services, and promote the benign interaction between government governance and social self-regulation as well as residents’ autonomy. We will better the system and mechanisms for effectively preventing and resolving social contradictions, establish the legal advisory system for villages and communities, construct a team of full-time people’s mediators, improve the capability of serving and managing the floating population and the special people, and perform the community correction in a down-to-earth manner.

We should forge a complete “firewall” for urban safety and security. We will improve the three-dimensional prevention and control system of social security, and effectively prevent and crack down on various illegal activities. We will consolidate the achievements of performing “institutionalization, standardization and routinization” in safe production, strengthen the safety management for subways, high-rise buildings, special equipment, municipal public pipeline and so on, and resolutely curb the occurrence of significant and serious accidents. We will actively build our city into a national city of safe foods, establish the most strict supervision system which must cover all the links from the production and processing to the circulation and consumption of foods, start the construction of Xi’an Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center, and reconstruct and uplift the 6000 “small restaurant” within the year. We will further implement the strategy of strengthening the city by quality, complete Xi’an Monitoring Center of Safe Operation of Special Equipment, and ensure that Xi’an could be approved as a national demonstration city of strengthening the city by quality. We will comprehensively improve the urban ability to prevent disasters and avoid dangers, and protect the lives and property of the people in a down-to-earth way.

VII)Making Several Measures to Better People’s Living and Implementing “Ten Projects Beneficial to People”

We should promote the increase of the employment quality. We will improve the policies for promoting the employment and the starting of businesses, and strengthen the connection of the employment policies with the macro-economic policies as well as the policies for taxation, finance and industries. We will give top priority to the employment of college graduates, coordinate the employment of rural redundant farmers and help the urban residents who have not been employed, increase the capability of exact services to the employment assistance, and make the families without any employee have at least one be employed within the year. We will promote the construction of the businesses-incubation base, and use the establishment of businesses to drive employment. We will help 110 thousand unemployed urban residents be employed and 650 thousand farmers be employed in non-farming fields.

We should increase the capability of providing social security services. We will improve the life of the disadvantaged people in the urban areas, provide social relief to the urban and rural residents according to the classification of their actual conditions, increase the temporary relief quota and medical assistance reimbursement ratio of underprivileged families in time, and follow the principle of increasing the bottom-line, guaranteeing the basic life and saving those who are in great need or in difficult situations. We will speed up the improvement of social insurance transfer and the policy of insurance payment, promote the construction of standardizing the transactions of “five insurances and one fund”, and keep on increasing the levels of social insurances. We will implement the regulations of “integrating two houses”, improve the infrastructure and public facilities around the low-income housing, start the housing project of 120 thousand apartments of for low-income urban residents within this year, and provide 30 thousand completed apartments. We will actively make experiments in the comprehensive reform of nursing the aged, speed up the construction of the facilities for nursing the aged, and strive to make the total number of the beds in nursing homes reach over three percent of the aged population.

We should promote the coordinated development of social causes. We will speed up the implementation of the three-year action plan for the second-phase preschool education. We will complete the construction of Chaba Silk Road School and other 35 governmental schools in the development zones, reconstruct and upgrade not less than 50 schools, and ensure that they could be put into use within the year. We will start the construction of standardizing 181 compulsory education schools, complete the project of increasing the education quality of general high schools, and promote the balanced allocation of high quality educational resources. We will further deepen the comprehensive reform of the governmental hospitals at the county/district levels, improve the modes of medical-care associations and medical trusts, establish and improve the medical system of classified diagnosis. We will speed up the construction of Xi’an Municipal People’s Hospital and Xi’an No. 3 Hospital, and put Xi’an Municipal Chest Hospital and Xi’an Municipal Mental Health Center into use by the end of May, and finish establishing 100 standardized demonstration village clinics. We will further improve the grassroots public cultural and sports facilities, create and update 200 public fitness paths and 200 fitness projects for farmer sports, and provide the residents free of charge with 1000 performances. We will launch the campaign of creating the spiritual civilization and supporting the army and the government, increase the assistance to the disabled people, and keep on undertaking the ethnic affairs, religious affairs, consultancy, civil air defense, weather forecasting, chronology compilation, archives management and other work.

IV. Advancing Law-based Government Administration and Quickening the Construction of Law-based Government

We will focus our attention on the strategic deployment of “Four Comprehensive Doings”, carry out the views of the Municipal Committee on the implementation of comprehensively pushing forward the construction of Law-based Xi’an, accelerate forming a law-based government which is open, fair, clean, efficient and law-abiding with scientific functions, statutory rights and obligations, strict law enforcement, and increase the modernization of the government in public governance.

We should be strict in performing the government’s functions by law. In accordance with the principle that “Anything without legal authorization must not be done; any obligation with legal authorization must be done”, speed up the legalization of the government’s organizations, functions, rights, procedures and obligations, and resolutely prohibit any use of rights without legislative authority. We will keep on streamline the government’s administration and delegate its power to the lower levels, emphasize the fulfillment of our functions of public services, market supervision, urban governance and so on, and solve the problems in food safety, environmental pollution, property management and so on that are closely related with residents’ life.

We should be active in pushing forward the legalization of the government administration system. We will be strict in checking the legality of key decisions, strengthen the legal support to the key links, such as consultancy, decision-making, risk estimation and confirmation of responsibility, and ensure to have scientific decision-making regulations, just procedures, open process and clear obligations. We will speed up improving the procedures for the government to make rules and regulations, widen the citizen’s paths to the participation into the government’s legislation, and prohibit the legalization of the interests of some departments. We will further regulate the administrative enforcement, actively promote the practice of comprehensive administrative enforcement, solve the problems in enforcement, such as overlapping of rights and obligations, repeated enforcement, nonfeasance in enforcement, slack enforcement and unruly enforcement, and improve the enforcement level for a certainty.

We should strengthen the control and supervision of the administration power. The government will receive the supervision from the people’s congress and its standing committee by law, receive the democratic supervision from the people’s political consultative conference, receive the supervision from the media and the common people, and deal carefully with the proposals of the deputies of the people’s congress and with the suggestions of the deputies of the people’s political consultative conference. We will be strict in limiting the rights of the government, decompose the rights of the departments and posts that are too powerful in rights, separate their affairs and rights, give limited rights to separated posts, regularly shift their posts, make a careful supervision of the efficiency of administration, and make every organization receive the audit supervision. According to the principle of “being open as a normal and not being open as an exception”, we will promote the transparency in government operations in all aspects, especially in financial budget, public resources allocation, construction of major projects and so on, put emphasis on the response to the public opinions on the Internet, and strive to build a fair and square government.

We should keep on improving the work style of the government. We will be strict in abiding by the political disciplines and regulations of the party, be resolute in following the “Eight Regulations” made by the CPC and the “Three-point Covenant” made by the State Council, consolidate and expand the achievements in the campaign of the education and practice, meet every request of “Three Stricts and Three Reals” and “Five Musts”, and always obey the disciplines and regulations. We will take the strength and effects of implementation as the “touchstone” to test the government’s work, and every cadre at all levels in the governmental system of the entire city must have a strong sense of main bodies, obligations and standards, striving to be an excellent doer of implementation. It must be prohibited to play tricks in implementation. Every one of us must be diligent and responsible. We must firmly promote the construction of a better Party style and a cleaner government and keep on the anti-corruption struggle, strictly implement the “Two Obligations”, conscientiously fulfill the “Double Obligations for One Post”, keep on deepening the reform in the fields of engineering construction, tendering and bidding, land transfer, government procurement, property transactions and so on, and strive to eradicate the roots of corruption from the soil of the imperfect management system and mechanism. We will further strengthen the anti-corruption education, and build a strong invisible dam in our mind to stop any corruption, and strive to make our team of public servants be bold in reform and innovation, be brave in taking obligations, be diligent in work, be people-oriented, and be clean and upright.

Fellow deputies, the “Thirteenth Five-year Period” (2016-2020) will be the critical period for our city to finish building into a moderately prosperous society in all respects, to deepen the reform and opening up in an all-around way and to promote the construction of law-based Xi’an completely. By adopting the reform spirit, the innovative ideas and the systematic thoughts, we will make a scientific program for the development of Xi’an in the “Thirteenth Five-year Period” with several well-designed good and large projects related to the future of the city so that our city could develop in a stable and healthy way in the years to come.

Fellow deputies, a new year will start a new hope, and a new journey will carry a new dream. Let us unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary. We will adopt better work styles, higher work standards and greater responsibilities to overcome any difficulty and make progress under the strong leadership of the municipal committee, we will be active in making new achievements in a new normal, and we will keep on creating new situations for constructing our city into an international metropolis with historical and cultural characteristics. All in all, we will work together to better the life of the people of the entire city.