Report on the Work of the Government 2016
General Office of Xi‘an Municipal People’s Government     Updated: 2016-02-18

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the Sixth Session of the Fifteenth Xi'an Municipal People's Congress on February 1, 2016

Shangguan Jiqing, Acting Mayor of Xi'an


Fellow deputies,

On behalf of the Xi'an Municipal People's Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also solicit comments and suggestions on the report from members of Xi'an Municipal Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other delegates in attendance.

Ⅰ. Review of the Work of 2015 and the Twelfth Five Year Plan

The past year is not only the last year of the Twelfth Five Year Plan, but also an extraordinary year in the development history of Xi'an. In the face of complicated economic situations, under the firm leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, we fully implemented the spirit of the 18th National Congress, the Third, Fourth and Fifth Sessions of the 18th Congress of the CPC. With "catch up and surpass" and "five solids" proposed by General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping when he was visiting Shaanxi as the guidance,  we worked actively to tackle a series of difficulties and maintained steady economic growth in a reasonable range.  GDP in 2015 amounted to RMB 581. 003 billion, up by 8.2%, and general public budget reached RMB 65.091 billion, up by 16.3%. We basically accomplished tasks and goals set at the Fifth Session of the Fifteenth Municipal People's Congress, and the Twelfth Five Year Plan came to a satisfying ending.

Looking back to the Twelfth Five Year Plan, we closely focused on the goal of building an international metropolis with historical and cultural characteristics, and held the thoughts of "Sticking to one blueprint, making breakthrough in two vulnerable areas, taking multiple measures to improve people's well-being, and using innovative management measures to build a harmonious society". In addition, we firmly pushed forward "five major works", and remarkable economic and social development achievements having been made. Particularly, we accomplished "10 great events” that concerning long-term development of Xi'an: ranked as the civilized city; housed Samsung, launched construction of Weibei Industrial Park; improved subway system; held International Horticultural Exposition; built the first-ever inland port in western China; lifted all impoverished people out of poverty line under current standard; succeeded in listing the ancient Silk Road site into the world heritage; completed comprehensive reconstruction of the South Gate area; gained approval for pilot zone of all-round innovative reform and demonstration zone of independent innovation. Xi'an's urban capacity, influence, reputation and the sense of happiness of its people are further enhanced.

--Comprehensive economic strength leaped forward. GDP leapfrogged RMB 400 billion and 500 billion consecutively, with a growth rate of 10.9%, which is among the fastest in 15 sub-provincial cities. Per capita GDP exceeded USD 10 thousand, at an estimated number of USD 10,778; general financial revenue broke through RMB 100 billion, totaling RMB 111.498 billion; the percentage of non-pubic economy in the whole economy surpassed 50%, reaching 52.8%; Industrial added value of industrial enterprises above designated size exceeded RMB 100 billion, totaling RMB 117.467 billion; value added of financial industry stood at RMB 64.388 billion, accounting for over 10% of GDP at 11.1%. 12 economic indicators doubled compared with that of 2010.

--Industrial restructuring has stepped forward. Proportion of primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry was shifted from 4.0: 41.9: 54.1 in 2010 to 3.8: 37.3: 58.9. The task of closing down outdated capacity in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan was fulfilled 2 years in advance, and energy consumption per unit of GDP has dropped by 18.3%. Grain production scored bumper harvests in 12 years in succession, and the modern pattern of agricultural development in urban areas which is described as "one demonstration zone, three industrial belts and seven sectors" is taking initial shape. The construction of Weibei Industrial Park is in full swing, and industrial enterprises above designated size totaled 1,098, increased by 242 than that of 2011. The construction of 8 national trials of the comprehensive reform on service industry was accelerated, and the ratio of service industry in accounted for GDP was up by 4.8 percentage point than that of 2010. Strategic emerging industry had been blossoming, with an estimated annual growth rate of 16%, 5.1 percentage point higher than that of GDP. Semiconductor industry, producer service, e-commerce and logistics & express maintained high growth. The drive effect of "five districts, one park and two bases" had been strengthening. The new industries, type of business, development mode, and sectors were increasingly growing into the new engine that braces the upgrading of our economy.

--New progress has been achieved in construction of beautiful Xi’an. Protection of Qinling Mountain has been written in law, and problems such as illegal mining and construction have been effectively curbed. 9 key projects including landscape planning and greenway construction were completed successfully. Xi'an reached standard of National Forest City, with 364,800 mu (approximately 24,320 hectares) of forest planted. 30 parks and 363 green land plazas were built, and 19.31 million m2 of urban green space was increased. The green coverage ratio increased from 37% to 42.5%, and per capita park land improved from 9.5 square meters to 11.6 square meters. The project of "eight rivers benefiting Xi'an" makes steady headway, the target of "Clean water in 3 years" for the Weihe River in Xi'an was finished as scheduled, and the treatment of Zaohe River reached standard. 9,573 mu of eco-environmental waters and 21,000 mu of wetland are increased, and 13 sewage treatment plants were built or extended, improving city sewage treatment rate to 95.5%. 2 ecological zones at national level, 3 ecological counties at provincial level or above and 209 ecological villages and towns at municipal level or above were built. Particularly, Xi'an took the lead in China in proposing and implementing the management of smog in the beginning of 2013, treating it as the priority in environmental governance and improving people's wellbeing. With an accumulated investment of RMB 7.56 billion at all level, we demolished 1,335 coal boilers, and removed 150 thousand yellow label or old vehicles, contributing to continuous improvement of air quality. The days in which air quality is excellent increased from 138 in 2013 to 251 in last year, showing that the "Xi'an Blue" is growing into the new normal.

--Comprehensive capacity if Xi’an is enhanced. We pushed forward the implementation of the development strategy of the city proper --- "perfecting the south, expanding to the north, extending to the east extension and connecting with the west", and carried out revitalization plan of the old city, traffic improvement and urban detailed management. The urban built-up area added from 395 square kilometers to 522 square kilometers, with an accumulated investment of RMB 153.14 billion, 1.7 times that of the Eleventh Five Year Plan. Urbanization ratio rose from 69% to 73%. The comprehensive reconstruction of the South Gate area has been praised as a major demonstration project for construction of a national historical and cultural city, and 5 historical sites such as the Weiyang Palace of Han Chang'an City Relic Park have been included in World Culture Heritage. Metro Line 1 and 2 started operation, and Metro Line 3 extended its traffic mileage. Total metro mileage reached 52 kilometers with an average daily passenger capacity of 1 million person visits. 170 urban roads were reconstructed, 41 pedestrian bridge and underground passages were built, increasing per capita urban road space to 18.1 square meters, up 2.5 square meters than that of 2010. 42 thousand public bicycles were added, and its service network covered all the main urban area. 3 expressways were built, 270 kilometers of arterial highway of national and provincial highway were reconstructed, and 5 rank passenger depots were completed. Full coverage of secondary highway has been realized in rural area, and highway mileage reached 13 thousand kilometers. North Passenger Railway Station was constructed and put into use, making Xi’an an important high speed rail station hub. We have launched 10 water source projects, delivered water in Lijiahe water source project, and increased unban daily water supply of 300 thousand tons. We constructed 750 KV power transmission project in south Xi’an, increased the capacity of power transformation by 3.641 million KVA accumulatively, which is 1.2 times that of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, added gas supply capacity by 600 million cubic meters, 1.4 times that of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, and raised centralized heating area by 107 million square meters, 3.2 times that of the Eleventh Five Year Plan. We accelerated the construction of 9 provincial key demonstration towns and 6 famous towns for cultural tourism, and accomplished aim designated in Action Plan for Building New Socialist Countryside in advance. After 18 years of relentless efforts, Xi’an was crowned as National Civilized City, earning glory and pride for 8.7 million Xi’an citizens.

--Unleash new dynamism through comprehensive reform. We made a successive “first move” in streamlining governance and delegating power to lower levels, formulated administrative approval list for publication, and canceled, delegated and adjusted 312 administrative duties in four batches. We advanced the pilot work for VTA reform in more areas and the reform of industrial and commercial registration system, leading to an overwhelming increase of enterprises. All type of market players totaled 638 thousand, up by 297 thousand than that of 2010. A new round of reform on state assets and SOEs were launched, the mixed ownership system was pushed forward in an orderly way, and Xi’an Textile Group and Shaanxi Wuhuan Group finished restructuring. Network-based urban management was carried out throughout the city, and the pattern of "two levels of government, three levels of management and four levels of network" was instituted.  Comprehensive reform in rural areas was pushed forward, the work for right recognition and registration of rural land was basically finished and a total of 563 thousand mu of land was transferred. We continued to strengthen the reform on overall planning of scientific and technological resources, and technological achievement trade volume reached RMB 212 billion. Over 700 enterprises were recognized as scientific and technological little giants, the proportion of added value of the high-tech industries accounted for GDP reached 14.5%, up 3.3 percentage points than 2010, and patent application quantity exceeded 60 thousand, 4.2 times that of 2010. In addition, the reforms on the government institutions, on using governmental vehicles, on public hospitals at municipal and country level, on the big school district management system, and on judiciary all yielded pronounced results.

--New breakthrough in reform and opening up. The construction of the new starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt was fully launched, and the Euro-Asia Economic Forum has been recognized as one of the ten platforms for building the “One Belt and One Road”. We have successfully held three roundtables of the countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt, and initiated Xi’an Declaration. “Chang’an” Freight Train was in regular operation, “Xi’an Port” became the first inland port with local code and international code in China, and the city has been officially approved to be a first-class land port. Xi’an comprehensive bonded zone and the comprehensive bonded zone in Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone was enclosed for operation. Xi'an Xianyang International Airport phase II expansion project completed construction, opening 36 international routes, and turning Xi'an into the first 72-hour free visa transit city in Northwest China. With Chanba Ecological District being approved to build Consulate Area, South Korea, Thailand and Cambodia set up consulate general respectively, and sister cities of Xi'an was extended to 27. 836 large-scale exhibition activities were hosted, with turnover of RMB 576.84 billion. Last year, foreign investment in actual use exceeded USD 4 billion, total value of export and import reached USD 25.26 billion, and contract amount of the service outsourcing stood at USD 1.49 billion, 2.6 times, 3.5 times and 5.1 times than those in 2010.  Xi'an was listed in the “world's most potential emerging cities" of the United Nations.

--Improve people’s livelihood and wellbeing. A total of RMB 285.274 billion was invested in improving people’s livelihood, accounting for over 80% of fiscal expenditure and newly increased financial revenue of the whole city, 3.7 times than that in the Eleventh Five Year Plan. By focusing on “ten practical projects that benefit the people” and “ten tail-in operations”, we increased 629.5 thousand jobs in cities and towns, and helped 4436.9 thousand farmers be employed in non-farming fields, up by 42.6 thousand and 1452.9 thousand respectively than those in the Eleventh Five Year Plan. The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached RMB 33,188 and RMB 14,072, 1.8 times and 2.0 times than those in 2010; we expropriated and displaced 86 urban villages and 33 shanty areas, moved back and relocate 260 thousand people; we started construction of housing project of 570 thousand apartments for low-income urban residents, transformed 36 thousand dilapidated house in rural areas, and resolved housing problem for 401 thousand low-and-middle income households, benefiting 1.3 million people; we lifted 527 thousand underprivileged population out of poverty line in accordance with the current standard, organized 94 thousand migrant for resettlement, built 1,048 programs to provide safe drinking water in the rural areas, leading Shaanxi Province in planning drinking water safety for residents in rural areas. We sustained increase of investment in education, reaching RMB 52.26 billion, 3.1 times than that of the Eleventh Five Year Plan. We newly built, reconstructed and expanded 528 standardized kindergartens, finished construction of 496 standardized compulsory education schools, completed construction of two ethnic schools: Chanba No.1 School and Chanba Silk Road School and put them into use, constructed 36 kindergartens and schools in the development zone, and implemented, and the nutrition improvement plan benefited 384 thousand students. We completed construction and relocation of 6 hospitals such as Xi’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Xi’an Municipal Chest Hospital, and improved the participation rate of the new rural cooperative medical system and the rate for urban basic medical insurance to 99.2% and 98.5% respectively, pushing forward the critical illness insurance for urban and rural residents. We set up basic pension insurance system that is unified for both rural and urban areas, with participation rate of 99.9%. We increased by 63 nursing institutions for the aged, 412 rural senior homes, 447 community senior service facilities, and provided a total of 37 thousand beds for senior services in the city. We raised allowance standard both for urban and rural residents, and supporting standards of Rural Five-Guarantee for five times, and took “22 measures” to improve people’s livelihood, resolving more prominent problems for vulnerable groups.  The construction of “safe Xi’an” has yielded impressive results, three-dimensional crime prevention and control system was set up, and 68 police affairs stations inside the Third Ring Road were put into use. The supervision platform for elevator safety (96333) was completed construction for operation, the work of building Xi’an into a national city of safe food is making headway, and Xi'an's application of being a national demonstration city of strengthening the city by quality has been approved. Xi’an has won the prize of “Chang'an Cup”, the top award in comprehensive social management, earned its seventh consecutive title of “Model City of Double-Support”, strengthened its undertakings in ethnic affairs, religious affairs, consultancy, civil defense, archives management, chronology compilation, seismic prevention and disaster mitigation, and won the honor of “China’s Happiest City” in a consecutive three years.

--Government construction obtains new progress. We comprehensively carried out the rectification measures in the mass line education practices and education of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, strictly abided by the political disciplines and regulations of the party, be resolute in following the “Eight Regulations” made by the CPC and the “Three-point Covenant” made by the State Council, combated with the normality of red tape with mountains of documents and seas of meetings and bad practice such as laziness, lacking in discipline, and extravagance, rectified 13 working style problems and 11 problems which are “not strict and not real”, canceled 228 deliberation and coordination agencies, improving the executive force and credibility of government. We insist on the law learning program for the standing meeting of the municipal government, regulate and optimize scientific and democratic decision-making process, and implement accountability system for law enforcement. We consciously accept lawful supervision of the Municipal People’s Congress and its Standing Committee as well as the democratic supervision of the Municipal CPPCC, and settled 5,352 suggestions and opinions on time. We made the government affairs transparent and fully published information of municipal “3 public” expenses, strengthened administrative supervision and auditing supervision, strictly implemented the “Two Obligations”, conscientiously fulfill the “Double Obligations for One Post”, firmly promoted the construction of a better Party style and a cleaner government and keep on the anti-corruption struggle, and aggressively go after illegal cases and the behavior that damage people’s interests.

The progress of the Twelfth Five Year Plan is encouraging, but we should fully aware of the plenty problems and difficulties in our way ahead. Chiefly, they include the following aspects: the economic aggregate is still a little too small, growth rate has been slow, investment increase is tend to decline, industrial transformation and upgrading faces daunting agenda, the conversion from old power to new is time-consuming, and real economy demands continuous optimization of development environment and security; unbalanced and un-coordinated development remains prominent, and a great gap still exist between urban and rural areas in infrastructure, public service, and residents’ income. City government has a long way to go, and transportation and environmental pollution requires continuous efforts. In terms of governmental construction, we need not only to promote our capability to boost economy, but also to deal with the problems such as clean but not hard-working in administration, strict but slow in work, and weak in assuming responsibility.

Fellow deputies, over the past five years, we have withstood unprecedented test and achieved remarkable progress, which should be attributed to the leadership of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, to the supervision and support of Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress and Municipal Political Consultative Conference Committee, to efforts of all the citizens. On behalf of Xi’an Municipal government, I would like to extend high tribute to all citizens, directors, armed police officers and public security officers, and express heartfelt thanks to all delegates, members of committee, people from all walks of life who support our work, and all friends both at home and abroad who care for and support the development of Xi’an.

Ⅱ. Basic Ideas, Tasks and Objectives of the Thirteenth Five Year Plan Development

The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan is a decisive stage in finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and a critical period in preliminarily building an international metropolis with historical and cultural characteristics for Xi'an city. According to relevant national and provincial "13th Five-Year Plan" requirements on the overall arrangement and development of Xi' an, and the draft of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development of Xi'an by the municipal government, we proposed the guiding ideology, objectives, major tasks and measures for development over the next five years and submitted to the session for review and approval, then we will earnestly implement these plans.

The overall consideration is that we will have an in-depth implementation of the concepts of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development, systematically advance quality Xi'an city construction based on the requirements of "catch up and surpass" and "five solids"; we will realize three leaps on economic strength, urban and rural residents income, and economic export-oriented degree, promote a sharp enhancement on five aspects such as city innovation driving force, industrial competitiveness, comprehensive carrying capacity, and radiation motivating force and green development force. We will make sure that Xi'an will be the first to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects in China and well play the role of bellwether for the construction of "three Shaanxi".

Building a quality Xi'an city that carries the ancient and embraces the future while reserving its openness, inclusiveness, high-end quality, harmony and livability is a strategic choice for the city to construct a moderately prosperous society in all respects and create a new start of the Silk Road Economic Belt and an international metropolis with all-out efforts. This serves as a necessary requirement for in-depth structural readjustment, comprehensive improvement of development quality and results. It is also a practical need for jointly construction of a harmonious and livable home for the citizens to live a better life. We will put the construction of a quality Xi’an as the concrete practice of the city's in-depth implementation of the spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and Central Economic Working Conference, and city work conference, and the full implementation of the "five major development concepts" and "city development paths with Chinese characteristics". It will be stressed throughout the economic and social development of all fields to upgrade "six qualities" of economic development, city governance, livable environment, opening to the outside world, people's livelihood and government service. As a result, the general public can see real changes from quality construction and obtain real benefits from it.

We will put forth effort to enhance the quality of economic development.  We should firmly set development as top priority, focusing on transformation, upgrading and going beyond. Innovation will be regarded as the core of development. We will focus on strengthening the supply side of structural reform, and vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the city via quality. With high end quality as our orientation, we will give full play to resource advantages of history, culture, science and education, tourism and so on. We will basically finish building a new modern industrial system with Xi'an characteristics. We will correctly handle the relationship between maintaining a reasonable growth rate and improving quality and efficiency. While maintaining development speed without losing speed, and increasing quantity with better quality, we will make sure that the economic growth will be steadily maintained within "the first phalanx" of sub-provincial cities in the country, and speed up the pace of joining " trillion GDP club".  During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the city's GDP is expected to increase by 8%, with per capita GDP at USD 15,000. Six hundred-billion strategic industrial clusters will be built, with value added in service industry accounting for 60% of GDP, and science and technology progress contribution rate increasing to 63%.

We will put forth effort to improve city governance quality. We should firmly stick to the principle of combining conservation with innovative development, so that characteristic style can be showcased, and "multiple regulations into one" idea will be promoted, and an all-round co-ordination can be realized. Urban planning, construction and management levels can be improved comprehensively. We will transform the city's development pattern, adhere to systemic thinking and strengthen a comprehensive governance of city construction that incorporates the whole process and all elements. With a focus on smart city building, we will speed up the modernization of urban management system and governance capacity, and work out an effective solution to all kinds of "urban diseases" to ensure urban security and enhance civilization. We will strive to create an international modernized city that is characterized with historical continuity and regional recognition.  By 2020, the four-level urban system will be further perfected, with existing shanty towns fully transformed, meticulous management level in the city increased significantly. And an international metropolis with typical historical and cultural characteristics will be initially built.

We will put forth effort to enhance the quality of livable environment. We shall firmly grasp the concept of ecological civilization, and strive to improve sustainability and livability of urban development. And we will promote green and low-carbon life style and operation mode of urban construction, and achieve an intensive and efficient production space, a moderately livable living space and a beautiful and clean eco-space. According to the requirements of "introducing beautiful mountains, waters and scenery to city construction", we will continue to implement major ecological governance engineering projects such as Qinling ecological conservation, "eight rivers benefiting Xi’an", and city ecological corridor construction. We will include air duct construction into city planning and management, speed up the construction of a harmonious co-existing eco-pattern of mountains, waters, plateaus, fields, and the city. And we will steadfastly win the protracted battle of pollution regulation haze reduction to create a livable homeland with blue sky, green land, and clear water. By 2020, the city's forest coverage rate will reach 48% and above, with per unit GDP energy consumption reduced by 16%, and air quality rising above 80%.

We will improve the quality of opening up to the outside world. We should firmly grasp the basic strategy of opening up to the outside world. With building a "new inland highland of reform and opening up" and "a new window of China's development to the western region" as our goal, we will actively join in the great pattern of "one belt, one road", fully implement "five passes" initiative, insist on excellent import and excellent export, constantly upgrade new advantages of opening up, actively expand new space for "overseas Xi’an" development, and spare no efforts to build an all-round, and high-level opening-up new pattern. By 2020, the city's total import and export volume is expected to exceed USD 50 billion, with foreign trade dependence rate reaching 30%. It will open 50 international routes to greatly increase Xi'an's popularity, reputation and international influence.

We will invest in improving people's quality of life. We shall firmly adhere to the idea of people-centered development. with promoting people's well-being as the starting point and the foothold of development, we will solidly carry out "ten practical programs that benefit the people", make up the "short board" of poverty in all respects, and make the social security system more scientific, and the city more inclusive. We will increase effective supply of basic public products and public service, achieve the goal of everybody having access to education, employment, medical care, elderly care, and housing. We will promote all-round development of human being, letting each hard-working people in Xi’an have opportunities, be outstanding, and be successful, so that every dreamer can have spaces for dreams, can fight for their dreams and make their dreams come true. By 2020, we need to create a cumulative 600,000 new urban jobs, transfer 3 million rural labor force, and achieve a per-capita disposable income of urban and rural residents of 48,000 and 21,000 RMB respectively. We will fully carry out the 13-year free education, let newly added labors have an average of 14.9 years schooling, and provide 7.49 beds and 3.39 licensed physicians in medical institutions per thousand.

We will put forth effort to enhance the quality of government services. We need to firmly adhere to the requirements of serving the people, being pragmatic and free from corruption, consolidate the education practice activities of deepening the party's mass line and the topic education result of "Three Stricts and Three Steadies". We should start from building a government that is ruled by law, innovative, free of corruption and serving its people, push forward working style construction perversely, continue to intensify responsibilities and accountabilities, comprehensively elevate the service ability and level of the government, actively create a high-quality business environment that is ruled by law, of international level, and more convenient. We should spare no efforts to safeguard social justice, let the market to play an effective and decisive role in resources allocation, and strive to create a sound environment for Xi'an to catch up and go beyond on development. By 2020, we will build a law-based government that is featured by scientific functions, legal rights and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, openness, fairness, honesty and high efficiency, and integrity of the rule of law, with the public satisfaction rate increasing significantly.

Ⅲ. Main Targets in 2016

This year marks the starting year of the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the first year for the city to systemically advance the comprehensive innovation reform test. We will set the mainline of building a quality Xi'an, and the leading force of supply side structural reform, highlight five major tasks of cutting overcapacity and excess inventory, de-leverage, reducing costs, and strengthening points of weakness. We should play a demonstrative, driving, radiating, and supportive role in the whole province on catching up and surpassing development.

The main economic and social development targets are as follows: GDP growth of more than 8%, above-scale industrial value growth of around 7%, fixed assets of the whole society growth of around 5%, a steady rise in import and export volumes around 8%, general public budget income growth 11%, registered urban unemployment rate kept within 4.5%, disposable income of urban and rural residents increase of around 8% and 9.5% respectively, CPI increase kept at around 3%,  a reduction in energy consumption per unit of GDP of at least by 3%, and emissions of major pollutants kept within the control limits.

(1) We will soundly promote comprehensive innovation reform, and add new fuels to catching up and going beyond development.

We will push forward the demonstration work of two "national brands". We should focus on pilot projects like military industry enterprise ownership reform, military institutions transformation into enterprises reform, and technology transfer and transformation of college system reform. And we will launch a batch of major industrial projects to establish a bigger and stronger high-tech industry cluster of civil-military integration. We should summarize and popularize the experience of the trinity of research, pilot plant test and industries of Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, and Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation and innovation on common key technologies, and promote industry spillover effects of scientific research institutes. On deepening the combination of technology and finance, we will carry out pilots in the intellectual property mortgage financing, investment loan linkage and stock raising fields and organizations.  Special attention will be paid to the construction of two state-level platforms as Northwest Center for Technological Transfer and Western Intellectual Property. We will create marketing, specialization and networked technology market in Xi'an, and strive to install more than 10,000 sets of network instrument and equipment. Technology transactions will exceed 70 billion yuan. We will carry out three-year action plans to incubate little giant technological enterprises by establishing 100 little giant leading enterprises. To give great impetus to advance a synergy of business startups and innovation, we will provide multi-level business and innovation opportunities, give full play to the capabilities of Makers and Geeks, so that many robust advanced technologies and emerging industrial clusters may develop prosperously. On well arranging talents introduction, cultivation and employment, and facilitate "overseas thousand talents plan" project and high-end overseas experts introduction project, we will intensify the construction of Xi'an Human Resource Service Industrial Garden, perfect innovation evaluation and incentive mechanism, and relevant government service mechanism, and create an excellent environment of encouraging innovation, advocating entrepreneurship, and tolerating failure so as to increase the city's attraction to all kinds of talents. We will continue to carry out entrepreneurial competition and "Xi'an Business Startups and Innovation Weeks" activities to nurture a profound entrepreneurial culture.

Structural reform of supply side will be strengthened. Focusing on key work in reducing constitutional transaction costs, we will improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, promote investment efficiency, and further conduct deregulation, energy release, so as to let the market play a greater role. According to the requirements of decentralization, delegating power while regulating, optimizing service and the transformation of government functions, we will push forward the opening of administrative responsibilities and accountabilities based on laws. And the city's power list, list of responsibilities, and negative list will be released before the end of June. We will guide enterprises to adapt to changes in market demands, pushing them to increase the intensity of technological transformation updating, and aggrandize the supply of high-quality new products and life services effectively. Market access restrictions will be lifted, the PPP Model will be greatly promoted, and private capital will be encouraged to invest in more areas.  The reform on commercial system will be deepened continuously, and we will well facilitate the implementation of such regulations as applying business license before other relevant licenses, "integrate the business license, the organization code certificate, and the certificate of taxation registration into one document", and "one license, one code". We will soften terms for enterprises on check and approval of business scope as well as residence registration conditions. The city's total registered enterprises are expected to break through 240,000 households. By carrying out "thousands of people help thousands of enterprise" activities, we will strive to resolve practical difficulties in business operation, intensify policy supports for the local blue chip companies and leading companies in all fields. We need to ensure that there will be a net increase of 40 industrial enterprises, 80 trade enterprises, and 60 service enterprises above the designated size, so as to form a stepped competitive development environment for corporations of each variety. Special efforts will be made to playing well in the "combination blow" of reducing enterprise costs, and we will fully implement national taxation reduction policy, speeding up the establishment of enterprises related list of charges, and removing unreasonable charges, so that burdens on enterprises will be lightened with more profits made. We will continue to improve the "quadripartite cooperation" mechanism concerning governments, financial institutions, security agencies and companies, widen financing channels with an increase of 220 billion yuan new loans. We will combat illegal fund-raising practices by law to protect legal interests and rights of investors. We will complete municipal classification of state-owned enterprises, promote salary system reform, accelerate the pace of listing, acquisition and reorganization of municipal enterprises, and facilitate the process of state-owned capital securitization.

Deepen reforms in key areas. We will further clarify the management responsibilities of the development zone and administrative districts, promote optimized integration of the development zone, and start preliminary work concerning the readjustment of administrative zones. We will constantly improve urban management system, implementing territorial management responsibilities in accordance with the principles of "putting planning first and loosening management and regulation second" and "people move and charges transfer when business changes ". We will further advance comprehensive rural reform, complete land registration certification work, start the construction of the municipal circulation of rural property rights trading platform. We will actively and steadily promote the reform of public institution classification, continue to advance fiscal and budget reform, and strengthen the management of local government debts. We will build a sound social credit system, and promote the establishment of a credit management that covers the whole process. We will push governments to purchase public service, accelerating the pace of market-oriented reforms on water, gas, heating prices.

(2) Going all out to stabilize growth, and ensuring that the economy runs within a reasonable range.

Greatly facilitate investment and business attraction. We will put investment as "top one project", actively introducing investment from the outside, striving for investment from the upside, and digging out investment from inside according to the city's "Chess" thinking. And we will have a clear-cut responsibility system and a strict reward and punishment system. Adhering to the principle of attracting the large-amount, introducing the strong and selecting the excellent, we will organize point-to-point investment attraction according to specific demands. We will strive to attract more promising and large-scale projects that are featured by long industrial chains, high scientific and technological content, and larger tax contribution to settle down in the city. The annual actual utilized foreign investment for the year will reach 4.2 billion US dollars, and the introduction of domestic investment will exceed 168 billion RMB. We will follow the trends of national industrial polices and investment directions, with focus on such areas as major infrastructure construction, industry transformation and upgrading, improvement of ecological environment and social enterprises. And we will endeavor to win major projects and related supporting funds at the central and provincial levels and continue to well implement the project of central enterprises settlement in Shaanxi. While actively digging out development opportunities within the province, and encouraging the expansion of stock capital, we will give support to the development of the extending industrial chain of such leading companies as Samsung, BYD, Shanxi Heavy Truck, XAC etc., plan and promote major projects that are of high quality and greater expected benefits to propel relevant enterprises to speed up gathering up and continuously consolidate the potential of development. We will actively create an excellent investment and development environment of pro-business, supporting business, and securing business, give emphasis to the role of entrepreneurs, award a batch of outstanding entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions to the city's economic development, so as to vigorously create a social atmosphere of entrepreneurs are making great contributions, and taxpayers can obtain a sense of proud.

Special efforts will be made in increasing effective investments. We are to pay special attention to 560 municipal-level key projects to secure an investment of 182.5 billion Yuan or more. We will further optimize the investment structure, ensuring that industrial projects will reach the proportion of 50% or above. We will mainly invest industry development fund with municipal financial support in the upgrading of traditional manufacturing improvement, new areas such as emerging strategic industries and modern service industries, as well as such new plates as Weibei Industrial Park, and industrial, financial business district, and "makers space" incubator. Making full use of national construction bonds and Xi'an cooperation development fund, we will facilitate a batch of PPP demonstrative projects in areas as the transformation of shanty towns in the city, the construction of security housings, metro, municipal utilities. Till the end of this year, 419 billion yuan investment will be completed in city construction. By continuously perfecting the system of leaders regulating, departments taking responsibility, supervision keeping up closely, we will strictly implement project approval, land targets, land acquisition and relocation of responsibilities, and effectively solve problems as being hard to settle, great resistance, and slow progress etc. We will carry out special rectification actions concerning investment environment, strongly combat such illegal actions as bidding for projects with insufficient capabilities, and blocking construction process.

Accelerate the release of consumer demand. We will actively cultivate new consumption areas such as health, pensions, and recreation, encourage the development of such new consumption concepts and modes as leasing, online shopping, customization, and consumption patterns, and promote the upgrading of consumption. We will accelerate the upgrading of such key business zones in Qujiang, Daxing, and Longshou, and vigorously develop city commercial complex, with Qujiang Lotus New World and Zhongda International in High-tech Zone being completed and put into use. And we will focus on the creation of such commercial and gastronomic culture blocks as the ancient capital impressions, Yongxingfang (phase II), ancient city wall area and so on.  We will give support to on-line marketing of the city's well-known trade and catering enterprises; promote common development of e-commerce and traditional commerce enterprises. We will facilitate e-commerce to develop rural markets, accelerate the implementation of "express to the countryside" project, so as to release rural consumption potential. We will strive to resolve real estate inventory, implement the city's "nine new articles on housing". On the basis of meeting new public needs, we will establish a housing system of purchasing and renting, focus on providing housing service and policy support to those personnel who are starting their own businesses or seeking for employment in the city. We will set up effective link-ups among the transformation of shanty towns into temporary homes, leasing market and stock housing market, guide real estate enterprises to constantly improve products structures, to readjust their marketing strategy actively according to market law. We will appropriately reduce commodity housing price, let the provident fund to play a supportive role in reasonable housing consumption, and promote real estate market to acquire a sound development.

Focusing on strict quality requirement on high-end products, and strongly promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading.

We will continue to implement in-depth industrial breakthrough strategies. We will fully carry out Implementation Opinions on "made in China" 2025", actively apply the concept of "Internet+", and push forward manufacturing sector to move towards a high-end and intelligent direction. We will implement Weibei Industrial Park Cluster Infrastructure Inter-connectivity Project, speed up Samsung's phase II, MA 700, Beidou satellite navigation, King Long Motor Group in Xi'an and other major projects. We will focus on 146 key industrial projects with investments of over 500 million yuan, ensuring that more than 30 projects will be completed during the year with a growth in industrial investment of 8% or above. We will vigorously develop emerging industries of strategic importance; while continuing to enlarge and strengthen high-end equipment, aerospace and other competitive industries, we will implement the "new hundred billion industrial clusters nurturing projects" focusing on energy-saving, new energy vehicles, intelligent terminals, and semiconductor industry etc. And we will build a world-class high-end chip manufacturing, packaging and testing integration industry base, and strive to obtain an increase of value added in strategic emerging industries of about 15%.

Accelerate transformation and upgrading of tourism industry. With building a Chinese ancient capital cultural international tourism destination as the goal, we will continue to increase investment and actively integrate tourism resources. Besides, we will promote all area tourism development and improve the connotation and quality of the tourism industry from various aspects, including transportation planning, city designing, landscape designing, service facilities and tourism products. Efforts will be focused on perfecting the "intelligent tourism" system, and Xi'an Tourism (Cloud) Data Center will be built to improve tourism intelligent service system. In order to support the development of creative design of tourism products and industrialization of tourism, we will strive to develop new tourism patterns like eco-tourism, folk custom experience, red tourism and tourism for study and research. Excellent tourism project will be actively carried out, special efforts will be paid to upgrading scenic spots ranking and pace will be quickened to build the City Wall and the Museum of Stone Tablets a 5A scenic area. We will push forward integrated development of tourism and culture, explore historical, folk custom, religious and cultural resources. Special efforts will be made in launching the construction of a series projects like the Han Chang'an city site cultural area, Bailuyuan cultural tourism zone and air traveling resort zone. By promoting high quality cultural tourism products with cities along the Silk Road, we will build a Silk Road experiencing corridor with Xi'an as the starting point. Tourism environment will be further improved. Effective measures will be taken to tackle unlicensed taxis, tour guides and travel agencies. We will strive to receive 150 million tourists from home and abroad with a tourism income of 120 billion yuan.

We will promote innovative development of the service industry. Construction of 8 national and 24 provincial and municipal service pilot zones will be continued to promote daily life services to be refined and with high quality. It will also be promoted to be more professional and with higher added value. As a result, the year-round added value of service industry will increase by 9%. The construction of the Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center will be launched, and integrated development of convention and exhibition industry and other new forms of business will be encouraged to build a convention and exhibition city with global influence. Designated size exhibition activities will be held more than 180 times throughout the year. We will speed up the construction of modern logistics center like Xinzhu Railway Logistics Center and Northwest Metal Logistics Park. Common distribution and delivery pilot spots in the city will be set up, and multi-modal transportation will be used to build a regional logistics center.  We will accelerate the development of industrial areas like the Xi'an Financial and Business Area, High and New Tech Financial Center and Qujiang Cultural Financial Center. Besides, we will actively introduce all kinds of financial institutions, promote the healthy development of internet finance, complete the construction of Civil Financial Street Phase II, and make sure that 20 companies can be listed during the year and added value of financial industry grow by more than 10%. Taking the national comprehensive pilot unit of modern service industry as the starting point, we will pace up in promoting cluster development of science and technology service. Added value of science and technology service industry will exceed 43 billion yuan for the year. While deepening cultural and technological integration and focusing on the construction of  projects including Intelligent Cartoon Cultural Industry Park and Shaanxi Center for the Performing of Arts, we will also present Xi'an citizens a series of dramas, plays and excellent works with Xi'an cultural characteristics. What's more, we will support the development of private cultural companies like Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, try our best to hold the 11th China Art Festival, and strive to realize a 9% growth of added value in cultural industry.

We will strive to develop urban modern agriculture. Implementation Suggestions of Accelerating Transformation of Agricultural Development Mode will be published to promote inter cross and fusion of primary industry, secondary industry and service industry in rural area. When accelerating the "one demonstration zone, three industrial belts and seven sectors" construction, developing market-orient service like farmland collocation, agricultural products manufacturing and warehouse logistics, we will approve and support the development of 15 modern agricultural parks, 10 leading companies  in municipal level or above and 80 family farms. Five projects for agricultural quality and efficiency improvement will be implemented, 40 pieces of ten thousand mu farmland and 100 pieces of one thousand mu farmland with high grain yield will be approved, and 40 faeces resource utilization projects will be started. Besides, we are planning to attract more than 15 million visitors of leisure agricultural tourism with a total income of more than 1.8 billion yuan. We will give full support to leading enterprises that can help farmers to develop various forms of moderate scale business. Farmers can take part in the manufacture and sales work with a "minimum+bonus" income pattern. As a result, per capita disposable income of farmers will exceed 15,000 Yuan. A sound agricultural products quality safety supervision and tracing system will be promoted to make sure that the rate of qualified agricultural products maintains above 96%.

(4) Speeding up the construction of the "new starting point", and building a new opening up pattern with high quality.

Improve and upgrade the carrier function. We will implement the Belt and Road Action Plan. Taking the construction of the core zone of Euro-Asia Economic Forum Complex as the focus, we will accelerate the materialization of the development of the forum. Functions of the Xi'an port will be continuously enhanced, and supervision and inspection facilities at the port will be further improved. We will strive to finish building ports of grain and meat within the year, and endeavor to get the whole-vehicle import port approved as well. We will accelerate the development of cross-border e-commerce, building Xi'an as the international procurement center along the Silk Road Economic Belt. We will support the building of a finance lease area in Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park, and start policy, function and system innovation of the finance leasing industry. Focusing on increment and distance extension, we will strive to enhance operation quality of Chang'an cargo train. What's more, we will actively cooperate with the provincial government to do the declaration work of FTA.

Expand pragmatic regional cooperation. We will implement the agreements we have made in Xi'an Declaration, accelerating the construction of 115 key projects such as Euro-Asia creative design center. Working together with other departments to organize the 20th Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China and the Silk Road International Expo, we will continue to hold the Round Table Conference for Cities along the Silk Road Economic Belt to build a solid platform for international cooperation and development. We will strive to open international direct lines to Melbourne, San Francisco and Dubai, to further promote integrated development of land and air transportation. Great support will be given to support communication and dialogue among local enterprises, universities and civil organizations. And we will host the Third International Silk Road Film Festival.

"Going out" strategy will be deeply carried out. First of all, we will guide local leading enterprises to start international business, to encourage advantageous industries like machinery manufacture, vehicle manufacture, and information technology to go abroad. We will also encourage foreign trade companies to establish marketing and service network in countries along the Silk Road to actively explore overseas market. We will further optimize the structure of export commodities, expand the export of high-tech, high value-added, cost-effective products, increase support to high-tech and self-owned brands in superconducting materials, transmission equipment and industrial sewing machine areas. As a result, core competitiveness of exported products will be improved.

We will actively create new advantages for opening up to the outside world. Firstly, we will integrate and optimize special Customs supervision zone, and apply to build Shaanxi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. Secondly, we will develop export oriented industries like external processing and outsourcing to create an international service outsourcing city. Besides, we will speed up the construction of international schools, hospitals and communities, constantly improve the comprehensive service concerning foreign affairs, and upgrade service levels. At last but not least, we will promote the construction of consulate district in Xi'an, and make sure that 4 consulates will be completed by the end of this October, and try our best to open the Malaysia Consulate in Xi'an within the year.

(5) Adhering to the people-oriented principle, and speeding up new-type urbanization.

Further optimize urban development patterns. We will establish "smart growth" and "compact city" concepts, develop the Xi'an New-type Urbanization Planning, and scientifically delimitate the urban development boundary. Overall planning of Xi'an-Xianyang district will be carefully developed to promote regional interconnection and coordinated development. We will further strengthen management of urban planning, ensure that the planning can be implemented in a serious way with great authority, and realize full coverage of controlled detailed planning and restrictive systematic planning. The Weihe River will be planed and developed according to the treatment standard for river in the city. Red-line areas of ecology and design of buildings and landscape on the banks of the Weihe River should be strictly controlled. Floodplain management of Weihe River will be started within the year, making sure that 124-kilometers paths on the levee can be completed by the end of this May. We will carry out the planning modification of Weibei Industrial Park in a proper timing. Equal importance will be attached to improving city functions and developing major industries, so that the construction of Weibei new town can be accelerated. Promoting optimized improvement of the main urban area and connotative development, we will strive to build the "top ten cities area" and enhance service function and bearing capacity. We will speed up construction of the "Three Sub-centers" and "Five Groups", support pilot reform of new-type urbanization in Gaoling and Yanliang. We will continue to strengthen the construction of 9 key model towns and 6 cultural tourist towns, and gradually form a urban development pattern with lateral displacing development and vertical cooperation.

Vigorously highlight city characteristics. We will intensify efforts to plan and build the city with multi-dimensional space, coordinated planar design, integral style and features, and cultural continuity. We will design the city well to promote coordination and beauty of buildings, streets, skylines, colors and the environment. As a result, unique cultural "gene" can be remained without "strange and ugly foreign-style" buildings. We will continue to enhance the protection of the ancient city walls, all kinds of historical sites and cultural relics, earnestly carry out preservation and development projects of key cultural sites such as the Tang East Market, Fenggao and Yangguanzhai and Liyang County. In addition, we will push forward the construction of the Han Chang'an city preservation region. We will thoroughly implement the City Renaissance Plan by accelerating the rebuilding and upgrading of cultural and historical blocks like Beiyuanmen, Sanxuejie Street and Qixianzhuang. Strengthening the protection of intangible cultural heritage, we will profoundly set up documents for excellent modern buildings.

City functions will be constantly improved. We will carry out smooth traffic projects on road, pipeline and wire networks. Special efforts will be paid to break "dead end road" and "bottleneck road" to promote interconnection of city infrastructure. We will continue to strongly promote smooth transportation. The third round of metro planning work will be started within 2016, and Line 3 will be on trial operation while construction of Line 6 and Line 9 will be started. We will also accelerate the construction of Line 4, Line 5, and the extension of Line 1. A number of extension and rebuilding projects in Xuefu Ring Road, Zhuhong Road - Fengcheng Fourth Road overpass will be completed, Xi'an - Yanliang express way and 8 city roads will be under construction, and 5 dead end roads like Kaiyuan Road and Fengcheng Seventh Road will be rebuild. To further optimize the bus network, we will accelerate the construction of non-motorway, newly establish parking spaces with a capacity of 50,000 bicycles, add or upgrade 1,100 buses, and install 10,000 bicycles for public usage. What's more, the second phase of South Passenger Station construction will be started at right time. We will also cooperate to finish the reconstruction of Xi'an Railway Station and projects like Xi'an - Chengdu high speed railway and Xi'an - Yanliang inter-cities railway. While accelerating construction of  underground pipe gallery and sponge city, we will finish general inspection of underground pipelines and 20 projects that put overhead wire and cable underground in areas including Zhangba North Road, we will also implement 16 projects concerning sewerage system and ponding area rebuilding. We will complete a series of major projects like the Lijiahe River water resources project, Dayu water diversion project. Construction of a water plant in southwest suburban district will be launched.

Promoting the modernization of urban governance. Taking "intelligent city" construction as the starting point, we will strengthen integration of application of information technology and government information resources. We will focus on the implementation of intelligent transportation, intelligent urban management and intelligent community construction, build the Xi'an "big data" service platform, and gradually realize full coverage of Wifi in public areas in Xi'an. We will thoroughly promote city delicacy management, prepare for the re-inspection work of the "National Sanitary City" and vigorously carry out integrated management of city appearance and environment. Special efforts will be paid to solve difficult city management problems reported by Xi'an citizens and set up "a hundred clean and tidy streets". Reform of household registration system will be promoted, and residence permit regulations will be published and credit-based settling rules will be practiced. We will provide better services to and have better management on floating population and special population group. Special measures will be adopted to improve the property market. Change of neighborhood committee leadership will be well and legally organized. In addition, we will encourage enterprises, Xi'an citizens and social organizations to participate in urban construction and management through various methods, realizing co-governance, co-management, co-building and co-living of the city.

(6) Build an ecologically-livable city, and carry out "beautiful Xi’an · green homeland" project.

We will continue to treat pollution and reduce haze. 8 sewage treatment plants will be built or expanded with in the year, which means that daily sewage treatment capacity will increase 715,000 tons with a utilization rate of regenerated water of 18%, basically realizing acceptable water quality in Weihe River. We will fundamentally promote pollution treatment and haze reduction and consolidate results we have made. We will reinforce the promotion of new energy, in the hope that we can reduce 400,000 tons of coal, eliminate 19,000 yellow label vehicle, and establish emergency planning and response system to tackle heavy polluted weather. We will implement in-depth treatment of industrial pollution and prevention and treatment of heavy metal pollution. Environmental protection facility upgrading in companies will be promoted, specific rectification on excessive ozone emission will be carried out, and environmental illegal activities will be strictly prohibited and punished. Make sure that there will be more than 251 days in a whole year with fairly good air quality above level 2.

We will thoroughly carry out ecological optimization and upgrade. We will actively build a pilot city of national water eco-friendly city, accelerate the project of "Eight rivers benefiting Xi'an", focus on a new round of comprehensive treatment of Weihe River, and continue to enhance the treatment of the Chanhe River, Jinghe River and Qinghe River. Ecological restoration will be started in the Meipi Lake on the Laohe River. 2, 450 mu of ecological water and 6,600 mu of wetlands will be newly developed. We will strengthen ecological conservation of Qinling Mountains by law, with special efforts being paid to source treatment and upgrading and rebuilding of main valleys, new round-the-mountain roads and river course landscape. We will accelerate vegetation restoration and afforestation of abrupt slopes to build a gold-lettered name card for the eco-system of Qinling Mountains. Landscaping and landscape enhancement will be implemented, construction of city ecological corridors like happiness forest belt will be accelerated, 6 old gardens including Xingqinggong Palace Garden, Lianhu Park and Fangzhi Park will be rebuilt. What's more, a number of new parks like Zaohe River Park and Duling Ecological Site Park will be constructed. We will speed up the construction of Qujiang Culture and Sports Park and Yuhe Wetland Park. New site of Xian Botanical Garden (Phase I) and Yanming Lake Park will be open to the public. 100 green land plazas will be newly opened or upgraded. An area of 4 million square meters green area will be newly opened, 30,000 mu of forests will be planted. All these measures above will ensure that Xi'an can pass the state inspection of National Forest City.

A long-term ecological protection mechanism will be established. Ecological protection bottom line will be strictly delimited. In the meantime, we will explore and establish ecological compensation mechanism in key ecological areas like Zhouzhi and Lantian. We will also publish the Handbook for Forest Resources Protection and Management. We will establish a comprehensive evaluation index system of ecological civilization and practice natural resource assets auditing on off-office cadres. Special efforts will be paid to develop green industry, green enterprises and circular economy. The usage of green buildings and green construction material will be encouraged, and we will promote recyclable reconstruction of parks and centers of any kind and the construction of the recycling system of renewable resources. We will well practice the national pilot project of resource utilization and non-hazardous treatment of kitchen waste, and improve the ability of comprehensive utilization of construction waste, with harmless treatment rate of house garbage in the city keeping at 100%, and the countryside 85%.

Results of beautiful countryside will be consolidated and promoted. While striving to build the "Most Beautiful Village in Xi'an", we will energetically carry out comprehensive treatment of the rural environment. Especially, we will focus on cleaning work and harmless treatment of garbage and waste water in the countryside. Construction of model happy new countryside will be launched, and 100 rural community centers will be built. 50 eco-towns or eco-villages above city level will be built within the year.

(7) Efforts will be focused on launching down-to-earth actions that benefit the people to let citizens gain a deeper sense of being benefited. 

We will intensify poverty alleviation and development work, consolidate poverty elimination results, and provide accurate support to poverty alleviation and poverty relief from a higher starting point. In accordance to the requirement of "five batches" and "six accurates", we will especially give accurate support to 218 low-income counties and 9916 low-income families, and start relocation work of 8821 people from 2377 families. We will vigorously launch poverty alleviation work through industrialization, E-business and tourism development, and build 20 demonstrative counties that shake off from poverty through tourism. Taking Comfortable Housing Project as the starting point, we will focus on emergent and difficult problems like housing, employment, medical care and schooling, and start poverty alleviation in Xi'an comprehensively.

Developing education that satisfies the people. We will further deepen comprehensive reform in education area and promote balanced development of elementary education. And it is planned to achieve the goal of the second phase of three-year preschool education, and finish building, reconstructing and expanding 102 kindergartens. What's more, the construction of High-quality Resources Sharing Platform in Universities Phase III and Online Class in Elementary and Middle Schools will be completed, and "School to School Connection Network" will cover all the schools in Xi'an. Great efforts will be paid to develop vocational education, special education, minority nationality education and continuing education, so as to realize a coordinated and comprehensive development of education in all levels and areas.

Speeding up the construction of a healthy Xi'an. We will formulate and implement the "Healthy Xi'an Action Plan" to fully realize Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment System by strengthening development of medical care and hygiene team with general medical practitioner as key resources and promoting balanced distribution of medical resources in rural area. We will launch pilot projects of comprehensive reform in urban public hospitals, deepen construction of medical consortium, push forward the development of Internet medical industry, and encourage private hospitals and perfect extremely severe diseases aiding system and emergency aid system. With all these efforts mentioned above, we can help to resolve the issue of having difficulty and bearing high costs in medical treatment. In addition, we will profoundly implement the two child policy, reform and improve family planning service management.

People's livelihood will be guaranteed. We will stick to the rules of giving priority to employment and expanding employment by encouraging business startups. Extra efforts will be made to ensure the employment of key groups like university graduates, surplus rural labor and unemployed people in cities and towns. "Four Business Plans" and "7 Action Plans" for migrant workers to start business in their hometowns will be actively carried out.  We will try to newly employ 110,000 people in urban area, and transfer rural labor of 650,000 persons. Speeding up reconstruction of shanty areas, old residential communities and dilapidated buildings in rural area, we will further promote construction of affordable houses by providing 20,000 affordable houses, finishing rebuilding old residential areas of 1 million square meters and dilapidated buildings in rural area for 3,500 families. To meet the requirements of the "Eight New Rules for Shanty Area Reconstruction", we will continuously enlarge the proportion of monetized resettlement, launch shanty area reconstruction projects, and relocate 30,500 people. We will set up a linkage mechanism on the promotion of social insurance and salary levels, and integrate basic medical insurance system in rural and urban areas. Reform of endowment insurance system in government organizations and institutions will keep carrying forward. Full coverage registering plan will be launched to make sure that coverage rate of urban basic medical insurance is no less than 96%, while coverage of endowment insurance in rural and urban areas no less than 99%. In the meantime, we will raise the minimum living level standard, improve social assistance scheme, and provide timely and effective help to people in need.

Systematically promote the development of social undertakings. Construction of home based, community based old-age service system with institutions providing firm support will be accelerated to realize profound integration of medical care and old-age service. And we will finish building 122 home-based care bases in city communities and 189 rural community service stations. While accelerating the construction of the new site of Xi'an Library and the radio and television launch center, 1,100 shows will be performed for the benefit of Xi'an citizens. In the meantime, we will launch rebuilding project of Xi'an Sports Center, and more efforts will be paid to the building of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center. We will accelerate the building of standard football fields in districts and towns. 150 public fitness facilities will be built. We will smooth the channels of public interests coordination and legitimate right protection, and establish 300 public legal service rooms in demonstrative communities and villages. Activities on mutual support between the people and army will be further promoted, and special attention will be paid to ethnic, religion, civil defense, local chronicles and archive works.

City safety will be maintained with great effort. We will further promote the construction of a "Safe Xi'an", crack down illegal activities including violent and terrorist activities, pornography, gambling, and drug abuse, and economic crime, so as to enhance the sense of security for the general public. Earnestly practicing safety production rules of "duel responsibility of the Party and government, two duties for one post, and negligence liability", we will establish a dynamic safety regulation and inspection system, and strengthen supervision and control in subways, high-rise buildings, special equipment, municipal public pipelines, hazardous chemicals and densely populated places etc. Security risk will be carefully assessed and controlled, so that serious and catastrophic accidents can be avoided. Special attention will continue to be paid to the building of national food safety city. In particular, we will reinforce comprehensive management of small workshops, vendors, small diners around schools, hospitals and urban villages. We will guide vendors to regulate their operation with punishment measures, and try our best to provide the public with safe food. Delimitation of water source conservation areas will be enhanced to improve water quality and emergency control, and make sure that the drinkable water resources are qualified as excellent or above. Emergency management system will be further perfected to strengthen resistance of the natural disasters including weather, geologic and earthquake hazard, thus building a solid “firewall” of city security.

(8) Firmly practice "Three Stricts and Three Steadies" and build a government that meet the people's satisfaction in an all-around way.

Stick to the practices of executing administration by law and regulating administration with strict standards. We will earnestly implement the Implementation Outline for the Building of a Law-based Government (2015-2020), and bring government work into legal system track by performing duties in accordance with legal procedures and within statutory jurisdiction. While strengthening government legislation in key areas and deepening reform in administration and law enforcement systems, we will accept supervision from people's congress, democratic supervision from CPPCC and that from public opinions. To make sure every major policy is compliant with laws, regulations and people's requirements, we will pragmatically implement the administrative decision-making mechanism, which includes public participation, expert argumentation, risk evaluation, validity examination and group discussion. Administrative decision and actions will be closely tracked to a larger degree, and those who made serious mistake, and caused heavy loses or bad influences will be held responsible for their decisions.

We will strictly stick to the principles of serving the people with high quality and efficiency. Xi'an will fully implement transparent government affairs and "Internet + government service ". On-line approval will be promoted to help people to solve their problems effectively with time efficiency. We will continue to get work and discipline hot lines, government official websites and leaders' mail box straight to hear the people's voices. Besides, administrative and work democratic evaluation will be conducted to enhance communication and exchange with the mass. TV policy discussion will be promoted to find out and expose those who are neglectful of their duties and fail to serve the people. Government responsibility chain that connects different levels and layers will be established. As a result, the responsibility evaluation mechanism that can tell assigned responsibility and responsible accountability will be improved. Everyone will be ready anytime.

We will continue to adhere to a down-to-earth working style and be brave to shoulder responsibilities. Action speaks louder than words. Withholding the passion of serving the people, starting a work and working to be the first, we will spare no efforts in promoting the development of Xi'an and serving Xi'an citizens.  And we should always keep a pragmatic and low-profile working style, working hard to do down-to-earth work that can bring long-term benefits with no pursuit of seeking fame and virtual achievements. Every work will be carried out carefully with great attention and determination. We will explore to build a fault-tolerant mechanism, which can help us to distinguish defaults and mistakes due to inexperience and experimental work from actions of violation of laws and disciplines knowingly and willfully, distinguish experimental mistakes without clear regulation from mistakes with clear regulation, distinguish unintentional mistakes made for development from mistakes made for personal profits and benefits. As a result, those upright, courageous and determined cadres can be protected.

Keep honest and upright and be capable of outstanding achievements. Keeping up to the central government and strictly abide by the CPC Honesty and Self-discipline Regulations and Disciplinary Sanction Regulations, we will earnestly implement the Eight Rules of Political Bureau of the Central Committee, practice "two responsibilities" and "two duties for one post", strictly control three public consumptions (expenses on official receptions, vehicles and  overseas trips), and continue to fight against four undesirable work styles (formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance). Corruption prevention and sanction system will be further developed. We will reinforce auditing and inspection in key areas including financial funding distribution, major project construction, critical supplies purchase, achieving the goal of auditing supervision to cover all areas. We will always keep a tough stance on anti-corruption, and practice zero tolerance and severe punishment toward corrupt officials and corruptions, working hard to create a clear and positive political environment.

Fellow deputies, blueprints for Xi'an's development in the coming 5 years are all set, and the sound of the horn for catching up and surpassing is on the air. Let us unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary. Under the leadership of the municipal Party Committee and with more strict and steady thoughts and disciplines, we will further push forward the construction of quality Xi'an and strive to build a well-off society in all aspects and construct Xi'an into an international metropolis with cultural and historical characteristics.