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Date with spring in Xi'an
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2022-04-06


This breathtaking panoramic view shows off Taiye Pond in Daming Palace National Heritage Park – in Xi'an city, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province – to its very best on April 4. During the recent Qingming Festival holiday on April 3-5, locals and tourists stepped out to take in the spring scenery and enjoy the leisure time. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]


Canopies of delightful cherry blossoms in full bloom line the streets of Xi'an during the Qingming Festival holiday, adding vibrant color to the spring scenery. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]


A traditional Qin Opera is performed in the Yisu Grand Theater Cultural District in Xi'an. It attracted many admirers on April 5, winning enthusiastic applause. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]


Locals take a spring promenade in the Xingfu Forest Belt in Xi'an on April 4. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]


Two charming ladies wearing hanfu – traditional Chinese dress – take a boat trip on a lake in Xi'an, enjoying the refreshing spring weather. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]