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Xi'an stone tablet rubbings go on display in Taiwan
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2022-06-20

An exhibition of rubbings from famous stone tablets of Xi'an Beilin Museum and outstanding works of calligraphy opened in Taipei of Taiwan on June 18.

The exhibition is co-hosted by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Association, and Chinese Hanwei Culture Promotion Association based in Taiwan, and organized by Xi'an Beilin Museum.

The layout of the exhibition hall has been decorated especially in black, white and red – representing a complete calligraphy work composed of white paper, black ink and red seals.

The first part of the exhibition displays the replicas of 10 famous stone tablet rubbings, which are collected by Xi'an Beilin Museum.

In this way, the evolution of five-body calligraphy featuring seal characters, official scripts, regular scripts, running scripts and cursive scripts and the artistic characteristics of famous calligraphers are introduced.

The second part is divided into five sections to display the works of calligraphers such as Lin Rongsen and Chen Kunyi and to showcase award-winning folk works.

The 101 award-winning works exhibited are replicas of famous stone tablet rubbings collected by Xi'an Beilin Museum, including 50 by people in Taiwan.

The exhibition in Taipei will run to July 3 and then an onward display will be held in Nantou county in central Taiwan from Sept 3 to Oct 30.