Xi'an celebrates Intl Museum Day
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2022-05-18

As a world-famous historical and cultural city, Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, held various activities to celebrate International Museum Day on May 18.

International Museum Day is an annual celebration for history lovers worldwide. Coordinated by the International Council of Museums since 1977, the event has increased communication between museum professionals and the public.


A three-colored flying horse is on display at the Xi'an Museum. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]

There are currently 159 museums of various types in Xi'an, and the city has formed a modern and diverse museum system.

Focusing on history and art, museums in Xi'an have launched more than 10 exhibitions and a number of related online activities for the general public.

The Xi'an Museum officially opened the special exhibition "Silk Road Glazed Light - Ancient Glass Art from the Mediterranean Sea to Chang'an" on May 17.


Precious glass relics are exhibited at Xi'an Museum. [Photo/Xi'an Daily]

In the exhibition hall, 360 groups of precious glass relics from ancient Egypt, West Asia, Central Asia, and East Asia show the vibrant culture along the ancient Silk Road and Chang'an area, as well as the rich history of cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

The exhibition will last until Aug 18.

The Xi'an Museum also held an opening day experiential event on May 17, featuring AR glasses for visitors, immersive interactive experiences, robot tours, and an introduction to social education textbooks.

This year, Xi'an will work to further improve museum-school cooperation, promote the integration of museum resources into the education system, and improve the educational value of museums and memorial halls for primary and secondary school students.


A performance is held featuring tea culture of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). [Photo/Xi'an Daily]