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Clay sculpture reproduces ancient Silk Road
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-11-10

Folk artisan Miao Chunsheng from Chang'an district of Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province and his apprentice Hu Zhenbo recently created a large-scale clay sculpture tableau called the Silk Road over a six-month period.


Miao Chunsheng (R) and his apprentice Hu Zhenbo (L) work on a large-scale clay sculpture work called the Silk Road. [Photo/xiancn.com]

The first section of the work showcases a prosperous scene from the ancient Chang'an city, now known as Xi'an. Under the high city gate, merchants gather and trade in various goods.

The second part is a caravan of camels loaded with silk, tea, porcelain and other goods, which sets off from the city gate on a trek.


Each camel clay figure is lifelike. [Photo/xiancn.com]

The third section of the work shows a team of camels traveling a long distance into the vast desert.

With a length of about 7 meters, the group of clay sculptures is eye-catching and impressive.

To date, the apprentice and his master have carved 120 figures and 46 camels, which have been described as lifelike.

In May this year, they hunted for information and collected earth and mixed clay, before shaping and kneading it to create their work, the Silk Road.

Miao said he has been engaged in clay sculptures for nearly 40 years. He always wanted to depict the magnificence of the ancient Silk Road in his preferred medium, to allow people to intuitively understand the famed route's exotic customs and way of life.