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Key facts on Xi'an environment in 2016
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2019-01-31

Air quality

Days above Grade II*: 192

*According to the criteria of the National Environment Air Quality Standard (GB 3095-2012), the air quality is divided into six grades, in which the air pollution index is arranged in ascending order. 

Proportions of days above Grade II: 52.5%

Annual average dust fall:13.9 tons/(sq m ×30 days), 8.5% lower than previous year

Rainfall ph value:6.72

Acid rain sample: 0

Water quality

The municipality's level of river water pollution rose, with overall pollution index increasing by 9.8% compared to the previous year.

Rivers are listed here in descending sequence according to the severity of water pollution level:

Xinhe River, Linhe Riverhe, Juehe River, Zaohe River, Haohe River, Jinghe River, Shichuan River, Chanhe River, Weihe River, Fenghe River, Linghe River, Bahe River, Laohe River, Wangchuan River, Heihe River.

9 of the cross-sections for river water quality monitoring reached the standard, according to the criteria based on functions of water environment.

99.7% of drinking water source reached standard quality.

Outdoor noise

The environmental noise maintained a stable level in 2016, except a few areas were increasingly affected by construction noise. According to the international criteria, 4 out of 5 functioning areas met the daytime noise standard, while only 1 passed the night-time noise standard.