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Key facts on Xi'an environment in 2018
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2019-08-15

Air quality

Days above Grade II*: 188

*According to the criteria of the National Environment Air Quality Standard (GB 3095-2012), the air quality is divided into six grades, in which the air pollution index is arranged in ascending order.

Proportions of days above Grade II: 51.5 percent

Annual average dust fall: 12.0 metric tons/ (square meters ×30 days), 9.1 percent lower than the previous year

Rainfall ph value: 6.92

Acid rain sample: 0

Water quality

The municipality's river water pollution was reduced, with the overall pollution index dropping by 20.2 percent compared to the previous year.

13 rivers are listed here in descending sequence in terms of the severity of water pollution level:

Zaohe River, Xinhe River, Linhe River, Juehe River, Jinghe River, Haohe River, Shichuan River, Chanhe River, Weihe River, Bahe River, Fenghe River, Heihe River, and Laohe River.

21 of the cross-sections for river water quality monitoring reached the standard, according to the criteria based on functions of water environment.

99.7 percent of drinking water sources reached standard quality.

Outdoor noise

The environmental noise maintained a stable level in 2018, except a few areas were increasingly affected by construction noise. According to international criteria, three out of five functioning areas met the daytime noise standard, while only one passed the night-time noise standard.