Charming Chinese New Year in Xi'an     Updated: 2019-02-01

The opening ceremony and the New Year's festival of "2019 Spring Festival in Xi'an Most Cultural and Traditional" was held in the North Square of Xi'an Big Wild Goose Pagoda on Dec 31, 2018. A live performance named "Back to the Wild Goose Pagoda" created an atmospheric climax.


China Media Group conducted a live broadcast of the opening ceremony and the New Year's festival of "2019 Spring Festival in Xi'an Most Cultural and Traditional."  

"Back to the Wild Goose Pagoda" features the Wild Goose Pagoda, Silk Road, and Xuanzang and other world cultural heritage, figures and stories. The show consists of five parts: "Preface, I am", "Xuanzang, Westbound", "Silk Road, Heritage", and "Back to the Wild Goose Pagoda" and "The end, Tribute." The combination of virtual and real performances takes the audience through time and space and leads them to the dialogue with Xuanzang. Chang'an's prosperity, the hardships on the road and the spiritual sublimation after enlightenment were wonderfully interpreted through a combination of sound, light, electricity and high-tech. At the end of the performance, friends from all over the world gathered together at the foot of the Wild Goose Pagoda to pray in a peaceful and powerful manner.

The directing team of the show is also the team of the Impression & Encore Series with a cast of 350 people. Through the eyes of a Xi'an boy who grows up under the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the show takes people on a tribute to ancestors, embarks on the Silk Road and explores the city and its culture.

At the same time, the New Chinatown, Xi'an City Wall, Qujiang Creative Valley and other places have also held related activities for the New Year. These colorful activities have jointly lifted the curtain of the "2019 Spring Festival in Xi'an Most Cultural and Traditional". More than 200 themed events will introduce visitors from all over the world to the unique charm of the ancient city of Xi'an.

The events and attractions include New Year theme music, a float parade, a food party and other activities held at the music stage of the New Chinatown. The performance at the New Chinatown and the North Square was a delight for tourists. The music theme party, food, and a folklore parade have made the city a fusion of the characteristics of the world.

Entering the block from the southernmost side of the New Chinatown, you will find eight beautiful LED lampposts creating a strong Tang culture atmosphere. The street trees on both sides are shining, and more than 100 fan-shaped lights are neatly arranged. Each of the fan-shaped lights are equipped with six movable computer spotlights. The light beams are directed into the night sky, showing colorful forms. When they are projected on the ground, they turn into beautiful pictures.

In addition to this 300,000-square meter New Chinatown, the folklore theme tour helps people enjoy the authentic Tang dynasty characters and different flavors of food. The purpose of these events is to let tourists from home and abroad feel the most authentic Chinese and Xi'an style in a traditional cultural tourism experience, and make Xi'an the best place to enjoy the Chinese New Year.