Lintong laozao     Updated: 2019-01-31


Lintong laozao, or Lintong fermentedglutinousricewine, is quite famous in Shaanxi province. It is said that people who travel to Huaqingchi, or theHuaqingPool, will feel refreshed and relaxed after just one sip. The drink is made in a traditional way.

There are three recipes for Lintong laozao. If you like it to be sweet, you can add some sugar or saccharin; if you like eating egg, you can put eggs in boiling laozao; if you want it to be more fragrant, you can add some spices made from rose or sweet-scented osmanthus.

Due to its unique processing, material selection and production techniques, the distinct taste and juice of Lintong laozao differ from laozao elsewhere.

The bright white rice in the laozao floats on the boiling water, and the resulting he rice wine is sweet, delicious and fragrant. The juice is nutritious and rich in sugar. The laozao juice is also good for tea set cleaning. A tea set's dirt and rust comes off easily when the juice is applied.