Xi'an City Wall Moat set to open on Oct 1
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-08-04

The comprehensive renovation project of the Xi'an City Wall Moat and Huancheng Park (West Gate – North Gate – East Gate section) is now completed and water injection began on Aug 1.


An aerial view of Xi'an City Wall Moat. [Photo/xa.gov.cn]

On Oct 1 this year, the Xi'an Moat Scenic Area will officially open and the public will be able to visit the attraction free of charge.

With a length of 14.6 kilometers, the moat is an artificial water barrier surrounding Xi'an City Wall. It was once an important part of the ancient city's defense system.


Xi'an City Wall Moat becomes a habitat for water birds. [Photo/xa.gov.cn]

With the passage of time, Xi'an's moat has taken on the role of urban rainwater storage pool and it has played a huge role in urban flood control for the city.

After construction is complete, Xi'an City Wall Moat and Huancheng Park will provide citizens and tourists with leisure and entertainment spaces. The area will also boast three themed displays focused on folk culture, leisure and entertainment and urban green spaces.