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Graduating class bolsters China-France education cooperation
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2022-11-29


University leaders hand a 2022 graduate her diploma at the commencement ceremony. [Photo provided to en.xa.gov.cn]

The commencement ceremony for 2022 graduates of the cooperation program – Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Big Data and Artificial Management) – of Xi'an Jiaotong University and SKEMA Business School (a French university) was held recently, attended by leaders of the two universities, teaching faculty and the program management team.

Professor Patrice Houdayer, global vice president of the business school, sent his congratulations to the 2022 graduates and shared his rules for life – balancing life and work, striving for excellence, being passionate about one's career, being modest, paying attention to details, being a good listener, and learning to enjoy life.

Professor Xi Guang, vice president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, said he considered the cooperation program a shining example of China-France educational exchange, and encouraged graduates to steadfastly serve the country as well as fulfill their own career goals.


Professor Feng Gengzhong speaks at the commencement ceremony. [Photo provided to en.xa.gov.cn]

Professor Feng Gengzhong, president of the university's School of Management, said he hoped that graduates can use what they have learned after graduation, become innovative, adventurous, and tolerant entrepreneurs, and make full use of the existing alumni resources of the two schools.


Séverine Boué delivers a keynote speech at the commencement ceremony. [Photo provided to en.xa.gov.cn]

Séverine Boué, consul for Education at French Consulate in Shanghai, hailed the two schools as top international universities and highlighted their cooperation as a way to develop and extend the China-France education endeavor.