Primary schools     Updated: 2019-01-31

Northwestern Polytechnic University Primary School

Established in 1952, Northwestern Polytechnic University Primary School is a full-time primary school affiliated to and operated directly by Northwestern Polytechnic University. The school offers a complete curriculum with optimized discipline categories, and is especially strong in areas like Chinese and English languages, and computer education. It was identified as a first-class primary school in Xi'an in 1993, and awarded the title "Shaanxi provincial model primary school" soon afterwards. The school offers dancing and artistic appreciation courses to first and second year students, and martial arts and calligraphy classes are open to students of different grades. Extracurricular courses like children's painting, traditional Chinese painting, roller skating, dancing, and handicrafts are also on offer to enrich the students’ lives and ensure their healthy and all-round development.

Xi'an city Houzaimen Primary School

Founded in 1935, the Houzaimen Primary School in Xincheng district, Xi'an is adjacent to the famous 8th Route Army Office Museum, and covers a land area of 10,495 square meters with a building area of more than 6,000 square meters. The school's faculty includes onenational key teacher, one national research-oriented teacher, sevenspecial grade teachers, provincial teaching experts and key teachers, 11city-level teaching experts and key teachers, and ninedistrict-level teaching experts and key teachers. All the teachers at the school have bachelors’ degrees or above.

A well-known provincial model primary school, Houzaimen Primary School has been awarded honorary titles including "Shaanxi provincial model primary school", "provincial green school", "provincial school of traditional sports", and "city-level school characterizing arts education" on different occasions. For a long time, by sticking to the principle of "valuing virtues and enlightening minds, being conscientious in teaching, inheriting and passing-on civilization, and highlighting individual characteristics", the school has nurtured a good culture of patriotism, truth-seeking, honesty and simplicity, with a pioneering and enterprising spirit. In its educational and teaching activities, the school respects students' individuality, and attaches great importance to their all-round development.

Address: No 29, Houzaimen, Xi'an city, Shaanxi province


Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Primary School

A private primary school, Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Primary School was founded in Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone in 1995. It covers an area of 34,800 square meters; the total building area of the project is 50,551 square meters, which includes three teaching buildings, a comprehensive laboratory building, a faculty canteen and dormitory building, an administrative office building, an auditorium, a sports ground, and basement parking. Currently there are 76 classes with 4,049 students and 233 teachers at the school.

Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Primary School wasthe first model school in Shaanxi province, and has been awarded honorary titles like"school with national gold prize for health promotion","national school of standardized language and writing","national experimental school for modern educational technologies", and"national school famous for innovation".

The school attaches great importance to the adoption of modern educational technologies and reform ofclassroom instructions, and to external exchanges. It honors the principle of "promoting scientific research to prosper the school, and schooling with characteristics", focuses on scientific research and the research topics, and has formed a continuous educational innovation mode by adopting modern information technologies, conducting extensive topical research, and preparing ongoing research summaries. Currently a number of national level research topics have been concluded, and the results have been applied to teaching practice.

Address: No 10, Ke Ji 3rd road, Xi'an city, Shaanxi province


Xi'an Jiaotong University Affiliated Primary School

Located east of the scenic and world-famous relics of Xingqing palace of the Tang dynasty, Xi'an Jiaotong University Affiliated Primary School is a modern school with rich cultural background. Its predecessor, theForeign Language School of Nanyang College, founded in 1897 in Shanghai, was moved westward to Xi'an together with the major part of Jiaotong University in 1956, and namedXi'an Jiaotong University Affiliated Primary School in 1959. The campus covers an area of 9,360 square meters, and is equipped with moderneducational and teaching facilities and equipment and a high-level faculty.

Adhering to the principle ofenhancing students' quality, and promoting all-round development, every school yearXi'an Jiaotong University Affiliated Primary School organizes subject-specific festive activities, featuring reading, mathematics, English, arts, and technological innovation. Various student groups have been formed, focusing on robotics, Destination Imagination (DI), swimming, Judo, track and field, chess,aviation, naval and aerospace navigation, astronomy, dancing, chorus, folk music, painting, modeling, English, integrated practice, and information technology. Among them, the DI team has won six first-grade prizes in a row in the Destination Imagination China Final in recent years, and had excellent results representing China inthe Destination Imagination Global Finals in the U.S. The robotics team also won the championship and second runner-up prize in the RoboCup 2012 Junior league.

The school has welcomed delegations from countries/regions like the U.S., Britain, Germany, Japan, Australia, Finland, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong on different occasions, and established sister-school relationships and long-term cooperation with these schools; mutual visits and activities of the students and faculties are organized on a regular basis every year.

Address: No 28, Xianning West road, Beilin district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province


Daxue Nanlu Primary School

Established in 1920 and now home to 43 classes and nearly 100 teachers, the Daxue Nanlu Primary School was one of the earliestfirst-class primary schools in Xi'an, and has been named "provincial model school", "practice base for China youth quality education research", and one of "top 10 primary schools in moral education in Xi'an".

With a united and pioneering, innovative, truth-seeking and pragmatic management team, and research-loving and innovation-oriented faculty who are well-structured with high-level comprehensive competences and a strong sense of reform, the school boasts more than 30 special grade teachers, teaching experts, key teachers, and outstanding youth teachers at provincial, city and district levels. Aiming at "all for the healthy development of students", and determined to have its brand built by reform, the school is characterized by stringent management, good quality, an emphasis on educational research, andthe strong capabilities of its students. It has nurtured outstanding, talented and versatile students in groups, with nearly 1,000 having won prizes in different contests and competitions. With vigorous and vital development, the school is striding forward relentlessly to continuous innovation and development.

Address: No 68, Daxue Nanlu, Beilin district, Xi'an, Shaanxi province


Affiliated Primary School of Shaanxi Normal University

The Affiliated Primary School of Shaanxi Normal University is an experimental primary school affiliated toShaanxi Normal University, one of theuniversities and colleges directly under the Ministry of Education of China. Established in 1958, it is afirst-class primary school of Xi'an city and aShaanxi provincial model primary school. The school is adjacent to the Wild Goose Pagoda, a World Cultural Heritage and historic scenic spot, and has 40 classes with more than 2,000 students and more than 100 faculty members. The school covers a land area of 11,000 square meters and a building area of 11,000 square meters. Among the school teachers, 55, or 37 percent of the total faculty, have a master's degree or above; three are doctors and 52 arepostgraduates. The school has one special grade teacher and 15 senior teachers.

The Primary School Attached to Shaanxi Normal University has won more than 60 honorary titles on different occasions, including "national experimental school for modern educational technologies", "outstanding team in the National Center for Educational Technology - World Links cooperation program", "Shaanxi provincial demonstration primary school for quality education", and "Shaanxi provincial school characterizing arts education", and is widely reputed for its open window policy and its output of talents, experience, and research results.

Address: No 10, Ke Ji 3rd road, Xi'an city, Shaanxi province