International kindergarten     Updated: 2019-01-31

Xi'an Lianhu Noble Talent Training Center

Xi'an Lianhu Noble Talent Training Center is a professional educational R&D and service organization established in China to provide early preschool education for children aged 0-6.

Based on the UK's advanced early education concepts and courses, the Noble Talent Training Center provides professional early education services for children aged 0-3, preschool education for children aged 3-6 and art learning for children over three years old and adults.

The Noble Talent Training Center covers an area of more than 6,000 m2. The various sections such as infant and child's early education, infant and child's water education, an English kindergarten, areas for piano, creative art, and other items of the diverse curriculum enrich the educational experience of infants and young children.

Add: 88#, Labor South road, Lianhu district, Xi'an city


Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten

Established in 1995, Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten is located in the Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone. It is an international kindergarten integrating preschool education, scientific research of preschool education, and teacher training, a pilot kindergarten implementing the Kindergarten Education Guidelines (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Education (the only one in Northwest China), and a model kindergarten in Shaanxi Province.

The kindergarten is committed to implementing an optimized educational program of preschool education. With the aim of achieving a loose and harmonious educational environment, excellent and innovative education, scientific and rigorous management, and of "leaving the best memories to the children", the kindergarten teaches the children love and beauty, lets them enjoy both playing and learning, and promotes the full development of their physical strength, intelligence and personalities. The kindergarten insists on providing high-quality and distinctive preschool education, cultivating excellent teachers, establishing kindergarten-based courses, and building a harmonious kindergarten culture based on sound educational practices. After years of hard work, it has formed a good education atmosphere and built a good education brand.

At present, the kindergarten has four branches, namely, North Campus of Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten, South Campus of Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten, Gaoxin No 4 Kindergarten and International Department of Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten. The four branches implement unified management, synchronization of education and teaching, and mutual exchange of teachers to ensure common development. 

South Campus of Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten

Add:1#, Keji Yi road, Yanta district, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710075

North Campus of Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten

Add: 39#, Gaoxin road, Yanta district, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710075

International Department of Gaoxin No 1 Kindergarten

Add:1#, Keji Yi road, Yanta district, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710075

Gaoxin No 4 Kindergarten 

Add: 125#, Dianzizheng Street, Yanta district, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710065



Xi'an Weiyang Yaxin Kindergarten

Located in Yahe Smart Home, a large-scale community of the North Economic Development Zone, Yaxin Intelligent Kindergarten, with a building area of more than 2,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 500 infants and children. The kindergarten provides day care classes and parent-child classes for children aged 0-3, and recruits infants and young children aged 0-6.

The kindergarten is committed to creating a "vivid educational environment" which uses everything in the world as teaching material.

Curriculum and instruction are the core focuses of the kindergarten. The kindergarten draws on advanced educational concepts from home and abroad, especially the multi-intelligence theory of Professor Gardner of Harvard University, integrates various international curriculum models such as Montessori education, parent-child education, Orff music, sensory integration training, and children's computer teaching, and implements small class bilingual education, and teaching by foreign teachers. The curriculum of the kindergarten promotes independent and creative learning and comprehensive and harmonious child development, and is designed to improve the self-confidence, mutual-care and cooperation of children through a supportive environment, games, thematic inquiry activities, group or individual guidance, collective sharing and communication, and home-kindergarten cooperation.


Xi'an New city Hanyuandian Great Man (International) Kindergarten

Xi'an New city Hanyuandian Great Man (International) Kindergarten is affiliated to Hong Kong Great Man International Education Group. It is an international, intelligent and high-quality national franchisee which has an ecological garden-style educational environment; advanced and intelligent facilities and equipment. It operates under an international first-class education concept and with professional and quality faculty, as well as a small-class teaching mode. The kindergarten has a construction area of nearly 4,500 square meters.

The kindergarten has a multimedia classroom, Orff music and a sensory integration room, a reading room, art room, woodworking workshop, life experience hall, and science palace. It lets children learn while having fun through an integrated teaching area, living area, and rest area. The supporting facilities include a special children's sand pool, a paddling pool, large toys, a roller skating area and a golf course, football field, basketball court, special suspension runway, outdoor plantation, and DIY creative room.

Based on the most advanced educational concepts and special courses such as Orff music, the kindergarten integrates traditional Chinese etiquette, an internationalized kindergarten model, multi-intelligences, immersive English, art education and children's international etiquette; all targeted at cultivation of children's good behavioral habits, noble sentiments and sound personalities.