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50 new schools unveiled in Xi'an high-tech zone
en.xa.gov.cn     Updated: 2020-08-12

With the acceleration of the regional development process, the educational resources in Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ) are becoming more abundant.

Fifty newly-built schools in XHTZ were launched on Aug 10 and will welcome their first students this autumn. The education facilities boast a total of 70,260 study positions and cover an area of 1.94 million square meters.


The launch ceremony for 50 newly-built schools in XHTZ takes place on Aug 10. [Photo/sxdaily.com.cn]

Among the new schools are 15 kindergartens, 21 elementary schools, nine junior middle schools, one senior middle school, nine nine-year-system schools and two combined junior and senior high schools. The schools will collectively host 15 tennis courts, 32 swimming pools, 12,005 parking spaces and 983 charging piles.

Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Experimental Middle School is one of the 50 newly-built schools and is located in the central innovation zone of XHTZ, with ZTE Xi'an Park to the south and Xidian University to the north. The middle school covers a total area of 180 mu (12 hectares) and has a building area of more than 200,000 sq m.


An aerial view of Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 Experimental Middle School. [Photo/sxdaily.com.cn]

The school is equipped with a 2,800 sq m library and 13 maker classrooms, as well as physics and chemistry laboratories, computer classrooms and dance studios.

In July 2019, XHTZ started the construction of the 50 schools in response to the city's three-year action plan to improve basic education in Xi'an.

In 2020, XHTZ will incorporate the new schools into the elite school management system. The development zone plans to build four elite school groups by the end of the year to enhance the role of elite schools and expand the coverage of high-quality education resources.