Shaanxi medicines and cosmetics meet standards at high rates     Updated: 2019-03-20

The rate of medicines passing qualification standards in Shaanxi province reached 98.17% last year.

The quality rate of medicine sampling in Shaanxi province reached 98.17% in 2018, that of medical devices reached 98.56%, and that of cosmetics reached 99.25%, according to an announcement made at a seminar about market supervision. The safety of medicines in Shaanxi province was stable and there were no systematic or regional medicine safety incidents in 2018.

A system of authorizing quality levels for enterprises was promulgated in Shaanxi province in 2018. The credit rate of pharmaceutical equipment from 1,043 enterprises was assessed. Fifteen administrative licenses for items were cancelled after preliminary examination by the municipal bureau. 

Standards for medicinal materials and Chinese herbal medicines were formulated, and a platform for innovation of pharmaceutical medical equipment was established. The output value of pharmaceutical enterprises in Shaanxi province exceeded 68.9 billion yuan (10.27USD) last year.