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Documents required from the person placing the child for adoption
chinadaily.com.cn     Updated: 2023-03-09

Required documents:

1. His or her residence booklet and identity card;

2. A certificate certifying that the adoptee is an abandoned baby or an orphan, and that the living parents have special difficulties in raising them;

3. Residence certificate or identity card of the adoptee;

4. A growth report of the adoptee;

5. Physical health examination certificate of the adoptee;

6. Two bareheaded photos (two inches) of the adoptee;

7. Written comments of the dependent persons on the consent to placing the child for adoption;

8. A statement of the child who is older than 10 years old (including 10 years old) that he/she will be adopted.

Foreign adoptive families should fill the Registration Application Letter of Foreigners Coming to China for Adoption, and submit the adoption agreement signed between the adopters and the person placing the child for adoption, and provide the following materials:

1. For the adopters:

1) Notice of Travelling to China for Adoption issued by China Centre for Children's Welfare and Adoption(CCCWA);

2) ID card and photos of the adopter;

2. For the person placing the child for adoption:

1) Letter from the civil affairs department of the provincial (autonomous region's and municipal) government;

2) The residence booklet and identity card of the person placing the child for adoption, and photos of the adoptee.