Yanliang District


With a total area of 244 square kilometers, Yanliang District has under its jurisdiction 2 townships, and 5 street offices. The total population of the district is 280,000, of which 100,000 are urban residents.

The district is with long historical and cultural deposits as well as peculiar industrial features. It is the site of the historically famous ancient Yueyang City, where the legend has it that the Chinese ancestor Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan cast the Ding to stable the world on Mount Jingshan, and in history Emperor Xiaogong of the Qin Dynasty appointed Shangyang to carry out reform. 

This is the unique aerotropolis of China, and it is the aviation industrial base which is the biggest in Asia and the only one that integrates aircraft design, R&D, manufacturing, trial flight and appraisal, scientific research and education. Within the area there are such large-scale aviation enterprises and institutions as Xi’an Aviation Corporation, the First Aircraft Design and Research Institute of Air China, and China Flight Test Establishment, etc. More than 30 kinds of military or civil aircrafts including JH-7, MA 60 and ARJ21 take to the skies from here, the large aircraft project is launched here for R&D and for manufacture, and national aviation hi-tech industrial base is constructed here for further development.  

The District is with beautiful urban and rural environment as well as competitive investment conditions. It is the intersection of Xi’an-Hancheng, Xianyang-Tongchuan and Xi’an-Yan’an railways, Beijing-Kunshan expressway runs through the region from the north to the south, and Guanzhong Ring Road and some other highways lead to all directions, Xi'an-Yanliang B Road is under construction, the projects of Guanzhong Intercity Railway and the nonstop expressway from Yanliang to the airport are to be launched, such major projects as the cogeneration of heat power and cool(CCHP), the double gas line, Lijiahe Reservoir water supply and Ren Ren Le logistics center are being actively pushed forward. The green coverage ratio of the urban area has reached 68%%, greening ratio is 54%, and per capita greening has reached 10 square meters, and the district is named as national sanity city, provincial-level garden city and provincial-level civilized urban area.    

The district is stable and harmonious, and the inhabitants live in peace and contentment. The district has realized rural area standard class A sanitation room full coverage, rural compulsory education period “egg and milk project” full coverage, village road hardening full coverage, new-type social old-age insurance full coverage, and carried out the integrated management of urban and rural medical and health affairs, social security satisfaction rate has been in the first ranks for many consecutive years.    

The district has an important strategic position and is with a promising future. With the implementation of Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan and the full-scale construction of Xi’an International Metropolis, Yanliang is determined as the sub-center city of the international metropolis. In the next few years, Yanliang will take as its goal to construct the aerotropolis of China, the large aircraft project as the leading enterprise, make efforts to build the district into a middle-sized city of half a million population and with an area of 60 square kilometers, and into the sub-center of Xi’an international metropolis and a shinning pearl in the urban cluster of Central Shaanxi.