Yanta District


Located in the south part of Xi’an, the district was named after the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta in Chinese), which is the world famous historical and cultural relic building. Covering an area of 152 square meters, with a population of 1.18 million, the district has 8 street offices under its jurisdiction, and is one of the important major urban districts of Xi’an.  

Yanta District boasts rich historical deposits and abundant cultural resources. As the core area of the capitals of 13 dynasties, and with its many scenery spots as well as splendid ancient and modern culture, it has become the best representative area of the cultural and tourism famous city, attracting tens of millions tourists every year to the district. Yanta is a famous strong district in science and education in China with 34 institutes of higher learning, 55 research institutes at provincial level or above and 140,000 talents in different fields, which has provided forceful intellectual and HR support for the development of the region. 

Yanta is with advantageous environment for development as well as complete urban functions. Within the area there is an efficient yet convenient urban transportation network. The second and third ring roads as well as the city bypass expressway run across the district, and with nearly one hundred urban roads and 5 subway lines, an efficient and convenient three-dimensional transport network takes form which leads both horizontally and vertically to other parts of the city. The district is with pleasant environment, and with it 46% urban greening coverage, the urban landscape and the ecosystem are full of unique charms.  

Yanta enjoys evident regional advantages and is full of major resources. It is the provincial and municipal political and cultural centers with the provincial leadership institutions and major media located in the district. And with the southward expansion of the urban area, the northward movement of Chang’an District as well as the accelerated construction of 4 national level development zones at the east and west wings, a development pattern has taken form which is supported in the south and the north and driven by the development of the east and the west directions, and the area has therefore become a favored region in terms of technology, talents, capital and information, which attract the gathering of all major resources.  

Based on its profound industrial foundation, Yanta District is developing vigorously. Good investment environment has attracted a host of industries to settle down, and the number of all kinds of enterprises totals over 10,000. Xiaozai Crossing is the busiest crossroad in Northwest China, and with this crossing as the center, a new-type business cluster has taken form with 3 horizontal streets and 3 vertical ones crossing one another. 24 Fortune 500 companies including Metro, Parkson, Gold Eagle and Cade Square, and 15 top 500 Chinese companies and 34 enterprise headquarters have settled down in the district, bringing about a great number of competitive industries ranging from business and commerce culture, modern service and high-end manufacturing, which has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the district. In recent years, the district has maintained a continuous, rapid and healthy development. GDP growth of the district in 2013 reached RMB 93.875 billion, accounting for 19.2% of that of Xi’an; total retail sails of consumer goods was RMB 48.764 billion, accounting for 19.1% of the city total; social fixed asset investment reached RMB 102.924 billion, accounting for 20.1% of the total volume, urban and rural resident income reached RMB 35,341 and 16,724 yuan respectively. 7 out 9 economic indexes ranked No. 1 in all districts of the province, and occupied the first place of the top 5 districts in the province in a consecutive 7 years.