Baqiao District


As one of the main urban districts of Xi’an City, Baqiao is 10 kilometers away from the Bell Tower of Xi’an in straight line, and its name originated from an ancient bridge first built in the Sui Dynasty over the Bahe River. With a total area of 332 square kilometers and a population of over 600,000, the district has under its jurisdiction 9 street offices, 39 communities and 221 administrative villages.

Culture and History: more than 6,000 years ago, along the Chanhe and the Bahe Rivers Chinese ancestors had their habitat beside the water, lived and multiplied here. Over thousands of years, from time to time, on both banks of the Bahe River beacon-fires were lit, and both the river and the willow trees won their fame far and near. Within the district there are Remains of Banpo Village, Remains of Laoniupo, the No. 1 Bridge of the Sui and Tang Dynasties and some other national-level key cultural relics, one of the ancient sceneries of Chang’an city “Bahe Willows in Wind and Snow”, and more than 300 cultural relic remains of different levels and kinds including Baling Mausoleum of Emperor Wendi of Han Dynasty, which was entitled as “the Oriental Pyramid”, as well as Nanling Mausoleum of Empress Dowager Bo.    

Ecological Environment: within the district the terrain is varied, and the mountain, the plain, the river basin and the gulley all have their own features, including the world famous Bailuyuan (White Deer Plain) and Hongqingshan Mountain, and forest coverage in the district has reached 43%. “Of the eight rivers running across Chang’an, three are in Baqiao region”, the rivers of Chanhe, Bahe and Weihe run across the whole district with a total drainage area of over 170 square kilometers. The district is ecologically beautiful, and with the completion of the Baqiao Ecological Wetland Park, a new national AAA level scenery spot took shape with over 10,000 mu of flowing waters and a 10 li (5 km) recreational and ecological green corridor.  

Major Industries: in recent years, by persistently adhering to the strategy of booming the industries of the district, we have paid great efforts to cultivate the three major industries of modern service industry, new-type industry, and modern urban agriculture. So far a large number of famous enterprises such as Yanchang Oil have invested in Baqiao District, there are 130 industrial enterprises above designated size, an industrial cluster gradually take shape which is featured by equipment manufacturing, textile and costume industries. We have fully launched the construction of Buzicun business circle and the new urban business circle, BMW 4s shop, Daminggong (Baqiao) Shopping Square and some other business and trade projects have been completed for operation, large-scale business and trade complexes including Banpo International and Kyoto International, etc. are under accelerated construction, the construction of the large-scale business flagship of New Silk Road Eurasia International Business and Trade Center is launched, 7 large-scale logistics projects such as Northwestern Metal Logistics Park and Zhongyuan Auto Parts City have been attracted to the district, a total of 6 million square meters of commercial housing have been built, a batch of buildings including Gaoke Green Water East City, East City Xinyijia, and Chanba New City have been completed for moving-in, 5 10,000 demonstration bases for cherries, grapes and green-house vegetables, etc. have been finished, and Baqiao cherry and grape have been approved as national geographical indication agro-products.

Development Status: in the fourth round of editing and revising the urban planning of Xi’an, the urban construction area of Baqiao District has been enlarged to 139 square kilometers as compared to the original 32 square kilometers. With the rapid progress of the construction of the 3 bureau-level development zones of Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park, Chanba Ecological Zone and Xi’an Bahe New Area, Baqiao District is now playing a major role in the economic development of Xi’an.