International Students Enjoy Winter Solstice with Local Community Making Dumplings

Yesterday afternoon, the Defuxiang Community received a group of special guests - international students of Shaanxi Normal University and domestic students of Northwest University, who stayed with the residents of the neighborhood for “making Chinese dumplings and enjoying Christmas with customs” and tasting the joy of the eastern and western cultures.

As the Chinese saying goes, “If one doesn’t eat Chinese dumplings on Winter Solstice, he will not be cared even with his ears frozen off.” So in China, whether it is in the north or in the south, to eat a bowl of hot dumplings on Winter Solstice has become a tradition, and how to make dumplings is not something that Chinese people must know. Led by officers of the community, 5 international students from Russia, Ukraine, South Korea respectively were divided into four groups and learned how to make dumplings along with their Chinese counterparts, and the scene was very busy and hustling. At the beginning, foreign students were a little clumsy with the shapes of the dumplings varied and not good looking, but after the careful instructions of the Chinese students, they became skillful, even inventing their own way of making dumplings with fast speed. In a matter of 20 minutes, 5 plates were filled with Chinese dumplings of various sizes and shapes. ”This is the first time I make Chinese dumplings, so my feeling is very special, and it is very interesting to do this with Chinese fellow students and aunts of the community,” said Nana smiling, a student from Russia, “It is true we are not good at doing dumplings, but we can all feel the hospitality of local people, and they show concern about our life and work as well as the cultures of our countries, so I hope we can have more opportunities for exchanges like that in future.”

Zhang Yi, Director of Defuxiang Community said that with the process of building Xi’an into an international metropolis, it is a new goal for neighborhoods to build internationalized neighborhoods; that this event has provided a good platform for Chinese people and foreign friends to conduct exchanges so that they can have deeper understanding of each other.


[Source:Xi’an Daily]