Xi’an Won Award of Overseas Urban Image Promotion

In the morning of December 13, 2018, the 7th Communications Forum initiated by PR Newswire opened in Shanghai. Xi’an won the Award of Overseas Urban Image Promotion due to its outstanding achievements gained in promoting urban image across the globe.

Themed on “earned media·earned influence”, experts from renowned media, PR communication and enterprise PR gathered to discuss how urban and enterprise PR communication practitioners, responding to the existing media landscape and technological iterations, gain more chances to articulate and earn influence in coping with changes.

Corporate communication awards were released in the event. The awards, with the comprehensive analysis to positive coverage by media worldwide and data acquired from CISION, set up 10 items including convergence media communication, branding achievement during 4 decades after opening-up & reform, the “Belt and Road” communication, branding communication, originality and innovative communication. Xi’an, together with Chongqing and Sanya, won Award of Overseas Urban Image Promotion.

The panel of judges agrees unanimously that Xi’an has yielded shinning fruits in promoting its image to the world. As one of the four ancient capitals in China, Xi’an has also been listed by American media as one of the top 10 ancient capitals in the world. As a core city in the “Belt and Road”, Xi’an is flowering new vitalities. In 2018, Xi’an has launched a number of international events, Bigger Xi’an Famers’ Festival, Sino-French Cultural Forum, City Wall International Marathon, Silk Road International Film Festival, Global Programmers’ Festival, The West China Cultural Industries Expo, Western Logistics Expo, Xi’an International Marathon and World Xi’an International Entrepreneurs Convention, to name just a few. The city demonstrates its flourishing vitalities and charming glamour to the whole world. As it is deepening impression on technological development, dense commercial atmospheres, favorable environment and cultural confidence to people, its image as an international metropolis is also being secured.


[Source:Xi’an Daily]