“Digital Silk Road” Promotes Cultural Communication

My Little Friends, a creative stage play, is on the show in Xi’an of Shaanxi in recent days. It is known that the play will be performed in the UK next year and will be acted in 2019 Edinburgh International Festival. Presented by Qinhan New City (QNC) of Xixian New Area in Shaanxi, the play is the joint effort of artists from China, the UK and Italy, among other countries. Introducing a Chinese story in an artistic narrative, it aims to promote cultural communication for the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

QNC fully utilizes its rich historical and cultural resources in contributing to China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Pilot Zone, building a number of service platforms for the “Belt and Road” to make its cultural relics “alive”, history “re-appear” and industries stronger.

In QNC Hanyangling Museum, a glass display in front of gallery relics projects vivid images. “With 3D animation and AI technologies, we re-appear the history and culture of our heritages, and in this way, we shape the museum a digital one.” said Duan Pengfei, Managing Director of New Silk Road Digital Cultural Technologies Co., Ltd. in QNC.

In establishing digital platforms for historical relics, QNC strives to secure a long term mechanism for promoting cultural communications among countries and regions alongside the “Belt and Road”.

JoveTrans, a device developed by GTCOM, has become a hotcake for various international conferences and exhibitions held in Shaanxi. The smaller-than-cellphone device supports simultaneous interpretation in 35 languages, serving various international events including Euro-Asia Economic Forum and the Silk Road International Exposition. The “Belt and Road” language service and big data platform, initiated by GTCOM and co-built by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, the Administrative Committee of QNC and Xi’an International Studies University, has been promoted across China as a state-level pilot program for service trade. What is more, the platform is also quickening pace for big data construction in business, technology, industry and tourism between countries and regions alongside the “Belt and Road”.

To date, a global multi-language call center accommodating more than 2,000 seats is under construction in QNC. A simple call will get on-line language service after becoming operational.

(From People’s Daily by Zhao Danhua on December 16, 2018)

[Source:Xi’an Evening]