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What does coffee mean to you? Is it a necessity to start your vibrant day? Or the prelude of the leisurely afternoon tea break? Or gathering energy for work overtime at night?

When strength comes into passion, when quality comes into life. When Xi'an, the ancient capital of the 13 dynasties, encounters coffee culture, what kind of sparks will be generated? On the evening of November 30, the Coffee Indulgence Xi'an - 2018 Xi'an First Coffee Festival directed by the Administrative Committee of Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone and hosted by Yanchang and Shell Petroleum was officially kicked off at Jiahuifang of Xi'an Hi-tech Zone.

Both vocal music and coffee fragrance spread with passion. The 3-day Coffee Festival concluded yesterday. Despite of only three days, it has enabled coffee lovers of the city and enterprising partners to set foot on a great journey of coffee culture, experience different coffee tastes and cultures, and perceive highlights of coffee indulgence Xi'an.

Taking coffee as a medium to spread the coffee culture

"On a beautiful weekend, walking around the Coffee Festival, tasting a cup of sweet coffee, and taking a few delicate dessert, and thus spending a lazy and comfortable day." This is a status that Ms. Zhou posted in her friend circle two days ago. To her surprise, a simple message triggered a heated discussion in the message area. "There are unexpectedly so many friends who love coffee and pay attention to the Coffee Festival as much as me!”

These days, around the corner of Jiahuifang of the High-tech Zone, coffee flavor can be smelt everywhere. Xi'an's first Coffee Festival is staged here in a romantic way, which attracts coffee lovers from all over the city to experience.

This Coffee Festival gathers fine coffee exhibitors, invites world-class coffee brands, Xi'an local coffee brands, crossover brand coffees, and cyber celebrity coffee and tea brands, and launches coffee knowledge classes, coffee tasting, production, sales, performance, etc., so that people wander in the thick coffee atmosphere, and immerse themselves in the unique charm of coffee.

In addition to understanding the coffee culture, and tasting all kinds of coffee, a variety of interactive activities with coffee as the theme have been staged one after another, such as elegant coffee ware trade fair, the coffee world barista garland show, scent smelling and taste guessing, coffee painting, and coffee knowledge salon, etc., presenting a wonderful event of coffee culture for the general public, especially coffee lovers.

This Coffee Festival also tries to combine coffee culture with wine culture and tea culture for the first time. There are wine display and tasting area, tea culture experience area and parent-child interaction area, as well as Ferrari and Lego areas. Coffee, wine, teahouse, passion model "coffee", book "coffee"...The Coffee Festival sets up a platform for cultural and artistic exchanges, so that the coffee culture and traditional culture can be organically integrated and radiate new vitality.

On the activity site, people can enjoy jazz, piano, and African drum, with music passion rendering and forming a thick festive atmosphere. All 28 coffee brands and 23 other commercial brands in Jiahuifang Block have launched a series of promotional and experiencing activities. Listening to the piano melodious music, holding a cup of fragrant coffee, people have their thoughts flying, relaxed and happy.

"I didn't expect such good coffee here," said Ms. Xu, a coffee lover. She has also attended the coffee festival in other places and heard that Xi'an also has such activities. Half a month ago, she and her friends have been paying close attention to the updates.

Although many of the merchants who participated in the activity were not the first time to participate in the activities of the coffee festival, the popularity this time exceeded their imagination. A cafe owner said, "we are busy from morning till night, but we take part in this activity to change the public's perception of coffee and make more and more people like coffee culture. ”

Linked by coffee-drink out entrepreneurial inspiration and opportunities

Although the Coffee Festival lasts for only three days, but at Jiahuifang, there is a strong smell of coffee that cannot be dispersed. Coffee lovers and innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world communicate happily through this unique beverage despite their language barrier.

Located at the corner of the block, SPR cafe has been 11 years old. "At first, I started this coffee shop because my wife and I both love coffee, so we thought we could have a place to drink coffee. We have been in it for 11 years." said the boss Lin Cheng.

As the earliest coffee shop in this area, SPR also witnessed the changes before and after the construction of coffee block. In Lin's opinion, Xi'an has always given people the impression of being profound, traditional and primitive, while the young, energetic and entrepreneurial coffee block can be said to add a bright color to the business card of Xi'an, which has become a new name card of Xi'an. After the block being open to the public, the flow of people here is much larger, and the store business is getting better and better.

"I think coffee can provide people with a more open, independent and faster communication environment and atmosphere, and this is the difference between coffee and other media. And this kind of characteristic of coffee matches entrepreneur spirit a lot." In the cafe, Lin also met a few like-minded friends, who are now working together in business.

"The Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee, and the Entrepreneurial Coffee Block are very attentive, and have constantly organized some brand communication activities, so that we can interact with many well-known brands of coffee, and some good independent coffee shops. As such, the coffee culture has been promoted in this region and the whole Xi'an, and the comprehensive quality of the coffee industry has also been improved." "We are also actively adapting to the needs of the Xi'an market," said Jia Xinli, a dealer representative of LAVAZZA Shaanxi. "We often organize some coffee culture training, coffee culture input, and communicate coffee culture and coffee knowledge to more people."

In Jia's view, Xi'an has been developing rapidly over the past two years, and is building a national central city, which requires the participation of many young people, and needs a lot of young people's innovative ideas to contribute to the city's construction. While, young people like taking coffee as a way of communication, and in a sense, coffee is a medium to trigger entrepreneurial and innovative idea sparks. Many friends who drink coffee in our shop talk about starting a business and doing things. We also hope to make our own contribution to the cause of entrepreneurship and innovation in Xi'an through our efforts.

Koen Sizoo, consul general of the consulate general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing, said that entrepreneurship is an eternal topic for young people all over the world, and coffee is a wonderful gift from god to entrepreneurs. In such a great city like Xi'an, it is a wonderful encounter to witness the mutual appreciation between Chinese young people and the world coffee culture. I am also expecting more entrepreneurs in Xi'an telling their extraordinary stories in the company of coffee.

Upgrading city taste in coffee--Coffee culture is becoming the fashion card of xi 'an

On September 29 this year, the grand show of Jiahuifang attracted a large number of institutions and mainstream partners in the coffee industry to settle in successively. At this Coffee Festival, Jiahuifang ushered in a new round of settlement. The presence of these brands such as delibyShell and Wu Xiaobo Theme Bookstore, etc. enables us to see the better extension and release of coffee culture in Xi'an.

"delibyShell is Shell's own convenience storebrand. delibyShell got listed in the UK and the Netherlands in 2011, and has been promoted quickly to all markets around the world. China's first delibyShell is located in Zhangba North Road Shell Gas Station of Xi'an Hi-tech Zone." Xiao Gang, general manager of Yanchang Shell Petroleum Co., Ltd., said, "we hope to present Shell delibyShell's latest concept to consumers and the market. At the Yanchang Shell Gas Station, you may 'pump' your car and 'pump' people at the same time. You can taste the fragrant coffee and make the boring journey pleasant. This is what we Shell advocate: 'enjoy the journey'! ”

"In Xi'an, the wind that blows is culture, the earth that steps on is history. The addition of coffee, a new element, will make Xi'an more attractive." Xu Mingzhen, director of Wu Xiaobo Channel Xi'an City Circle, believes that coffee matches Xi'an city's temperament very match, and the book and coffee is a perfect match! Wu Xiaobo Theme Bookstore will focus on Wu Xiaobo's financial and economic content, integrate coffee elements, and provide more and better content output.

Coffee is a drink, but more a culture. It combines Chinese and western culture, and depicts the different attitudes of modern metropolis with different flavors, feelings and stories. Coffee is also synonymous with modernity and entrepreneurship. When the communication and cooperation among entrepreneurs are established horizontally in coffee, the coffee culture drives the atmosphere of double creation in the whole region with the posture of three-dimensional radiation.

As Wang Yongkang, member of the standing committee of the provincial Party committee and Xi'an municipal Party secretary said, "coffee shop is not only a lifestyle and cultural atmosphere, but more an open, diversified and shared entrepreneurial and innovative platform for colliding wisdom, connecting talents, technology and capital resources, and seeking cooperation.” In this June, Xi'an Three-year Action Plan on Coffee Shop Construction was staged, putting forward to spend three years in building a number of coffee shops with prominent brand effect, profound cultural heritage, distinct fashion style, friendly facilities and environment, broad radiation range, standardized and orderly management, and obvious consumption promotion, with a view to forming a new layout of coffee shop construction featuring distinctive characteristics, rich business forms and diversified types. This Coffee Festival is exactly a response to this action plan.

"The first Xi'an Coffee Festival is to take coffee as the bond and bridge, and adopt the mode of 'coffee + entrepreneurship' to vigorously promote innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to help Xi'an create a fashionable new business card for innovation and entrepreneurship of an international metropolis." said Zhong Hongjiang, member of the standing committee of Xi'an Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Party work committee of the Hi-tech Zone, and secretary of the Party work committee of the Civil Aerospace Industrial Base.

At present, Xi'an is vigorously implementing "entrepreneurship +" and striding forward towards becoming a city that young people at home and abroad yearn for and dream of innovation and entrepreneurship. This Coffee Festival not only takes coffee as an opportunity, but also adopts the mode of "coffee + entrepreneurship" to help the Hi-tech Zone build an innovative and fashionable city. It enriches the cultural connotation of more open and inclusive international metropolis, and makes "coffee culture" and "coffee + entrepreneurship" burst out with greater vitality in Xi'an.


[Source:Xi’an Evening News]