Great Xi’an Creates New Dimension for Infrastructure Construction


A Xi’an-Chengdu high-speed train departing from Xi’an North Railway Station is running on the super-large interchange bridge in mountain highway located in Huyi District, Xi’an


Xingqing Palace Park stays harmonious with the ambient environment


Old and outdated residential quarters look tidy and clean after rehabilitation


A section of walled green space within the Xi’an City Wall looks unusual


Night scene of the Qujiang Avenue fly-over


The Bell Tower in the sun


The breakthrough of Furong West Road improves the urban traffic condition


Daming Palace National Heritage Park

Xi’an is a city with 3,100 years history of urban development and 1,100 years of serving as a capital city, and now this historical and cultural city is carrying out urban construction, presenting a more brilliant scene.

Xi’an may bring you back to the days of Chang’an, the ancient capital city of a number of dynasties and the golden time in the Chinese history, where you can appreciate the beauty of the poems of Tang and Song Dynasties, the elegance and richness of bricks and tiles of Qin and Han Dynasties. But nowadays, when you come to Xi’an, what meet your eyes are not only the ancient heritages left by ancestors such as the Greater Wild Goose Pagoda, the Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda, the Drum Tower, the Bell Tower, heritage of the Great Wall of Han Dynasty, heritage of the Daming Palace, heritage of Qujiang, but also a large number of modern buildings, buildings with special designs, convenient road and transport network. Such a city combining history and modernity with favorable condition for business and life has got more and more people in close contact with Xi’an, the “most Chinese” city in China, and made them aware the reluctance to say goodbye and the expectation for more visits.

So far Xi’an has become the biggest hub city of high-speed railway in northwestern China, and will reach the three economic zones in coastal areas within 6 hours and the major cities and towns within 600km of the central and western China region in 3 hours’ time. The city is also the hub of national artery highway network, one of the 8 hubs of national aviation network, an important node city along the Silk Road Economic Belt, all of which will be the driver for the faster and better growth of Xi’an.

The implementation of a large number of people’s livelihood projects and major infrastructure projects such as connecting dead end roads, opening expressways, building sponge city and comprehensive pipeline corridor, increasing car parking space, rehabilitating old and outdated residential quarters, construction of beautiful rural villages, has paved the way for the takeoff the ancient city in the new century and made the city more fashionable, open, inclusive and energetic.

Xi’an authorities have determined to complete the project of connecting 120 dead end roads by the end of 2020, with detailed plan and progress charts published. 27 dead end roads were connected last year, and so have 16 ones up to now this year, with 13 new roads being constructed. The project of fast speed road is in progress. On November 20, the project of Xiyan Road was completed and opened for traffic, greatly increasing the traffic capacity between the south 2nd and 3rd ring roads, effectively alleviating the traffic pressure on the ambient roads and facilitating the travel of local people.

15 projects at Kunming Road, Keji Road and more of comprehensive pipeline corridor have been substantially completed, with accumulated investment value of 6.8 billion yuan completed; 58 projects of sponge city were in construction, with 22 completed, achieving an investment value of 1.149 billion yuan. 17,961 public parking berths have been in construction, 2.439 million square meters of rehabilitating of old and outdated residential quarters is going on; 61 projects of underground space demonstration have been determined, with 35 ones in construction and 10 ones completed; the work of dismantling walls for green space has been carried out, with 117.6km completed,

With increasingly improved city appearance and living environment, more and more people of vision will choose Xi’an as the place for life and work, which will not only bring more projects, more capitals, more technology, but also more human resources, advanced vision, and expertise, all of which will help the Great Xi’an to achieve fast growth in the high quality development.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]