Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Debut in Xi’an Opening the 17th Xi’an International Music Festival


On the evening of November 20, with the imposing and elegant performance of symphony by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at the Xi’an Music Hall, the 17th Xi’an International Music Festival, which was sponsored by the People’s Government of Xi’an Municipality, co-organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, Xi’an Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication (Copyright), and Qujiang New District Administration Committee., and executed by the Shaanxi Center for the Performing Arts and the Xi’an Concert Hall, was opened. In the next two months, a great number of music bands from 16 countries will start the annual music carnival for the public and music fans of Xi’an.

High level music performance will be delivered each week


Themed on “Arts change the urban future”, the music festival will provide nearly 30 shows of performance, with more than 500 artistes from 16 countries around the world to be involved. After the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, other big names of music community such as “Genius” pianist Ivo Pogorelic, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra will also be present. Apart from music shows, the Shaanxi Center for the Performing Arts and the Xi’an Concert Hall will hold classes of masters and offline promotion activities by which masters share and appreciate music works, to get refined arts closer to ordinary people.

From November to January next year, 1-2 high level music performances will be staged each week at the Xi’an Music Hall, which will enrich the cultural life of the local people during the new year period. In terms of either cast or quantity of international masters, the 17th festival will be the No. 1 of all the Xi’an International Music Festival, which is up to the level of the first-tier cities in China. The event is not only the party for fans, but also an enlightenment for the general public. Famous singers and choirs such as Risa Ono, a well-known Bossa Nova singer and the Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Choir will be present in Xi’an one after another, making the city full of musical elements such as symphony, solo, chamber music, Chinese folk music, jazz, etc.


Since the first edition held in 2002, the Xi’an International Music Festival has held 373 sessions of performance, which include 6,400 artistes from over 40 countries and 380,000 viewers and listeners, making itself the most influential brand of arts festival in Shaanxi Province and even the central and western region of China.

A live audience of 1,300 people in close contact with “Super-band of Symphony”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of birth of the famous American composer Leonard Bernstein and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra specially performed Symphony No. 1 Jeremiah of this great master as the prelude, and the second half of the show saw the performance of the 4 chapters of the Symphony No. 5 composed by the former USSR composer Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich. Under the baton of great conductor Gustavo Dudamel, 90 musicians fully displayed the spirit of the imposing and characteristic music work that features the Beethoven spirit to the live audience of 1,300 people. This was the premier of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in Shaanxi Province.


Established in 1882, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is a heavyweight in the world of classical music and a bright star in the hall of fame of Western symphony, also known as “Super-band of Symphony”, “No. 1 orchestra in the world”. In October 1979, it made its first visit to China led by Herbert von Karajan, the then music supervisor and chief conductor, and held music shows for three days in a row in Beijing, creating a historical moment. After that, the orchestra visited other parts of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, making each visit a hot topic at that time. For over 40 years, the Xi’an people have the opportunity to listen to the giants of classical music right at the doorstep of their homes, making its debut at the 17th Xi’an International Music Festival extraordinary.

[Source:People’s Daily]