Cultures Remain True Color of Xi’an for Over 1,000 Years


Wonderful performance at the Silk Road International Film Festival


Sino-French Cultural Forum attracts celebrities


Low-priced cultural shows bring culture to grass-root level


Performance at the West China Cultural Industries Expo

Local featured cultural brands produce a number of high quality artistic works


Still of TV drama Nothing Gold Can Stay


Dancing at the Silk Road International Arts Festival


Dance drama Ode to Great Tang Dynasty


Drum performance of Chang’an


Guest Welcoming Ceremony at South City Gate


Still of drama The Anesthetist


Visitors view exhibits at Shaanxi History Museum


Reading becomes a fashion in the ancient city


Award-giving scene for anime competition


A foreign designer shares his view with the public of Xi’an

Great and excellent cultures of Qin, Han and Tang dynasties of China, the golden time in Chinese history, are the historical heritage preserved in Xi’an, which also served as the starting point of the famous Silk Road. Led and promoted by the city authorities, Xi’an, as a world renowned city for its cultural features, has become a city of culture, a city of innovation and an outstanding “Silk Road Culture Highland”.

In recent years, amid the brilliant lights at nights, there have been music notes and book fragrance in the city. Music spreads the power of innovation at all the music blocks around the city, and in the round-the-clock bookstores, reading once again become the new fashion. These show the revitalization of the public culture undertakings as well as the continuity of the urban cultural heritage. Statistics show that 1,559 sessions of low-priced art performance, 35,000 sessions of charity film show have been provided by the city authorities to the public. The completion of building Shaanxi Opera House has attracted a large number of first class arts group and performers around the world.

7 museums including Urban Memory of Xi’an have been newly added, increasing the number of museums of the city to 133, ranking the top in China. Those museums have provided a protection for ancient heritages and extended the memory of the city since ancient times and created a craze for overseas Chinese to seek their roots in Xi’an.

Over the past few years, Xi’an has made great efforts to develop industries of cultural creativity, digital publication, animation and computer games, e-sports, cultural equipment manufacturing, and promoted the building of projects such as the Silk Road international creative “Dreamworks”, the cultural and art town at Mingde Gate, the Silk Road cultural and tourist town. A number of local featured cultural brands such as Xi’an-made TV and films, Tang-style song and dance, Xi’an drum music, Shaanxi Opera, have gained popularity in China, with a lot of excellent works produced that interpret the wonderful rising of the great Xi’an in the new era and offer “Xi’an Power” in the Chinese cultures to the world influence. Apart from the drama The Anesthetist winning the top award from the national authorities, other high quality works of film and TV such as The Qin Empire, White Deer Plain, Nothing Gold Can Stay were also well received by the viewers around the country.

A series of cultural events such as the 2nd Sino-French Cultural Forum, the 16th Xi’an International Music Festival, Silk Road International Arts Festival, Silk Road International Film Festival, have gathered people and shows of various cultures from over 100 countries and regions to the starting point of Silk Road, where they can have extensive exchanges and learn from each other.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]