In Touch with China’s Fast Growth in Xi’an


“Hi, my name is Hailemu, with hai meaning sea in Chinese, le being happiness and mu made up of the characters of female and mother in Chinese,” said Hailemu, a Yemeni international student of Xidian University making a self-introduction in an interview with Xi’an Daily. Having been living in Xi’an for 6 years, Hailemu can speak Chinese and use chopsticks; he loves Chinese calligraphy and playing Taijiquan or shadow boxing. With excellent academic performance, he was named top 10 graduate when he finished his undergraduate studies.

After one year’s study of Chinese language in Shanghai in 2012, Hailemu came to Xi’an for college education for the first time in 2013 and was curious about the new city. At each weekend, he would go out to have a look at various scenic spots of Xi'an or have a bite of the local foods. According to him, the majority of the local foods are to his liking, with the favorite being Roujiamo, a hamburger-like local snack that never gets him bored and is taken home as gift to his family and friends. He also shared via smart phone with his family the joy he experienced in the city. Talking about the favorite scenic spot, he said that he likes the Qinling Mountains the most and never feels tired to visit it even after so many trips he had made; that there is mountain, water, green vegetation, and blue sky and white cloud and the air after rains is so fresh; that the landscape there is so beautiful and different in four seasons that he visited the mountain with his classmates whenever he was free.

”Despite being in a foreign country, Hailemu never feels himself a stranger to Xi’an. He told the reporter, “As the Chinese saying goes, we need the help of friends when we leave our home, and I feel the care given to me in Xi’an, where I have not only learned knowledge, raised the proficiency of Chinese language, but also made Chinese friends. They are all very friendly, and we dine, work, study and have fun together. I fell ill once and my teacher and fellow students took good care of me in turns.” Touched by the warm-heartedness of Xi’an people, Hailemu would update Xi’an to his family and friends each time when he returned home and he hoped that more Yemeni people can go to Xi’an for business and pleasure. He is expected to finish his graduate studies for master degree in one year’s time, and he feels that Xi’an has undergone great changes over the past few years, with traveling more convenient and the appearance of the city more beautiful. He said, “The years of my stay in Xi’an put me to experience the speed of development of China, so I will be very reluctant if now I have to leave the city, and I wish to work in Xi’an after graduation and will get my parents here to stay with me for a while if possible.”

[Source:Xi’an Daily]