He Found Xi’an “Most Chinese” After Visits of 32 Cities


“Having been to 32 cities across China, I find Xi’an is the one with the most remarkable Chinese features in that in other cities there are only high-rise buildings with similar style but here in Xi’an, a combination of ancient and modern times, there are buildings along with historical heritage sites. History can be noticed vivid and alive. It is only in Xi’an that one feels he is in China in real sense,” said Babar in an interview yesterday, a Pakistani international student with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

Babar began his undergraduate study at the Xi’an-based Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2013 and was enrolled for master degree study at SUST. With 5 years of stay in Xi’an, he has become a well-informed man of the city. Apart from the urban hotspots, his visits also covered major scenic spots in the suburbs such as Huashan Mountain, Terra Cotta Warriors, Taibai Mountain, Qinling Mountains, etc, as well as those in the vicinity such as Baoji, Weinan, Ankang, etc.

Talking about why he had chosen Xi’an as the destination for his overseas study, Babar said it was a speculative decision made after his checking of numerous materials, which told him that there are many high-quality colleges in Xi’an; that the stress in life is light and the weather is agreeable; that there are Muslim community with mosques and other Islamic convenience that would meet his personal needs, etc.

In the interview, Babar kept praising the local people of Xi’an, saying, “Xi’an people are hospitable and warm-hearted. I used to get lost as a newcomer and each time was taken directly to the destination by the local people with passion.” He also recalled his first days at the college, when his classmates offered helping hands to him, a foreigner who did not even know one word of Chinese.

The past 5 years strike Babar as a period when great changes have taken place in Xi’an. He said that the public transport develops fast, which has provides convenience for travelling; that more airlines have increased direct flights to other countries; that Xi’an is now more and more like an international metropolis. He also noticed that more and more colleges based in Xi’an have begun to receive foreign students, which is the greatest change in his eyes; and that if such foreign students are good enough they can find a job in Xi’an after graduation. At length, Babar told the reporter earnestly that he would like to do something meaningful to the city where he has received higher education and good services; that as a favor returned to the host city, the large number of staying foreign students in Xi’an should be organized to give free lessons of English language to children of low-income families such as cleaners, security guards, for two hours each weekend in the vacant classrooms of their colleges.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]