​New Charisma of Great Xi’an Released by Openness and Inclusiveness the “New IP of City”


Xi’an opens her arms to welcome visitors from all over the world


Night scenes of Great Tang All Day Mall


Brilliant light show at the South Gate


Visitors from all over China come to Xi’an on holidays.

As described in the ancient poem, “A large number of royal palaces in the city welcome the pilgrim of visitors from near and far,” openness and inclusiveness have been the historic gene of Xi’an for over a millennium since the ancient times. During the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties of China, Xi’an, known as Chang’an then, had established diplomatic relations with some 370 vassal states, which helped spread the oriental civilization in foreign land. Nowadays, the Great Xi’an, the treasure land that possesses wonders, is gathering talents and cultures around the world with her tolerance.

“Crossing Yongning Gate, you are a native of Xi’an”

Lower the drawbridge, open the city gate, receive the guests…

With the tolling of bells and the order of the protocol officer, the drawbridge drops slowly and the army soldiers and maidservants in splendid attire come out of the city to welcome guests from near and far with a reception formation spread outside the Yongning Gate. The moment seems to bring back the good old days of a thousand years ago.

This is the ancient-style city-entry ceremony. The imposing Yongning Gate is one of the oldest city gates of Xi’an with longest service time and the welcoming ceremony held here could be called the “No. 1 Protocol Under the Sun” and so far has received more than 2 million guests from home and abroad.

On the evening of May 25 this year, a homecoming ceremony was held here, with 100 UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) displaying the flashy words “WE” and “I’M BACK” in the dark sky. Lit by the yellow lights, the ancient city walls presented the vitality and vigor in modern age, with roof glowing brilliant and the red lanterns in strings hanging on the walls reflecting the ancient flavors.

That night is destined to leave a mark on the flashy calling card of Xi’an: the WE e-sports club that starts from Xi’an returned to the embrace of the ancient capital city, making the city its home for future games.

Pei Le, Chairman of professional e-sports club WE, decided to return to Xi’an after its departure from the city 13 years ago. “I am a native of Xi’an and know the city very well, another reason is that the fast development of Xi’an is amazing. E-sports is an emerging industry, and the essence of Xi’an featuring openness and tolerance propels me to choose Xi’an, so we are now settled in Qujiang New District.”

“Crossing Yongning Gate, you are a Xi’an native”. As said by Wang Yongkang, Standing Member of Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee at the 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention, Xi’an is now extending her sincerest invitation to talents around the world to help the development of Xi’an. He said, “Crossing Yongning Gate, you become a native of Xi’an, which has become a hot spot of investments from home and abroad and will be built into a city in the world with the best business environment. Our goal is that we will not stop until we fulfill our goal. Looking back on the history, the Great Xi’an is a blue chip that is worth your more buying, and looking on the future, the Great Xi’an is an initial offering that is worth your quoting.

Within the two short years, the “No. 1 Protocol under the Sun” has received a large number of friends and guests from home and abroad, some of whom choose to return home like Pei Le; others choose to pin their future to Xi’an. “Openness and inclusiveness”, the new IP of the Great Xi’an, has made the city a first choice for world elites.

In 2017, Samsung, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent and other Fortune 500 enterprises were settled one after another in Xi’an. From “Three Major Revolutions” to the implementation of three policies on household registration, talent, and innovation and entrepreneurship, Xi’an has offered a broad stage for youths to start up their business. In the first half of this year, more than 500 thousand college graduates and various human resources settled themselves in Xi’an, with the number of market entities of the city increased by 219,900. Xi’an, once an ancient capital city, now revitalizes itself and becomes a star city that attracts the world attention.

The embrace of Xi’an featuring openness and inclusiveness not only receives talents from home and abroad but also gathers thriving youths. At 7:30 pm of September 13, on the shining Yongning Gate Square of Xi’an City Wall, freshmen representatives from some ten colleges located in Xi’an such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xidian University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest University gathered to attend a school opening ceremony of colleges hosted by Xi’an municipal authorities, which was themed on “Meet in New Era and Love Xi’an”. Xi’an is welcoming college students with highest respect and truest sincerity.

From visitors for sightseeing to youths for business, from businessmen to college freshmen, Yongning Gate always keeps itself open to receive more people to become a native of Xi’an, openness and inclusiveness is always the characteristics of the Great Xi’an.

“I am a foreigner but with a heart of Xi’an”

Chang’an, the capital city of Tang Dynasty and the predecessor of Xi’an, was an international metropolis with a population of 100,000 foreigners that received friends and businesses from many countries in the world, making itself a prosperous city with openness and inclusiveness. Nowadays, as an important node city of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Xi’an has more and more foreign friends living and working there, who have built a closer and closer ties with the city. The lives of these expatriates have undergone gradual changes: some of them are chasing their dreams to have their business started there; some of them are looking for a culture home to have their soul trip started; some of them have harvested their love to fulfill their happy life…

“In my home town, friends and relatives all told me that China is a mysterious and beautiful country and that I should take a look in China if there is a chance.” In 2017, attracted by the incentive policy of Xi’an on talents and household registration, Caroline, a 29-year-old Belgian girl decided to start her business in Xi’an. “The light show at night, flower beds and details of buildings around Yongning Gate appealed to me and everything of Xi’an can give me inspiration for design and I also share such ideas with friends of other countries.”

In June this year, Caroline specially wrote a letter to Secretary Wang Yongkang to express her happiness in doing business in Xi’an: “I much appreciate the opportunity to start my business in Xi’an, especially in a golden time of the development of Xi’an…I am much honored to become a new native of Xi’an, who can offer her contribution to the development of the city.”

“I have lived in Xi’an for 20 years, when I can get the green card of China this year, it will make my work and life more convenient. With great changes taking place in the city, convenient life and rich activities have attracted more and more foreigners,” said Mr. Khaled who is now working with Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd.

French girl Meishan not only married herself to Xi’an but also interested in spreading Chinese traditional cultures to make more foreign friends know more about the open Xi’an. In October 2006, Meishan went to China from Toulouse of France after graduation from college. In the next dozen years, she has become an expert of Chinese cultures, who can speak fluent mandarin and even can cook some authentic Chinese cuisines. In Xi’an the home town of her husband, she as a designer is intoxicated in the Chinese traditional cultures and spares no efforts to spread the cultures of Xi’an as the starting point of Silk Road. During China’s national holiday last year, a themed documentary film narrating about her and her relations with intangible heritage was aired on the Chinese national broadcaster CCTV-4. Now in her home at Xi’an, there are many pieces of Chinese style here and there. From the clay sculpture emoj package to the French version for an award-winning movie of Shaanxi, she with strengths of painting and language keeps expanding the scope of communication. She draws cartoons in dual languages, creates clay sculpture emoj packages, translates Chinese poems…inside her white skin houses a heart of China and a heart of Xi’an.

“The attraction of Xi’an is the imposing pattern and the open vision,” the words of the French daughter-in-law speak out the mind of many foreigners. “As they know, Chang’an of Tang Dynasty is the first international metropolis in China’s history, which opened her arms to receive friends and guests from all over the world with openness and inclusiveness. The Great Xi’an of today extends the nature and charm of the former capital city, becoming an important bridge to connect China to the rest of the world.”

“How is Xi’an developed? Everybody has a role to play”

On July 5, 2017, A Qi, a film director born in 1980s, published an open letter online, telling his hardship of doing business in Xi’an, which drew the attention of Wang Yongkang, Standing Member of Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee and was replied in less than 12 hours, bringing a new interpretation of the openness and inclusiveness of Xi’an to the young man.

There are many cases like that of A Qi. Letters of the people, voice of web users, reports of media outlets, covering difficulty in doing business, no medical treatment for low-wage patients, incomplete facilities of newly built residential quarters, dead ends of urban roads, etc, all draw the attention of Secretary Yongkang, who gives written instructions that such matters shall be handled immediately. Since the opening of 12345, the citizen hotline number of telephone service, it has solved a lot of complaints from the public and won the approval of the society. In July this year alone, the hotline received 109,526 calls from local citizens, with 105,596 calls connected, accounting for 96.41% of the total.

Such efficient “Star-grade” service is the epitome of the Great Xi’an in creating a high-quality government environment with openness and inclusiveness. The municipal authorities attach great importance to and actively adopt public opinions, highlighting the tolerance of the city. They also formulate a series of practical policies to meet the trivial needs of the public, fully displaying the inclusiveness of the city.

If listening to the voice of the public is part of the openness and inclusiveness, then widening of opinions and adoption of wise words is another gesture of the Great Xi’an.

In recent years, Xi’an municipal authorities have invited officers of peer city governments, representatives of business executives, scholars and experts of all walks of life to give lectures; organized staff members to conduct group learning, covering the development of featured towns, advice for business promotion, exploration of reform and opening up, entrepreneurship. The authorities try to receive outside forces to provide endless driving force for the efforts of catching up and transcending, interpreting a brand-new spirit of a national central city and an international metropolis.

“Friends coming from afar will be received by songs and dances! Chang’an will be a nice place to stay!” The ancient city with a thousand years of history has presented the essence of openness and inclusiveness, and the forward vitality the city projects is fantastic, as a fertile land for emerging industries, the Great Xi’an is releasing a new charisma.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]