“2018·Chang’an in Retrospect” Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchange Program Held

On the evening of September 22, the “2018·Chang’an in Retrospect” Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchange Program was opened at the Yongning Gate of city wall of Xi’an, where Wang Yongkang, standing member of Communist Party of China (CPC) Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee; Takashi Hamada, Japanese Envoy to China; Zhang Liling, President of CCTV Daifu Co., Ltd gave addresses respectively, and Xi’an Mayor Shangguan Jiqing presided over the ceremony.

In his address, Wang Yongkang shared three interesting stories on Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges, which include the experience of Abeno Nakamaro, the Japanese overseas student who lived and studied in China during China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907); the origin of sisterly relationship of Xi’an and Nara of Japan; perseverance of Japanese fans on Shaanxi Opera. He also said that as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty and Xi’an is an important city in friendly intercourse between China and Japan so the event will definitely advance the cultural and people-to-people exchanges and promote the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Wang Yongkang said that as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, the important hub city of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Xi’an is now working hard to promote the building of the national central city and the international metropolis that serves the “Belt and Road Initiative” and Eurasian exchanges and cooperation; that looking back on the history, Xi’an has inherited the traditional characteristics that define China and looking forward, Xi’an in new era has met with a great number of opportunities for development; and that Xi’an looks forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with all walks of life of Japan to share the new opportunities.

He also said that as the moon has shone over the city for more than a thousand years Xi’an as the capital city of Tang Dynasty has closely tied the two countries ever since; that we should look back on the history of Xi’an together while enjoying the bright moon and wish everlasting peace and friendship for the two countries and wealth and health for the two peoples.

Zhang Liling said that cultural and arts exchanges play an important role in strengthening the good relations and mutual understanding of the peoples of China and Japan; that the event is expected to be a grand gathering for connecting history and future, for displaying the charisma of culture and arts of the two countries, and for presenting the image of Xi’an in the new era; that with arts and music that cross the border of countries, the essence of the friendship and cultures can be carried forward and the Sino-Japanese friendly cooperation will be promoted.

At the opening ceremony, guests attended the city entry welcoming ceremony that follows the style of Tang Dynasty and enjoyed the wonderful artistic performance delivered by artistes of the two countries. A charity concert by young singers of China and Japan and special concerts will also be held as part of the cultural exchange programs.

Standing members of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee Lu Kai and Yang Xiaodong also attended the ceremony.


[Source:Xi’an Daily]