“2018 Belt and Road Media Community” Summit Forum Opened with More Fruits


The current forum releases a number of important signing projects

On the morning of September 11, with “New Era, New Move, New Leap” as the theme, the “2018 Belt and Road Media Community” Summit Forum opened in Xi’an, with some 300 guests attending to discuss the cooperation in future.

Instructed by China’s State Administration of Radio and Television, hosted by China Media Group, organized by China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film, Television Programs Exchanging Center, and co-organized by Xi’an Broadcasting Station, the forum is the third session since the Belt and Road Media Community (BRMC) was established and the first time that the event was hosted by China Media Group.

Present at the forum were Wang Yongkang, standing member of Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee; Xue Jijun, representative of China Media Group, member of Communist Party of China Central Television Group, Chairman and President of China International Television Corporation; Zhou Jihong, Deputy Director-General of International Cooperation Division of National General Administration of Radio and Television; Abdul Halim Suleiman, Secretary General of Arab States Broadcasting Union; J P Bommel, CEO of National Association of Television Programs Executives (NATPE); members and representatives of the Community and partners.

In his address, Wang Yongkang said that cooperation will be strengthened based on mutual exchanges of media outlets and the public, that good experiences will be drawn on for creating and boosting new models of media to share the strategic opportunities brought by the “Belt and Road Initiative” and to jointly create new highland for integrated media outlets.

Xue Jijun made a four-point proposal for the development of BRMC in his address, that is, first is to create excellent content; second is to have in-depth comprehensive cooperation; third is to develop all-channel communication; fourth is to strengthen exchanges on total business.

Zhou Jihong said in her address that China’s State Administration of Radio and Television will continue to offer support to the media cooperation of Silk Road, that it will build more platforms and opens more channels to explore a path for media outlets of all countries concerned for common development.

Suleiman of ASBU and J P Bommel of NATPE also addressed the opening ceremony of the event respectively.

Tang Shiding, Vice President of China International Television Corporation, released the BRMC Work Report of 2018, which said that over the past two years, the number of members of BRMC kept growing and reached 103 that come from 50 countries and regions; and that with increased cooperation and broadened platform, new achievements have been made in overseas China time/channel, international partnership film making, program evaluation, and information sharing, creating the new model of international cooperation for media outlets, and producing a series of visible deliveries.

At this summit forum, BRMC welcomed the accession of five new members, namely, Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), Germany’s TV Alliance, Cambodia’s Digital Sky Multimedia and VStream, Japan’s World Hi-Vision Channel, which will increase the size and influence of the Community.

In addition, some 10 deliverables and signed contracts of BRMC were released at the site of the opening ceremony, which covered the six categories including new members, joint venture, channel time, simultaneous broadcast, information cooperation and “Gold Silk Belt” cooperation of multiple countries.

The premiere of TV drama “Star Cry” that is a joint work of China International Television Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment of the US and Left Bank Television Production of the UK was held at the forum. The drama tells the story of the adventure in outer space and opens a new horizon for audience.

Out of the joint production projects, documentary films accounted for the majority, which include “Chang’an Meets Rome” co-produced by China and Italy; “From Silk Road to Northern Lights” co-produced by China and Canada that documents the world heritages of the two countries; “Enter China - Raffarin Witnesses Great Changes of 40 Years” that tells the story of China’s reform and opening up from the viewpoint of the former French Premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin, and in the form of interview and live-action shooting, integrating innovation and humanity. The 2019 “Golden Ribbon” series “Today’s Silk Road in My Eyes” co-produced by multiple countries was also officially initiated.

A special mention is given to the “Eurasian News Sharing and Exchanging Platform” that was officially launched at the summit forum, which will offer a new platform for all members in sharing international and regional news resources.

Over the three years since it was founded, BRMC has seen its development toward high quality on an increased membership. All guests agreed that the success of the 2018 Belt and Road Media Community summit forum will write a glorious chapter in the history of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.