9th West China Cultural Industries Expo to Be Held in Xi’an Sept 7-10

The press conference of the 9th West China Cultural Industries Expo announced yesterday that the 9th West China Cultural Industries Expo which is themed on “Promoting Silk Road Spirit, Gathering Industrial Power” will be held at Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center in Xi’an from September 7-10, where one exhibition, one forum, four sub-forums, will be conducted, along with a number of sessions of sports competition, artistic performance, and promotion conferences, for some 800 exhibitors to strengthen exchanges, share business opportunities and achieve win-win outcome.

Tremendous “magnetism” of Xi’an
Some 800 exhibitors from home and abroad

Various exhibition halls of specific themes such as pavilion of countries, pavilion of cities, pavilion of Shaanxi, pavilion of industrial innovation, pavilion of creative life, are laid out over the exhibition hall of 55,000 square meters, which will attract some 800 businesses from China and the rest of the world to attend this grand event held in the ancient city of Xi’an. So far, provinces (municipality, autonomous regions) of western China such as Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guizhou, Tibet, Chongqing, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Yunnan, have made full preparation for the exhibition of industries and promotion. 

As a national-level grand event, West China Cultural Industries Expo that focuses on western part of China and extends its influence to the whole country also receives good responses from the central and eastern part of China. The current event will see the size of exhibitors from the central and eastern part of China larger than that of western counterparts for the second time since the last edition.

Meanwhile with the good echoes of the “Belt and Road Initiative” from many countries in the world, the West China Cultural Industries Expo, which is to be held in Xi’an, the starting point of the Silk Road, also attracts the attention of more and more countries along the Belt and Road. As a result, exhibitors from 12 countries such as Iran, Thailand, Cambodia, the UK, Italy, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and India will attend this event.

So to speak, the statistics of the event show that this national-level exhibition has displayed the strong “magnetism”.

International-style operation
Country of Honor and Country of City set up for the first time

As to West China Cultural Industries Expo, there are many innovation points for this year’s edition, for example, setting up Country of Honor and City of Honor are the highlights. Iran and Chongqing of China will fill the two roles of the current West China Cultural Industries Expo.

As the Country of Honor, Iran has its delegation headed by Mohammad Mahbub Huday, the Vice President of Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Department, which will bring with it the traditional music performance, handicrafts, products of tourism and cultural heritages to Xi’an, to show off the cultural essence of the country on such an international stage.

Chongqing of China will collectively display the unique cultures, tourist resources, cultural products in the form of material objects, images, videos and words, to make the world perceive the vitality of an ancient city of 3,000 years of history.

Large number of heavyweight programs
High-end forums to explore new trends

The keynote forum of the current West China Cultural Industries Expo will focus on “Development Path of Cultural Industries Cooperation in the Context of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’”, which will be attended by a big cast of speakers, such as Hans d’Orville, a former senior official of UNESCO; Jin Yuanpu, Director of Research Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries of Renmin University of China; Liu Qiang, Chairman of China Culture Media Group and President of China Culture Newspaper; Zheng Jianping, Executive President of China Tourism Design Institute; Yi Jiezhong, Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, who will have brainstorms to explore the new trend of cultural industries.

In addition, four sub-forums, namely, “Cultural Tourism Integration Development Forum”, “Digital Creative Industrial Technology Development Forum”, “Cultural Industrial Talent Cultivation Cooperation Forum”, “Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection and Utilization Technology Cooperation Forum”, will also be focused on the building of platform for transformation and upgrading of cultural industries in western part of China and the countries along the “Belt and Road”.

It is worth mentioning that the sub-forum “2018 Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection and Utilization Technology Cooperation Forum” is intended for building the platform for exchanges, cooperation, and sharing on cultural heritages of the Silk Road and for contributing Shaanxi power in the national “Belt and Road Initiative”, with Luo Jing, a senior official of Chinese cultural heritage protection authorities to attend the forum. 

Good shows one after another
Big parties of Silk Road arts to be thrown

Along with the West China Cultural Industries Expo, Xi’an authorities will also hold ceremony for launching the 2018 Great Xi’an Autumn Tourism Activity and Xi’an International Tourism Festival, which will initiate the folk entertainment programs featuring beautiful Xi’an and the ancient Chinese cultures. The 2018 China Xi’an International Competition of Cultural and Creative Product Innovation Design that features “Cultural China and Creative Xi’an” will also be held, along with the special exhibition of the competition.

Apart from the above, hundreds of excellent performers from dozens of countries and regions will stage 6 artistic shows for 3 days, to offer wonderful cultural and artistic feasts to local residents and visitors from home and abroad. The wonderful shows include: performance of Iranian traditional musical instruments, folk dance of Cambodia, folk songs of various ethnic minorities of China, and a large number of local folk songs and dances of Shaanxi, the host province of the grand event.

[Source:Xi’an Daily]