Summit for the “Belt & Road” and Great Xi’an Development Held

As an integral part of 2018 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit, Summit for the “Belt & Road” and Great Xi’an Development was held in Xi’an yesterday. Themed on “promoting the development of Xi’an with efforts from countries alongside the Silk Road”, participants aired their views and shared experiences to attain mutual benefits and reciprocal development.

Focusing on Great Xi’an advantages: fast development and flourishing popularity contribute to the cooperation between countries alongside the “Belt and Road”

It has been noticed that the Summit guests extended their praises to the achievements made by the city in building Great Xi’an, holding that as the Xi’an endeavors to forge a favorable business environment, the efforts will be turned into a strong support to the further development of Xi’an. 

“As a graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University, I keep deep affection for Xi’an. We plan to launch a project in Xixian New Area of the city and will sign the contract soon,” said Li Jingjing, Vide President of SANY, a global manufacturer of industry-leading construction and mining equipment, port and oil drilling machinery, and renewable wind-energy systems, “In SANY, It’s my duty to develop new businesses and launch key projects. I have visited many economic development zones in the world, but Great Xi’an enjoys prominent advantages in water, power and gas supply. I am deeply impressed by its five-star service commitment to enterprises.”

Evans Berzins, Vice Chairperson of Latvian Employers' Federation and Managing Director of Latvian Railway Corporation, noted that distance should not be the barrier but potentials that promote the cooperation between countries. The active participation in the supply chain development of the Silk Road economic belt, for instance, serves as a support for his statement. The fast evolving Xi’an has been gaining higher popularity, enabling the city to cooperate with countries alongside the “Belt and Road” in architectural science and technology, e-commerce, Internet and artificial intelligence for the better development of the “Belt and Road”.

Advising to Great Xi’an development: build a tera-scale industrial chain to facilitate construction and cooperation 

“The development of the “Belt & Road”, in my eyes, has entered into a new era”, Yi Peng, founder and President of Pangoal Institution, expressed his idea on new progress of the “Belt & Road” and the building of a Chinese central city. Yi argued that the “Belt & Road” development does not only need efforts from a number of cities, but also should be supported by powerful ones. “The Great Xi’an shall play a bigger role as it enjoys solid foundations in geographical location, culture, science and technology. As the city has gained distinct advantages in ‘software’, its ‘hardware’ is also undergoing consistent improvement”. 

Taking the “Belt & Road” as a platform for open-up, Mr. Yi advised the Great Xi’an to build a tera-scale industrial chain to facilitate construction and cooperation. Yi held that benefiting from the rich culture and tourism resources of the Silk Road economic belt, a “Rome-Xi’an” economic corridor featured with “cultural tourism and cultural innovation” can be shaped.  

Prospect of Intelligent Manufacturing in Xi’an: promote the products and science & technology to the world

“Shield machine, a key equipment of China, has been exported to international market. The shield machines made in Xi’an can easily be sent to countries alongside the “Belt & Road”, said Li Jianbin, General Manager of China Railway Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. (CRHIC). As the key equipment can be made in Xi’an, Li held that the shield machines of CRHIC have full modes for various geologic settings. Xi’an, a city keeping the capability of presenting Chinese key equipment, has full potential to embrace a brighter future.”

“As a Xi’an-based enterprise, we believe that solar energy power development is a trend of necessity. To facilitate technological innovation, related costs are lowering, allowing a wider space for our development.” Zhong Baoshen, President of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi), commented on how photovoltaic energy contributes to the “Belt & Road” and Great Xi’an development. Mr. Zhong vowed to facilitate grater Xi’an development with PV hard technology, bringing new energy products and technologies from Xi’an to other parts of the world.  


2018 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit

How to be a globally competitive enterprise? What factors should be comprised into the world first class enterprise assessment index system? On the morning of September 1, 2018, more than 10 Chinese and world top 500 enterprise directors from CRRC, Beijing Auto and Samsung, among others, gathered to discuss the factors that contribute to the sustainable development of global competiveness. By exploring the assessment system, consensuses on cooperation between enterprises were reached. 

Adjusting innovations for reforms

Fortune magazine evaluates world top enterprises from innovation capability, product service, management level, environmental protection & social responsibility and talent cultivation, while Japan inclines to assess an enterprise from organization, core value concept, resource configuration and social influence, thus there has no uniformed standard yet.” Zhang Xiyong, General Manager of Beijing Auto Group Co., Ltd. argued that even though there is no widely acknowledged criteria among Europe, the US and Japan, the different standards, however, basically focus on enterprise leadership and strategy. Taking Beijing Auto’s partner Daimler as example, a 100-year-old multi-national corporation, Zhang noted that Daimler-Benz has never ceased its effort for product innovation. From the invention of the first sedan to the first truck on earth, the company serves as a running leader in auto industry with consistent innovations. On the one hand, it invests heavily for research and development; on the other hand, it corrects itself bravely. All those moves are worthy of learning for Chinese enterprises.

As narrated by Mr. Zhang, the assessment index system for world first class enterprises should, considering the reality of China, place emphasis on technological innovation, industrial chain coordination and the forging of professional manager. The system should summarize the innovation and commercial modes from various enterprises and industries to respond to the reform demands. 

World renowned enterprises benefit from the opening-up and reform

Wang Tong, Chief Vice President of Samsung China elaborated how Samsung, a world renowned enterprise, benefits from the open-up and reform of China. As introduced by Wang, Samsung memory chip project (phase one), the largest foreign investment project since the open-up and reform policy adopted by China in electronic information industry and the biggest foreign investment in Shaanxi and even western China, put into production from May 2014 in Xi’an. The project attracted more than 100 matching enterprises to Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, shaping a relatively complete set of semi-conductor industrial chain for the city. Since the launching of Phase One Project, the project has been providing 120,000 chips monthly with the annual output value reaching RMB 20 billion Yuan. What’s more, Samsung has set 6 companies in Shaanxi, expanding its businesses to finance, trade, power battery and construction engineering. 

“With the successful project operation in Xi’an, Samsung plays a major role in helping the city to build a tera-scale industrial chain, which is of great importance for Xi’an to consolidate its fundamental role as a global semi-conductor industrial base. Meanwhile, it also contributes to the agglomerated development of Shaanxi global semi-conductor industry and the expansion of industrial influence.”

Chinese enterprises must be innovative in development

CRRC Corporation General Manager Sun Yongcai expressed his understanding on how CRRC to be a world leading enterprise, “the 19th CPC National Congress calls Chinese big enterprises for building themselves into first class ones with international competitiveness in a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and on the road constructing China into a modern and powerful socialist state”. It only took 3 years for CRRS to develop Fuxing bullet train following the principle of “thinking big, doing big and accomplishing big”. It invests RMB 1o billion annually to accelerate the integration between production and financing, running to the club of world top enterprises. To date, CRRC sells its products to 104 countries, has set 83 overseas companies in 26 countries and has established 13 out-bound R & D centers, showing the strong power of Chinese manufacturing industry.   

During the 3-hour-long meeting, participants analyzed cases, discussed reflections and drew summaries in sound brainstorming. All participants agreed to the fact that Chinese enterprises may big but not strong remain unchanged. As resource cost rising drastically, Chinese enterprises face mounting pressure to push industrial upgrading, thus they must adapt to the new development mode with constant breakthroughs and innovations. Only by quickening the pace of improving development mode, fully cultivating new development driving forces and actively responding to market demands can Chinese enterprises set their feet on the way of growing into world first class businesses.



[Source:Xi’an Evening News]