Nigerian Students in Touch with China’s High-speed Railway Achievements in Xi’an


A mechanical engineer of Xi’an High-speed Railway Section demonstrates the simulation training system of motor train unit for Nigerian international students.

Recently, the first batch of international students of Nigeria on government funds visited the Xi’an High-speed Railway Section of Xi’an Bureau Group of China Railway, and Xi’an North Railway Station, where they learned about the inspection, maintenance and operation of China’s high-speed railway. It was the “first lesson” of a new school term for them.

In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping came up with the “10 plans for cooperation” at the Johannesburg Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, which included the provision of diploma and degree education for Africa. Since 2016, the infrastructure in Nigeria which is represented by modern railway system has seen rapid development, with the first modern railway line that adopts the Chinese railway standard - modern railway line section of Abuja to Kaduna - opened together with other similar lines, which all widely follow the Chinese standard of construction and management. But due to the serious shortage of transport talents of Nigeria, the country has been gravely constrained in its sustainable transport infrastructure development.

In 2018, under the auspice of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation of China Railway Construction Corporation, the first 60 government-funded international students of Nigeria were sent to study civil engineering and transport at Chang’an University and Central South University respectively, where they will complete the undergraduate education in 5 years. Nigerian transport minister Amaechi said that the rail transport in Nigeria widely follows the standard and technology of China, which have helped raised the level of modern transport in the country, boost the local economy and bring convenience to local people. So far, to cultivate railway transport talents has become the urgent need of Nigeria. After a number of discussions, Nigeria decided to send in separate batches excellent high school graduates to study in China, in the hope that they can be cultivated into advanced engineering technicians for Nigeria through the systemic study and practice. The Nigerian students to China this time will become the beginning of international student education cooperation between China and Nigeria in the sector of transport.

At Xi’an High-speed Railway Section of Xi’an Bureau Group of China Railway, the largest inspection and repairing base in Northwest China, the Nigerian students visited the simulation training room of high-speed railway, where they experienced the operation of high-speed train models. In the Dong Hongtao Model Worker Innovation Studio, students watched the innovative tools used for inspection and repairing of high-speed train and experienced the comfort of the train by sitting on the seats in the simulated carriage. The 30-member group of students also visited the workshop of inspection and repairing with great interests and took photos there before the train.