Hot Trading at Horgos Port Makes Xi’an and Central Asia Cargo Logistics in “Period of Countdown”

Horgos Port is one of the major ports open to the West in the Silk Road. On November 28, 2013, the international “Chang’an Train” of container cargo departed from Xi’an Railway Container Center of Xi’an Port and the international “Chang’an” train of finished vehicle departed on November 29.

Amid the blowing of sirens and clicking of wheels on rails, the full-loaded “Chang’an” trains go westward, completely solving the problem of “connection without smoothness” that had obsessed the new Eurasian Land Bridge for over 20 years, ushering the logistics of cargo between Xi’an and Central Asia into the “period of countdown”.

Horgos Port promotes the development of five nations of Central Asia

In the first half of 2018, 190 trips of China-Europe or Central Asia trains came through Horgos Port to and from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Kouvola, Budapest, with 189,700 tons of goods carried, which included imported goods such as wheat, virgin oil, honey of Kazakhstan and mung beans, cotton yarns of Uzbekistan; and exported goods such as machinery and equipment, industrial raw materials, building materials, general merchandises, auto parts, etc.


On July 25, led by their teacher Yu Yang, the Horgos Silk Road New Trade Maker Research and Practice Team of Xi’an University of Technology arrived at the Chinese-Kazakhstani Horgos International Border Cooperation Center after a long trip from Xi’an. What impressed Yu Yang the most was, “We strongly feel the prosperity of our motherland by the busy logistics activities that arise from the closer cooperation between China, Kazakhstan and the other four nations of Central Asia with the deepening of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and the more business opportunities for China’s trade.”

Double progress of technology and government policies brought convenience to the people

“Yixianfeng” Jinyi International Trade Co., Ltd. is a local firm of Horgos that specializes in import and export trade and that has been in the publicity by government media outlets at national level, as a representative enterprise of border trade.

Yu Yang and his students tasted the fresh nectarines that were delivered by cold chains from inland China. According to Yu Huan, deputy general manager of “Yixianfeng”, his company is one of the pioneers that start business in the border port of Horgos and they met with many problems of transport, but now with the deepening of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the company faces more and unprecedented opportunities. “It takes only 24 hours for the fresh fruits and vegetables to arrive in Kazakhstan from inland China going through the process of picking, shipping and customs clearance,” said he.

“Since 2014, the development of Horgos and our company has witnessed a leap forward that is substantially different, with agricultural produces and sideline products increasing the quantity in export by two and three folds, and the products can be delivered and sold without hindrance in the five nations of Central Asia, which gives us the physical experience of the convenience brought by the double progress of technology and government policies,” said Yu Huan.


Chinese-Kazakhstani cooperation is not only commercial trade but also exchanges of cultures

Yu Yang and his students met with many makers in Horgos. Five years back, there were only some 600 shops in the two trade buildings within the Chinese-Kazakhstani International Border Cooperation Center, but now the figure has been 5,000 shops in some 10 malls, with 90% of them owned by Chinese businesses. And most of best-selling goods here are from China.

A Chinese maker said, “Now the business is thriving, I am thinking not only to take the products of China to the world but also to spread the cultures and enthusiasm of China to the globe.”

A Kazakhstani maker said, “The development of the Chinese-Kazakhstani International Border Cooperation Center has created more jobs for Kazakhstani people and the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ has provided the people of our two countries with more convenience. I like to work here in Horgos and like Chinese cultures more and more. I hope there will be more trade between the two countries.”