Belgian Boy Doing Business in Xi’an Makes Friends and Harvests Love There


Wu Jie, a Belgian young man harvests his love in Xi’an

Feeling at home in a cultural city and a paradise of foods, Wu Jie, a 30-year-old young man from Belgium who has lived in Xi’an for nearly decade, has regarded this ancient city as his second homeland, where he has made accomplishments in his career and romance. “The cultures of 13 ancient dynasties of China and the modern technologies have jointly made Xi’an so charming and attractive that more and more foreigners fall in love with this city,” said he.

In a casual wear, and a few words in local dialect, Wu Jie is not different from the local residents of Xi’an except his foreign look. “I stay in China for a long time for Xi’an makes me comfortable. Wherever I go, the Chinese I meet are very friendly, and I like that,” said Wu Jie in fluent Chinese, “I came to Xi’an in 2009 for the first time and studied in Northwest University for 6 months.” And it is this short half year that makes the Belgian boy fall in love with the city, where he makes a lot of new friends with his talkative and open-minded personality and even harvests his love by marrying a girl from Ankang, which makes him more at home in the city.”

“The first time I knew about Xi’an was about the Terra Cotta Warriors, very spectacular and very impressive,” said Wu Jie, with a gesture of a big “WOW” made with his ten fingers. “Now, with more and more people in the city and increasing fame in the country and the world, as well as the opening of Metro Line 3, all these things have made Xi’an better known. In a few years’ time, more Metro Lines will be in service, which will make the travel more convenient!” said Wu Jie, citing a few examples at hand when talking about the changes taking place in Xi’an in recent years.

With better business environment in Xi’an, Wu Jie chose to stay in the city rather than return his home country. Now he is the business development manager of Houston (Xi 'an) Consulting Services Co. Ltd., in charge of conducting projects in connection with tourism and foods and helping small and medium-sized enterprises of Europe to do business in China. To Wu Jie, both China and Belgium are his home. “My mission is to promote Belgium and to make more people aware it is a country worth their travel. I also like to make contacts with people of different backgrounds.” That is where the passion of Wu Jie lies. He hopes to help more Belgian projects to be present in Xi’an. “If I have the opportunity, I would like to see the world and experience different cultures,” sighed Wu Jie with emotion. Xi’an, the city that combines history and modernity has offered him the best platform to this purpose.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]