French Motor Homes Trip to the Silk Road Launched in Xi’an


A driver waves goodbye to Xi’an

“I have a dream since my childhood that I want to go through the Silk Road from end to end. Xi’an is a beautiful city, with ancient buildings and hospitable people, who have offered my a lot of help to me a physically disabled man,” said Sammy, a French handicapped young man sang his praises to Xi’an at the departure ceremony of “Xi’an-Paris Silk Road Trip of French Motor Home” held at Hancheng Lake yesterday. 

Co-sponsored by Xi’an Water Service Bureau, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xi’an and co-organized by Xi’an Administrative Center for Northwest Suburb Urban Drainage Channels, Xi’an Hancheng Lake Industrial Co., Ltd, the event aims to promote the cultural exchanges between China and France in response to the “Belt and Road Initiative” and to achieve the vision of “exchange, friendship, win-win”. The motorcade is made up of some 20 motor homes of France, Switzerland, China, with a total of 47 members, the oldest being 73 years old and the youngest 18. The motorcade departed at riverside of Seine in Paris on June 4 and arrived at Beijing, China after going through Germany, Finland, Russia, Mongolia. On July 28, the French motorcade will start again at Xi’an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, and return to France, following the route of ancient Eurasian civilization that passed Lanzhou, Xining, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Hami, Turpan, Korla, Aksu and Kashgar where it left China at, then going cross Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

At the departure ceremony, French friends were presented with the songs and dances ancient style and musical performance by Xi’an organizers, which displayed the most traditional Han culture of Xi’an. After the show the motorcade began their trip home to Paris, which will take about 45 days.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]