“Foreign Engineer” Ge Puta: I Wish to Stay in Xi’an Forever


Ge Puta (Provided by the interviewee himself)

“I am from Nepal, my Chinese name is Ge Puta, I have lived and worked nearly 20 years in the beautiful Xi’an, where I can fully appreciate the amazing scenes of the ancient city in four seasons around,” said Ge Puta, who graduated as Master of Engineering at Chang’an University majoring in Highway and Urban Road Engineering and now works with No. 1 Highway Survey and Design Institute of China Communications Construction Corporation. Like many other fellow Xi’an residents, Ge Puta lives with his family happily in the city that can enjoy the nice sounds of bells in mornings and drums in evenings and the fast growth day by day.

Currently Ge Puta works in the field of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology research and application and project management with BIM Technology Research and Development and Application Center. Over the past twenty years, Xi’an has witnessed the youth and struggle of the man, where he concluded his college education, met his lover, and set up his own family with a lovely daughter. “It is Xi’an that has made my life perfect and everything here I take into the bottom of my heart,” said Ge Puta to the journalist.

In the interview, Ge Puta first briefed his job to show the relation he has with the city. He began his career with No. 1 Highway Survey and Design Institute of China Communications Construction Corporation on his graduation, working in several departments of the organization and showing strength in route interchange design and professional design software and has got involved in the design work of overall and interchange for a number of Chinese and international highway projects. “During my three years of work I have made myself familiarized with various norms and standards and being able to operate dexterously and flexibly Chinese or international software I am now a competent technician. I am very proud to have the chance to study in China and to have my knowledge learned applied in the construction of highways in China.

“I still remember the first time I came to China, when I took leave with my family at the airport I felt the strong the reluctance to leave but a strong longing for life in China and Xi’an,” said Ge Puta, who knew only Terra Cotta Warriors, Greater Wild Goose Pagoda as far as Xi’an was concerned when in Nepal, but who has known much more about the city after his arrival and increasingly loved the city.

“One of the four ancient capital cities of China, the important place of origins of Chinese civilization, and the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Xi’an now is full of vitality,” said Ge Puta, talking about the city where he has spent nearly 20 years living, adding that the prospect of Xi’an is very bright and it is the proper place for youngsters like him who have dreams and pursuits. He also said that his 20 years here has witnessed his growing from an undergraduate student to a postgraduate student, from a clerk to a chief engineer, and the growth of Xi’an to an international metropolis. 

“When I travel to outside Xi’an on business, they can easily find me as a man from Shaanxi by my accent,” said Ge Puta, showing his skill of speaking Shaanxi dialect to the journalist. But on his first arrival in China, he could not speak even one syllable of Chinese, which made him flinch in a strange environment, but the hospitable Chinese people helped him tide over the most difficult time. Later, he knew more fellow students, made more friends and began to fall in love with Xi’an, and now he can speak fluent Chinese, with Xi’an being his second home town.

“When my mother-in-law helped us look after my baby daughter, we joined her to see the local Shaanxi Opera, so I knew something about it and I even joked to my friends that my daughter might become a performer of this opera when she grows up,” said Ge Puta, who is on good terms with family and friends and has fun with family at famous scenic spots of Xi’an like Greater Wild Goose Pagoda, Qujiang Pool, Qinling Mountains, Bell Tower, etc. When it comes to Xi’an foods, Ge Puta smiled and said, “The delicious foods here are too many, big dish of chicken, roujiamo or lamb burger, pita bread soaked in lamb soup, a variety of noodles, fishes.”

Talking about the development of Xi’an, he said, “When I was first in Xi’an, there were only Internet cafes available and cars were not too many in streets. After 20 years of fast growth, now the roads are wider, houses higher, subways lines are open and the local people enjoy a good and rich life,” said Ge Puta, who loves this city that looks like his second home town. He plans to apply for permanent citizenship at the end of this year and hopes to see the continued development of Xi’an that will provide a better life to him and the people.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]