Rowing Teams of 21 World Famous Colleges Compete at Kunming Pool


The 2nd Xi’an Kunming Pool Rowing Regatta of International Prestigious Colleges officially opened on July 28.

Yesterday morning, the 2nd Xi’an Kunming Pool Rowing Regatta of International Prestigious Colleges was held, with teams from 21 world famous universities attending the race that would last two days. 

The first edition of this competition held in Kunming Pool Qixi Park last October was a success that attracted a great number of audience and raised the visibility of Great Xi’an, and the second or current edition that is to be held on 28th and 29th days of this month marks a new level of international water sports of the city, where teams from 21 international prestigious colleges such as Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Tsinghua, Peking University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xidian University would fight for the championship. The race is expected to further raise the visibility and tourism brand of Xi’an and to promote international exchanges.

The competition provides the items of 800 meters of sprint race of eight with coxswain, 800 meters of sprint race of four with coxswain, and exhibition matches thereof, which would be carried out in preliminary and final matches. The arrangement of lane position for preliminary is determined by drawing lots, and the same for final by the result of preliminary. The preliminary will adopt the rules of time trial and the finals will be held in six rounds to determine the championship.

According to Mr. Li, a viewer of the race, the competition that was held in Xi’an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, not only presented the spirit of mustering courage to fight for victory, which is also the praise to Great Xi’an in its efforts to catch up and transcend its peers, but also continued the tradition of Xi’an to establish good relations with and spread civilization to other countries in a new perspective.

Kunming Pool (Phase I) Qixi Park, or the trial section of Doumen Reservoir was open to public last year and has become a new hot spot in Great Xi’an for leisure and sightseeing. On its full completion in 2020 as scheduled, the reservoir will own a water surface of 15,000 mu (1,000 hectares) that will become the most beautiful lobby of Xi’an with its water and forest scenery. 

[Source:Xi’an Daily]