World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Meet for Discussion on Xi’an Economic Take off

Opening Ceremony and Assembly of 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention Held

The opening ceremony and assembly of the 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention was held at Shaanxi Grand Theater on June 30

Chang’an is as beautiful as in a painting and Qujiang is full of blossoming flowers. Yesterday, some 1,000 representatives of Xi’an entrepreneurs gathered together, not only witnessing the grand opening of the 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention, but also marking the taking off of the spirit of Xi’an entrepreneurs. Xi’an entrepreneurs from all over the world once again came for discussing the great development of the Great Xi’an and the economic takeoff of the city. The opening ceremony and the convention saw the brainstorms of the guests, which aroused applauses time and again.

Endless opportunities for new layout of heavyweights in Xi’an

Faced with the opportunities and efforts of the Great Xi’an in reform and opening up, innovation and inclusiveness, catching up and transcending, hearing the speech given by Wang Yongkang, Secretary of Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee, in which he described the Great Xi’an as an income stock that welcomes more buying for future profits, all the attendees of the seminar expressed their views on having in-depth cooperation with Xi’an.

As the first guest speaker, Fu Yuning, member of Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee and Chairman of China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd. gave credit for the great performance of Xi’an at the beginning of his speech. He said that Xi’an is the city where China Resources has made the earliest investments with largest size and widest scope in northwest China; that all major businesses of the group have presence in Xi’an which have achieved positive outcomes in economic and societal terms; and that China Resources will continuously strengthen its cooperation with Xi’an in all areas, with deepened models, larger scope and fields, to make contribution to the building of the Great Xi’an.

Xu Rongmao, member of Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee, Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and Chairman of Shimao Group, said that his company would like to support Xi’an for creating better lifestyles of local residents, presenting the most cultural part of the city, promoting the city culture brands and integrating history and future; that they would also resort to the power of overseas Chinese to spread the “soft power” of Xi’an in the world, making it an important link in the building of the “New Silk Road”.

Xu Li, co-founder and CEO of SenseTime said that his company hopes to work with Xi’an to assign the whole city with artificial intelligence (AI) and to provide a better life to the residents by realizing the AI Chinese Dream.

“Xi’an Veterans” coming home with new perspectives

Out of the speakers, there were quite a few who had either studied or worked in Xi’an and they expressed their strong feeling about the great changes taking place in the city.

Chen Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group Inc. and President of Hubei Chamber of Commerce, said that he is a 100% son-in-law of Xi’an that’s why he came for attending the convention and made investments in Xi’an; that he as a man of working hard for 25 years who have seen much of the world was deeply impressed by the hospitality of Xi’an toward entrepreneurs when he set foot on the city. He was not alone because many of the attendees of the seminar shared his impression.

Zhong Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of 360 Total Security Group, graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University and is the celebrity of Xi’an College Alumni Association. On returning to Xi’an, he said that the city has become more beautiful and the people here are more confident and that the respect shown to entrepreneurs and the thirsty for making entrepreneurs the driving force of economy are much impressive. He hoped that Xi’an can make more favorable policies to make cyber security a leading industry of the city.

Chen Zhilie, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee, Chairman of EVOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. defined Xi’an as his “Second Home”, telling the story of himself about tasting shredded bun in mutton soup and other delicacies of Xi’an to the “more and more exciting” homecoming after 7 times and he confirmed the huge opportunity for making investments in Xi’an. “If you fail to make money by making investments in Xi’an, it is because your investment is too little,” said he humorously, arousing warm applause from the audience.

Ms. Yuan Ming, President of Yenching Academy of Peking University, Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of International Relations of Peking University, worked for 8 years in Lintong of Xi’an and she valued this experience. She also told her students from all over the world the charm and stories of the city which combines ancient and future times. In her opinion, Xi’an is a city of time-honored tradition and capable of spreading its cultures to the world.

Great Xi’an arousing entrepreneurs with attraction

Today’s Xi’an, no matter in terms of the appearance of the city, the business environment and the resources advantages, has exerted endless attraction, which is believed to be the best edge of the city by the entrepreneurs, who look forward to the great future of Xi’an.

Fu Yuning said that the building efforts of Xi’an have created the speed of China Resources and the effect of Xi’an; that his colleagues told him they all felt the real change of Xi’an; and that the Great Xi’an has taken on a new look of efficiency revolution and opening up for cooperation.

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun Co., Ltd. has visited Xi’an for a few times and he felt the newer atmosphere of the whole city each time. Chen Dongsheng was optimistic about “the efforts of Xi’an in attracting businessmen around the world and retaining 1 million college graduates to preserve the driving force for the developmet of the city.”  Xu Rongmao said, “The genes of Xi’an of opening up and enterprising has been extended till now and we as the new Xi’an entrepreneurs are made more confident with the open-mindedness of the multiple cultures and the integrity and innovation of governments on all levels.”

Jemal Inaishvili, President of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Honorary Chairman of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce evaluated Xi’an as a city of hope with opportunities and vitality and said, “The 2017 urban development report of the United Nations selected Xi’an as the emerging city of greatest potentials in the world. We feel confident about the future of Xi’an with the huge opportunities available to the city,” said he, adding that more international chambers of commerce should take part in the building of Xi’an into an international metropolis.

Xiong Zhaozheng, Executive Vice Chairman of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, Hubei Provincial Federation of Literature and Art Circles, a famous Chinese writer, and the winner of the 6th Mao Dun Prize for Literature, said with deep emotion that as a cultural man living far away from home, he feels a homecoming each time he comes to Xi’an.

Xi’an Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce added “flashy calling card” to catching up and transcending of the Great Xi’an

As the second stage of the opening ceremony and the convention, the unveiling ceremony of Xi’an Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce was held on site, which aims to collect more forces of Xi’an entrepreneurs to make more contributions in improving weak links, making innovation, adjusting structures, transforming models, changing driving force, promoting projects, gathering talents, boosting economy, optimizing environment, targeting poverty reduction, increasing influence, and becomes a “flashy calling card” of “catching up and transcending” of the Great Xi’an.

On accepting the plate of “president”, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Auto and President of Xi’an Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce, said in his speech that he will perform the duty of president to create the brand of Xi’an entrepreneurs and to provide a bigger platform for Xi’an entrepreneurs and for better welfare; that BYD as a member of Xi’an entrepreneurs will relocate in Xi’an the automobile and rail transport research and development center of the company and other core technology, with a view to being the leader of hard technology of Xi’an and adding new driving force to “Made in Xi’an” strategy. 

He said, “I have a deep attachment toward Xi’an and takes it my home and hopes to increase the power of local industries.” And how to take advantage of the multiple opportunities that arise in the new era to achieve the catching up and transcending is an important task that is worth a thought by each Xi’an entrepreneur.

[Source:xi'an daily]