Xi’an Issues A Letter to the World! Welcome Home Again!

World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention

The World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention is the big circle of friends for entrepreneurs

And the important platform of the Great Xi’an in business and investment promotion and seeking resources for urban construction


Entrepreneurs from home and abroad will gather to offer help to the transcendent development of the Great Xi’an

On June 29 to July 1 this year

The 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention will be held in Xi’an


The Great Xi’an issued an invitation to the world

Inviting elites from all over the world who were born, had studied or worked in Xi’an, including:

Those who had made investment or lived here

Executives of Fortune 500, central State-owned enterprises of China and private companies

Representatives of business associations of home and abroad

Representatives of embassies of the “Belt and Road” countries in China

And, representatives from sister cities of Xi’an at home and abroad, and renowned scholars and experts to hold discussion in Xi’an

The invitation issued

Has attracted wide attention

A large number of entrepreneurs who either was born in Xi’an, or raised in Xi’an, or studied in Xi’an

Or started business in Xi’an, or had relations in Xi’an

And a large number of entrepreneurs who are the natives of Xi’an from home and abroad

And entrepreneurs who are non-natives of Xi’an

but worked and studied and started business in Xi’an

All of them have made positive responses to their home land

Within the short few days opening for signing up

Over 400 persons have signed up online

Of whom

There are not only Xi’an businessmen now based in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, the developed coastal area of China

But also the same based in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

The counterparts based in foreign countries are involved too

So far

Xi’an entrepreneurs based in Thailand, Italy, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand

Have expressed their wishes to attend the convention

With number of signing up entries exceeding 20

Over the past year

The advancing Xi’an has made breakthrough of the “City Wall Mentality”

And made its voice heard around the world for catching up and transcending

In the new year

Xi’an will gather strength and sound the bugle for a new march

2018 is the time for setting sail for the Silk Road

The 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention

Extends its invitation to the whole world:

Come to Xi’an for cooperation and common prosperity!

At the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention

Not only speeches of heavyweights of all walks of life will be heard

But also the General Chamber of Commerce of Xi’an Entrepreneurs will be established

And prizes of outstanding Xi’an entrepreneurs will be presented

For creating the strong atmosphere of respecting, endearing and thriving business

In the streets of Xi’an big or small

Publicity and advertising have been in operation

With slogan of the Convention displayed on outdoor advertising screens non-stop

And in subway and other displaying screens in the city

Apart from that

12,000 taxi cabs of Xi’an are also displaying the slogan of the convention on the top light non-stop

The 114 voice paging system of China Telecom on the convention has been in service

And during the convention

A great number of international, national, provincial and municipal mainstream media outlets such as Hong Kong Commercial Daily, China Global Television Network, China Economic Times, 21st Century Business Herald, Global Times, People’s Daily, China Central Television Shaanxi Station, China National Radio Shaanxi Station, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, Xinhua News Agency Shaanxi Branch, etc. 

The Great Xi’an is ready

For your presence

For the discussion on development of the Great Xi’an

“Where is my homeland, I cannot forget unless I am drunk”

So wherever you are, either at the end of the sky or the edge of the earth

The Great Xi’an welcomes you home again

[Source:World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention]