Xi’an to Pyongyang Flight to Open Next Month for Better Travel Experience

Shaanxi Tourism Development Committee announced on June 20 that the international flight between Xi’an and Pyongyang of North Korea will be opened in the coming July and that Xi’an will become the fifth destination in China of Air Koryo.

The State-owned and only airline of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Air Koryo has opened the routes connecting Pyongyang to Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai earlier, and to Chengdu in June. The short term chartered flights from Xi’an to Pyongyang by Xi’an side was in service in 2010, with positive market response which saw tickets were hard to get. With Xi’an becoming the fifth point of air service of Air Koryo, convenient and efficient travel will be possible for residents and tourists starting from Xi’an who wish to visit North Korea.

So far, North Korea has not opened itself for travels by foreign individuals, visits shall be made in group of travel agency, with tour guide designated for the entire travel and group member not allowed free travel in that country. Based on the Xi’an-Pyongyang flight that is about to be in service, various travel agencies in Xi’an will develop tourist products intended for tourism in North Korea.

The current regulations stipulate that Chinese visitors can have easy and fast visa service for visiting North Korea, which can be completed usually within 5 to 7 working days.

[Source:Sanqin Metropolis Daily ]