Featured Xi’an Tourism and Culture Promotion Week Launched in Hong Kong

Co-sponsored by Communist Party of China Xi’an Municipal Committee and Xi’an Municipal Government and co-organized by Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Xi’an Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication, Qujiang New District Administrative Commission, Xi’an Radio and Television Station, the featured tourism and cultural promotion campaign “Xi’an Most Cultural and Traditional” was held from June 1 to 6 in Hong Kong, which aimed at promoting tourism resources to the Hong Kong market. During the campaign, the promotion conference of “Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional” was held, with some 200 representatives from Hong Kong Tourism Board, Tourism Legislature of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China Tourism Association of Hong Kong and tourist sector of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao attending.

Promotion week launched for “meeting” historical Xi’an

The week-long campaign focused on road show, exhibition, site promotion: by road show, taste of the delicacies and demonstration intangible heritages of Xi’an, “Xi’an Impression” was aroused at audio, visual, taste and mental levels; a series of events including “Spring Festival in Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional”, “Blooming China Fascinating Xi’an”, “Cool Summer in China High in Xi”, were intended for inviting tourists to have a “happy tour of Xi’an”; the ancient featured tour was also launched with the involvement of Internet celebrities and tourist industry. Phoenix TV as one of the major Hong Kong media outlets has had full coverage of the campaign, which will be broadcast in the prime time news program of tonight (June 4) and will definitely help boost the publicity of Xi’an tourism among Chinese people around the world.

On June 2 and 3, the promotion campaign was carried out in the Wing Lung Travel Center of Mong Kok, where a large number of travel agencies are located. Warriors in Tang Dynasty-style costumes and ladies in traditional Chinese long-sleeve costumes were making the demonstration, which attracted the interaction with local citizens, who came up for group photo with the dancers, or bought nice gift of Qin figurines, or learnt on site paper cutting from Lei Jun, the heir of intangible heritages of Xi’an.

Apart from that, some Internet celebrities made live shows in front of landmark buildings of Hong Kong, having interaction with web users across the wide distance between Xi’an and Hong Kong. The new promotion model, which has made a breakthrough from the earlier efforts, has highly impressed the local inhabitants by providing them with opportunities of “meeting in streets” to have the close and real contact with Xi’an.


Site promotion of “experiencing” fascinating Xi’an

The dancing show “Free Thoughts on the Silk Road” also impressed the Hong Kong audience and opened the major campaign in Hong Kong. The advertisement video “Xi’an Most Cultural and Traditional” vividly demonstrated the deep and profound history and culture, various places of interests and heritages, beautiful natural landscapes and strong folk customs of Xi’an.

In his address, Wang Yongkang, Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, said that Xi’an is an ancient capital city of 1,000 years of history which can be the most typical of China in cultures but it is also of the strong vitality for modernization and it offers a lot of opportunities in its pursuit for best development; that the development strategy of Xi’an will be divided into three stages, i.e., Xi’an will be made a world tourism destination by 2020, a tourist city of international fame by 2035, the world capital city of fashion and tourism by 2050; and that both Hong Kong and Xi’an are great, the former being the closest Chinese city to the world, the latter the best showcase of China to the world.


Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board said that Xi’an and Hong Kong have their own respective characteristics in geography and the resources of both sides are complementary; that Hong Kong will seize the opportunity brought by the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area to expand multilateral cooperation; and that the closer ties of Hong Kong and Xi’an is highly expected.


Jiang Zuogong, Vice President of Hong Kong China Tourism Association gave his analysis and said that with the launch of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, the regional shared community of Hong Kong and inland China will be shaped based on the operation of the high-speed railway linking Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and more opportunities will arise from the closer and deeper cooperation between Hong Kong and cities in inland area.


On the site of promotion conference, Sun Wei, the ambassador of Xi’an tourism promotion narrated with images and words in four parts the “story of Xi’an”. The first part is about the city wall of Xi’an which shows the beauty of the city and the related history of China; the second part is about pagodas of humanity culture which shows the changes of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, the Chang’an Pagoda as well as the change of the city; the third part is about landscapes and ecological environment of Xi’an; and the fourth part is about the festivals and important days and the beauty of Chinese society. All of the promotion activities demonstrated the tourism and cultural resources of Xi’an. As Sun Wei said by quoting words from Chinese ancient poems, Xi’an in four seasons has special and different sights and sounds in store for visitors from around the world.


Another highlight of the campaign is the “Xi’an Most Cultural and Traditional—Hong Kong Internet Celebrities Enjoy Xi’an Tour”, which was attended by two local celebrities, i.e., Debbie Lo, the female artist of Asian fashion of the year and Wendy, a veteran TV hostess and writer of best-sellers and broadcast live to online audience. More Hong Kong citizens will be made aware of the beauty of Xi’an through the efforts of the local Internet celebrities. Mr. Yang Jinlin, a famous Hong Kong media professional, commentator, columnist, shared with audience on site his thoughts.


With a view to keeping closer contacts and cooperation with Hong Kong tourism industry, Xi’an Municipal Commission of Tourism Development selected ten Hong Kong famed tourism players including China International Travel Service, China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd, Wing On Travel, Hong Tai Travel Services Ltd, etc., to hold an awarding ceremony of strategic partners of Xi’an tourism in Hong Kong, with Wang Yongkang and Becky Ip presenting the awards to the above tourism businesses. The move tends to have tourism resources of Xi’an and Hong Kong shared by both sides to promote the development of Xi’an tourism.


Cooperation for “enjoyment” in summer Xi’an

The exhibition section of the campaign is also wonderful, with many themed experience areas provided including “Chang’an Blessing Prayer”, “Xi’an Gift”, “Xi’an Paper Cutting”, “City Wall Story”, and “City of Douyin”, where visitors could have a personal experience of the sight, sound and taste of Xi’an, a combination of ancient and modern cultures.


While the promotion was going on, it was the peak season of summer tourism, and the organizers launched the six themed activities which all focused on the elements of summer that fall into the categories of appreciation, enjoyment, pleasure, reading, playing and health, with a series of related programs provided such as 2018 Xi’an beer and music festival, FIFA World Cup Orgy Night in Double Seven Park. A special mention should be given to the fact that due to the increasing influence and positive responses from audience at home and abroad in 2018, the campaign “Spring Festival in Xi’an Most Cultural and Traditional” will go on into 2019, with rich and various activities during the Chinese New Year period to continuously give opportunities to inhabitants and visitors for enjoying the most authentic, most impressive, and most wonderful feast of Chinese cultures in Xi’an.


Over the years, Xi’an keeps innovating the tourist products and the marketing model of tourism, launching a lot of festival, cultural and leisure activities and programs. In the Chinese New Year of 2018 alone, Xi’an received 12.6949 million visitors, a growth of 66.56%, making the city the most favorable destinations in 2018 Chinese New Year, the city of China of best night view, and the city which gains the most in holidaying. It is estimated that by 2020, tourism will become the pillar industry of Xi’an with a capacity of receiving 260 million or more visitors from home and abroad and generating 310 billion yuan in tourism revenue. In the context of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, as the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an will release the “Xi’an Flavor” which integrates tourism and culture, history and fashion by taking advantage of the strategic opportunities brought by the accumulation of ancient historical heritages and the building of national central city.

[Source:Xi’an Tourism Development Committee]