Native of Xi’an Du Xiping Propagates Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan there is a famous physician of acupuncture and moxibustion, who for years has helped relieve pains of a lot of local patients and propagated the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture, winning the widespread recognition of local people. He also did the same in Moscow of Russia, where a bridge of friendship for people of the two countries has been built with the TCM culture. The doctor is Du Xiping, a pharmacist of TCM and a native of Xi’an.

A while back, Du Xiping returned to Xi’an and was interviewed.

Practicing acupuncture and moxibustion in Moscow

Born in February 1963 in Xi’an, Du Xiping is strong with a height of 1.75m and thick lips and a high nose. When he learned that in Central Asia there was a village of Shaanxi some years ago, he felt that it was the time for TCM to go out of China for globalization and he made up his mind to do something to this end.

After graduating from senior high school, the self-taught Du Xiping did his own business in Shaanxi’s circle of TCM and later learned the trade from some prestigious physicians, from whom he mastered the essentials of TCM in theory and practice. He then obtained the professional title of pharmacist of TCM.

In 1997, Du Xiping became a member of the friendship association of Chinese People’s Political and Consultative Conference Shaanxi Committee while working with Xi’an Xianyang International Airport as a TCM service provider, and for the next 16 years to his going to Moscow, he provided much service to many members of CPPCC Shaanxi Committee.

In 2012, Guo Erfu, a doctor of Xi’an TCM Hospital, a noted expert of acupuncture and moxibustion and the teacher of Du Xiping, found it more and more difficult for him to get used to the climate and food of Moscow due to his weak physical conditions, and had to end his medical career there. He recommended to local medical and health authorities his apprentice Du Xiping before returning to China. In 2013, after careful consideration, Du Xiping began his medical career in a foreign country by working with the Daokangfu Hospital located near the Red Square of Moscow, Russia.

Offering medical treatment for the mother of Kazakhstan’s prime minister

The business in the foreign country started from scratch. In Moscow, to build a clinic office, the tables, chairs and other medical facilities that were needed for clinic purposes, including the big plastic basin for containing herbs, beds for patients were all bought by Du Xiping himself.

After the opening of the clinic office, the boss of the hospital who had close relation with officials of Kremlin introduced him to a 78-year-old patient Paulson, who is a very well-known TV host of the country. The patient was confirmed to suffer prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc but had not got effective treatment even after his attempts in various local hospitals operated by South Koreans, Russians and Japanese, with the root of his left thigh burnt by moxibustion. With careful diagnosis, Du Xiping determined the patient suffered from ischialgia and got his illness totally removed with TCM acupuncture and moxibustion approach within only a course of treatment. Paulson was so happy that he not only praised the mysterious Chinese medical methods but also requested a group photo with Du Xiping and made promise that he could offer help if Du had any difficulty in Russia.

In 2016, Du Xiping opened the TCM acupuncture and moxibustion office at Massimov Health Center in Almaty of Kazakhstan, where he gave treatment to mother of Karim, prime minister of the country, the details of which was still remembered clearly by him. It was September of the same year, Du Xiping was introduced by a local VIP to the mother, who had been bedridden and unable to move for three or four days owing to the acute prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc and was about to receive treatment in South Korea by air. But the airplane had to dismantle the existing seats in front row for her travel which would occur large expense and the curative effect in South Korea could not be guaranteed. Du Xiping decided to apply acupuncture and moxibustion on this patient, only after one day’s treatment, she was able to get out of bed and use toilet herself. She then had complete recovery after a five-day treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion in addition to the black ointment formulated by Du Xiping and without taking any medication.

“An envoy who promotes the cultural exchanges of China and Kazakhstan

For five years, during his treatment of patients with TCM practices in the foreign country, Du Xiping consistently and unremittingly propagated the TCM culture and increased the visibility of Shaanxi in the world. According to incomplete statistics, he has cured some 700 patients himself for years.

Seen from the related videos, the medical service facilities of the acupuncture and moxibustion office are complete, with the inspection office and pharmacy available, and the banner with “medical morality foremost” written on it hanged on the wall of the clinic is very attention getting.

“Tolerance is one of the important points of Chinese traditional culture,” said Du Xiping and so he did.

During his stay in Kazakhstan, he helped those patients who did not have enough money on them. Zenit, a college student of Almaty was one of such examples. He got slightly paralyzed in a traffic accident and had to travel by wheelchair. After the end of one course of treatment, the parents of the patient could not pay the bill with enough money but Du Xiping kept on giving him the follow-up treatment till his recovery. The patient was so grateful to Du Xiping that he proposed to work as an intern with the clinic after recovery and did the part-time translator there.

A 60-year-old Dungan patient had only 1,000 yuan for his treatment of paralysis that he could not lift one of his arms and he had to travel up and down 400 km to make up for the expense. Du Xiping directly gave him enough medicine for future use saving his traveling trouble.

The medical ethics and skills are well received by local patients, even patients from neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan came to Almaty by air for medical treatment by Du Xiping. Bit by bit, Du Xiping has made many friends in Kazakhstan.

“Doctor Du is an envoy who promotes the cultural exchanges between China and Kazakhstan!” said An Husai in native Xi’an dialect, “he has cured many patients with TCM and Chinese methods and even saved the lives of many people, which has received the official and grass root recognition. He has done a great job in promoting the building and cultural exchanges of the “Belt and Road Initiative” of China and Kazakhstan.”