18 Dragon Boat Teams from 5 Countries Will Compete in Qujiang Pool oreigners in Xi’an Dragon Boat Festival


Dragon Boat Competition in Xixi Wetland, Hangzhou in the last year (Reference picture)

Boats on the river cut through waves in the sound of wind and rolls of drums. On June 18 of Dragon Boat Festival, 200 competitors in 18 dragon boat teams from 5 countries will show their skills in Qujiang Pool Heritage Park in Xi’an, as learned by the reporter on the news conference of Xi’an Station of Qinghualang Chinese Traditional Dragon Boat Culture Global Competition.

The Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Global Competition is the annual event planned by Ramunion under the brand exchange project for “being involved in the ‘Belt and Road’ and encouraging Chinese Social Organization to go global”. Since the launch of the program, Ramunion has successfully held six special cultural exchange events in Hangzhou (China), Xinjiang (China), Dallas (U.S.), Vienna (Austria), Paris (France) and Florence (Italy). The Xi’an event will be the first of the year, showing traditional Chinese culture connotation and Chinese national traits to tourists and competitors from all over the world, and it will be the grand conference for international culture exchange.

Organized by Xi’an Qujiang Tourism Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly with Ramunion, with Xi’an Tourism Development Committee and Qujiang New District Management Committee as the guiding unit, the Xi’an event is intended to host the international Dragon Boat Festival competition that has the broadest range and most teams. On the day, there will be 2,000 people in the outfield watching the majestic moments of the Dragon Boat Sprint and Fancy Dragon Boat Competition. The 18 dragon boat teams will be the highlights of the event, of which 8 teams are from Ramunions in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, France, Italy, America, Ethiopia, etc., and 10 teams from enterprises and universities including Zhejiang Merchants Team, Xi’an Entrepreneurs Team, Xi’an Physical Education University Team and Xi’an International Studies University Team.

Another feature of the event is the venue. Famous scenic spot Qujiang Pool, which is selected so as to commemorate the 1,400-year anniversary of the establishment of Chang’an, capital of the Tang Dynasty, represents the past glory and meditates the present. Qujiang Pool, the prestigious royal garden in Chinese history, has Mount Zhongnan to its back, Leyou Garden to the north and Shaoling Mausoleum to the southeast. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Dragon Boat Competition will be a visual feast.

Being one of the ten series of “Have Fun in Xi’an, China” summer tourism theme activities in Xi’an, the event is dominated by traditional dragon boat competition whiling offering the opportunities of experiencing Chinese traditional culture and folk culture of the central Shaanxi plain. Yin Jianguo, Chairman of Ramunion (Shaanxi), told the reporter, “As the event is important to the cultural exchange program among countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ of the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the major activity of China Association for the Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation, the opening of Xi’an station will not only enrich the ‘summer travel’ activities in Xi’an and expand the cultural tourism map of Xi’an, but also strengthen the links between Xi’an and the countries along the Silk Road and help make the great Xi’an become international metropolis.”

[Source:www.xiancn.com ]