World-class Intangible Cultural Heritage Xi’an Guyue Has “Qualified Inheritors”

Elementary School Students in Jixian Town, Zhouzhi County Performs Music of the Flourishing Tang Dynasty

World-class Intangible Heritage Xi’an Guyue Has “Qualified Inheritors”


Children Performs Xi’an Guyue. (Photo by Reporter Yang Li) (Reporter Chen Li) - On May 23, the “Xi’an Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in Schoolyard” jointly organized by Xi’an Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Xi’an Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum and Zhouzhi County Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center stopped at the Jixian Central Elementary School in Zhouzhi County. During the show, a group of children aged 12 or so became the musicians of the Tang Dynasty, blowing sheng and playing drums... for a concert of Xi’an Guyue. There were more than 200 little inheritors of the world-class intangible cultural heritage Xi’an Guyue trained in standing Guyue classes in schoolyard of Jixian.

During the event, 15 intangible cultural heritages selected by the municipal and country intangible cultural heritage protection centers were displayed. Its difference from previous similar activities is that the children from Zhouzhi Jixian Guyue Children’s Class of the school offered a wonderful Xi’an Guyue performance. More than 40 senior-class children dressed in Tang Dynasty costumes forming a “Tang Dynasty Court Band” together presented four melodies of Guyue as if they were in the court feast of the Tang Dynasty.

Xi’an Guyue is one of the most complete large-scale folk music genre discovered and preserved in China and an important legacy of traditional Chinese music, regarded by the international music industry and historians as the “Living Fossil of Chinese Ancient Music.” As Jixian is renowned as the town of Guyue, Jixian Central Elementary School has opened the Guyue classes and hired teachers from Guyue Club to cultivate the children since 2009 when Xi’an Guyue has been listed in world intangible cultural heritages. “They can learn Xi’an Guyue in the regular two lessons each week. In the Wednesday afternoon, activities of Guyue Class and other clubs are carried out.” President Zhang Ni told the reporter that students of grade four can register to learn Guyue. More than 200 little inheritors have been trained for 9 years. The reporter saw that they could already perform complete Guyue melodies in a relatively skillful manner. Xi’an Guyue, handed down from thousands of years ago around Chang’an, has come to life once again in Jixian.

In the subsequent display of intangible cultural heritages, the students showed their interests to the crafts of straw sandals, banhu fiddle in Shaanxi opera, knotted sachet of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, opera hamlet cap, etc.. Meanwhile they learned about the projects of intangible cultural heritages in daily life including Bull Fighting Tiger, Paper Cutting, Shadow Puppet Carving and Wood Carving in Zhouzhi.