“Chang’an” Train for First Cross-border E-commerce 13-Day Journey, Shorter than 40-Day Marine Route and Only One Fifth of Air Freight Costs


A “Chang’an” China-Europe Express for Cross-Border E-Commerce Stopped at Xi’an Railway Container Center Station on May 21

In the morning of May 21, a China-Europe Express fully loaded FMCG, such as JD worldwide-procured auto accessories, household supplies and whistled slowly into the Xi’an Railway Container Center Station. China-Europe Express is the first cross-border e-commerce train that opens to high-quality goods for JD Logistics in Xi’an, marking a new driving force for operation of “Chang’an” and makes the Xi’an Port a more advantageous channel platform.

It is known that the train loaded with FMCG, such as JD worldwide-procured auto accessories, household supplies ,started from Hamburg, Germany on May 5, and passed Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Alataw Pass before arriving at Xi’an Port after 16 days’ journey. It is the first Hamburg-Xi’an high-quality goods “Chang’an” China-Europe Express for JD Logistics, and first cross-border e-commerce freight train for “Chang’an” China-Europe Express, which shortens cross-border freight time to 13 days from 40 days of marine route, and cuts cost to one fifth of air freight, thus it is a safe, efficient and convenient cross-border “through train” that is right for the freight of low-timeliness and heavy commodities.

Han Liu, General Manager of International Supply Chain of JD Logistics, said, “We expect that the China-Europe Express for high-quality goods drives the cross-border logistics development in Xi’an while making Xi’an a more significant trade center of “new heights of opening to the outside world” and new start of the “Belt and Road”, so that drive Xi’an overtaking in the cross-border logistics and more imported goods are distributed to all parts of the country through Xi’an.”

As is known, JD Logistics will start normally Hamburg-Xi’an, and Duisburg-Xi’an trains for cross-border e-commerce quality goods, relying on its regional advantage of connecting four directions in Europe and Asia and the “channel + e-commerce” platform of Xi’an port. It is expected to start 70 trains to provide more European quality goods for enterprises and consumers in China, promoting CR Express operation and helping Xi’an become a cross-border e-commerce logistics center.

Sun Yimin, Director of Management Committee of Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park said that Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park will take the opportunity of the approval of the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area to develop the “Chang’an + cross-border e-commerce” mode, and to realize import stock-up through “Chang’an”. It will expand the types of import goods and strengthen the cooperation with JD Group and other famous trade and logistics enterprises at home and abroad. It will broaden open channels to optimize open platforms, develop open industries and speed up “three economies”. It will make all efforts to build the largest open heights in Shaanxi Province and even in western China.