The Opening Ceremony for Xi’an International Entrepreneurship Conference and Entrepreneurial Heroes Awards Ceremony held in Xi’an

The Opening Ceremony for Xi’an International Entrepreneurship Conference and Entrepreneurial Heroes Awards Ceremony were convened at Qujiang International Conference Center in the afternoon of May 22. Wang Yongkang, Member of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary of Xi’an Municipal Committee and Duan Junhu, Vice Director of Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology addressed the conference. Li Yinghong, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Shuangming, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Duan Jinquan, Member of Singapore National Academy of Science, and Yue Huafeng, Chairman of Xi’an Municipal Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference were present. Shangguan Jiqing, Mayor of Xi’an, was the host.

Anna Anisin, Founder of Formulated By., Nan Lixin, Founder of Cyzone, Mao Daqing, Founder of UR Work and Steve Hoffman, famous entrepreneur of the Silicon Valley gave keynote speeches successively. Pei Le, CEO of Banana Gaming & Media, and Liu Jiheng, full-time Vice President of China Association of Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises were also present at the conference.

Mr. Wang Yongkang firstly represented Municipal Committee and Government to extend a warm welcome to the guests and hearty congratulation to the 100 entrepreneurial heroes from 8 categories, and said that passion makes dream come true and entrepreneurship enlightens life, and that new entrepreneurial miracles and heroes appear every day in the greater modern Xi’an.

Mr. Wang said that as entrepreneurship and heroes are the strongest power in the new era. Startups and innovations are to be encouraged in Xi’an to provide platforms and opportunities for talents from various fields.

First, we will sincerely welcome entrepreneurial heroes of various fields and from different places, and constantly upgrade the “three new policies” in household, talents and innovation & startups based on the philosophy of “gather talents to use”. We will also welcome heroes of the nation and the world so that they can give full play to their passions and talents to realize their dreams in Xi’an.

Second, we will fully support entrepreneurial heroes. We will continue to optimize policy, entrepreneurial, and living environments to build a mechanism of “let everybody fully displays his/her talents” and the environment of “honor entrepreneurship”, and make the great Xi’an a dream land for young people at home and abroad.

Third, we will wholeheartedly serve entrepreneurial heroes. Be a good Five-Star “waiter”, we will provide entrepreneurial heroes with “on demand” and “at any time” service, and become the best entrepreneurial services example for nationwide cities.

Duan Junhu said that mass entrepreneurship and innovation are the inexhaustible driving force for economic development, a significant starting point for implementing innovation-driven development strategies, and the embodiment of the structural reforms on the supply side. As a major city along the routes of the “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Xi’an has become a promising land for mass entrepreneurship and innovation through vigorous promotion of the “three revolutions” and accelerated gathering of all kinds of entrepreneurial elements. The Conference has materialized a new carrier and platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, which is of great significance for leap-facing development of Xi’an and for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shaanxi and even in the northwest China.

Mr. Shangguan Jiqing addressed that Xi’an will further implement the socialist ideology with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the Spirit of the 19th National Congress, speed up the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, and create an optimal environment for startup and innovation to spread entrepreneurial culture. It will share entrepreneurial experiences, and promote entrepreneurial spirits to gather global resources, recruit worldwide talents and stimulate innovation. We will make great Xi’an a land for innovation and entrepreneurship along the routes of the “Belt and Road”.

Mr. Wang Yongkang presented awards to 10 entrepreneurial heroes in the conference, such as Chen Deju, Zhang Wang, Jiang Yiliang, Yao Dingjiang, Yang Xiaojuan, Li Gaoyu, Qian Dan, Sun Hua, Dang Xibo, and Wang Zhezi. Zhang Heng, representative of entrepreneurial heroes gave a speech. Then, invitations for startups in Xi’an were issued and launch ceremony of China SME Credit Information Platform was performed. After the conference, guests attended interactive experience exhibition of World INS Conference.

Municipal leaders, principals of municipal departments, districts, counties and Xixian New Area and development zones, experts, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial heroes, and representatives of university teachers and students attended the opening ceremony.

[Source:Xi’an Evening News]