China Time-honored Brand Defachang Present at 2018 Silk Road International Food Festival

Co-sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Xi’an Municipal Government and co-organized by Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Shaanxi Provincial Chamber of Commerce for Catering Industry, the first Shaanxi Cuisine Promotion Program—“Silk Road Shaanxi Cuisine International Food Festival” was opened at Tang West Market on the morning of May 6. As one of the exhibitors, the China time-honored brand Defachang presented to the public the profound and unique charisma of Shaanxi Cuisine with its dietary culture and the exquisite manual skills that are listed as “intangible cultural heritage”.


With “resource of Chinese cuisine and capital of international delicacies” as the theme, the event aims to further carry forward the culture of Shaanxi Cuisine, demonstrate the brand of Shaanxi Cuisine, conduct cooperation and exchanges, highlight the image of Shaanxi and promote the building of Xi’an into “Capital of International Foods”. Lasting for 10 days from May 6 to 15, the event will display the diets of Shaanxi features and other delicacies of China and the rest of the world.


As an old and famous shop in the catering sector of Xi’an and the representative of Chinese dumpling meal with strong Shaanxi characteristics, Defachang has inherited and carried forward the skills of handmade Chinese dumplings that are listed as “intangible cultural heritage” and will continue to make improvement in skills and quality of the locally featured products by drawing on good experiences of peers, to promote the development of time-honored brands and make contributions to the Belt and Road Initiative.






[Source:B-Business Operation]